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Trillionaire In Love Episode 19

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter nineteen
“I want you to prepare my coffee in the next three minutes”A maid said to Naomi,

“I want you to prepare noodles in the next six minutes”

“I want you to prepare master food in the next thirty minutes”

“It time you start fetching water”:

“Start washing the plate”

“Go to my room right now and start washing my underwear”

Naomi continue hearing different voice talking to her and she felt confused on which one to do first,

“Gosh how would I prepare coffee and noodles in the next six minutes!”She said silently in tears.

It been a week she has been here, a week of nothing but pain, The maids have always find pleasure in bullying her and making her go through nothing but pain,

There have left different scars on her body and most times she wish she could just kill herself,

She cried staring at the big kitchen she was allow to eat only twice a day and she can only sleep for four hours,

She would have to be the first to wake up and the last to sleep, though she is trying her best to adjust to her new environment.

She regretted everything she did, she regretted treating the poor like trash,she regretted being rude to Everyone, She wish she could change the hands of time,

Even if she was spoilt by her grandparents she should have known there are just spoiling her life! She just pray all the innocent soul she has hurt would ever forgive her”

“Where is my coffee?”

“Where is my noodles?”

“Where are the underwear I ask you to…..?

“Please you guy should be patient the noodles and Coffee are almost ready I promise to….”

“How dare you interrupt us?”one of the maid scream and Naomi tried to explain but there all push her and give her the beating of her life.

“The next time you dare interrupt any of us I promise you would regret your self!!” The head maid said using a big frying pan to hit Naomi and she scream in pain.

“Now stand up and go and start washing those dirty cloth”The head maid said and Naomi cried in pain.

★ ★ ★ ★
“What the hell are you saying that you can’t find her?”master Lucian shouted angrily.

“Sir we have search everywhere but we can’t find her”

“Like seriously are you kidding me or what you can’t find my granddaughter!?” He shouted more feeling scared.

“Sir we have check the security……”

“Keep your mouth shut right now don’t you dare complete that silly words of yours I need my precious granddaughter and I don’t care how you go about it!” Master Lucian shouted,

It been a week Naomi went Missing and everyone in the mansion as been clueless about her whereabout,

Master Lucian felt really scared what would he tell her parents, How is it possible that his princess went Missing just like that he felt really scared knowing She is not the type that sleep outside home.

“Sweetheart please be fine for grandpa sake”He said sadly,

★ ★ ★ ★
“Are you that dumb you can’t even utter any word?”The stranger said grabbing her ear and twisting her ear while tears flow freely from her face.

“Please am sorry stop please no ooooo”Alisa scream in pain.

Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah

Alisa heard continuously and she felt shock not feeling the slap, She look up to see a stranger holding the first stranger neck tightly,

“How dare you lay your hands on a lady not anyhow lady but her! I promise you you would regret it mark my words I would look for you and find you!do same to your family in your presence then you would know how it feel!” the stranger yell angrily,

The first stranger groan in pain”Please am sorry”

“Disappear before two seconds”The second stranger said Coldly and the first stranger run for his dare life.

“Hey am so sorry dear”The second stranger said smiling at Alisa,

“Thank you so much I really appreciate”Alisa said,

“Well I just relocated to this area my name is Kaleb and nice to meet you”Kaleb said smiling,

“Am Alisa I also live in this area and nice to meet you too”Alisa said smiling,

“Ok let me excort you to your house our house might not be far from each other”Kaleb said,

“Ok thanks but don’t you think am taking your time you know I won’t mind going home alone and my house is not far from here”Alisa muttered feeling scared he might also be a bad boy,

“Some bad guys might still Be around here, and my house is not far from here and you don’t have to be scared I don’t have any bad intension against you”Kaleb promise,

“Ok let go”Alisa said walking fast.

“This is my house”Alisa pointed at her house,

“What are you kidding me or what this is where am also living now are you trying to say we are neighbours?”Kaleb ask shock.

“Wow am speechless I would see you later and thanks for today I need to rest”Alisa said entering her room.

She entered her room and lock the door,

She stare at her swollen face in the mirror and smile sadly, she just have to keep encouraging herself she can do it,

She has been going through hell the past few weeks, her Boss has changed totally always nagging and complaining about everything she tried doing,

First her boss daughter did the unexpected, She slap her not one not two but three slap!

Second,The drunkard also slap her not one but two slap

Third the stranger twist her ear painfully if not for Kaleb the new neighbour she knows the stranger might have done more all because she was not watching where she was going.

She stare at her baby bump and smile happily she discover she was pregnant with not one baby but two babies she felt really happy but scared. Scared of the future how would she cope with her twins, Her childhood life are all about bad memories and she won’t want that for her kids.

She bit her lower lip feeling scared what the future holds for her, she doesn’t even have any experience about kids, She wish her parents her here, her mother would have help her and explain everything to her.

What she just have to do right now is bury herself in her work,she feel grateful that the so called Powerful Don as not been disturbing her.

“Good evening grandpa you called”Ace said bowing,

“Yh actually the min would be here soon so I would want you to be here before their arrival so you could welcome them”Old grandpa king said and Ace groan silently.

“Ok I would be in my room for now “Ace Said standing up,

Ace entered his room and a message pop on his phone He tap the message to see it was Kaleb His most trusted body guard.

He watch the video of how Alisa was treated badly from her workplace to the Stranger he felt really angry, he smatch his phone on the floor angrily

“How dare them lay their hands on her! There would all pay for this I swear I know it someone that is sending them but I swear I don’t care!!!” Ace yell angrily hitting anything his hands could touch at that moment.

He took his phone out and dial Xavier number,

“You have watch the video?”Ace ask Coldly,

“Yes I think someone else already found out she is yours why don’t you do the needful now your life and your unborn twins life are at stake am damn sure there about that!”Xavier said worriedly,

“Ok tell Lucas it time, even if I can’t tell anyone now I won’t want her to be going through pain there, and her stupid parents are coming here today I was thinking of waiting till a day before wedding but not anymore I can’t wait to ask them the question”

“Ok am busy now”Xavier said hanging up,

“Badstard!”Ace curse angrily.

His phone rang and he groan angrily, he pick the call without checking who the caller is,

“What again Xavier?”He Yell angrily.

“The min are here” old grandpa King said, and hang up

“Shit! Wtf!”he shouted angrily,

Ace walk in to the Sitting room and felt really angry staring at The min

“Good evening everyone”He greeted Coldly ,

“Evening “everyone replied,

“Well I greet everyone of you here and we thank the living God for keeping us alive to witness today and may he forgive us of our sin”Old grandpa king pray,

“Amen”Everyone said”

Ace phone vibrated and he checked to see a message from Xavier

“I never knew grandpa can pray”He read out silently and he hiss loudly,

“Ace, Kira suggested you guys should get married by the endof this month what did you think about that?”Manuel ask happily,

“Well I think that is nice that means Ace parent would be coming home soon”Grandma sera said happily,

“Wow I can’t wait for their arrival I have miss them so much”old grandpa King said happily,

“So Ace what did you think ?”Grandma sera ask staring at the Cold Ace,

“I think it is impossible”Ace said Coldly,

“Whattttttt I don’t understand you think what….?”Kira ask feeling scared,

“I think it impossible”Ace said more louder,

“Why the f**k is it impossible?” Kira shouted angrily,

“Are you joking or what!?”Grandma sera ask,

“I am not joking am serious about it” Ace said calmly,

“We don’t care about your opinion it a contract marriage and there is nothing you can do!”Manuel shouted angrily,

“Mom won’t you say anything!”Kira yell angrily,

“And what did you expect me to say I should beg him or what!” She yell back,

“You must marry my daughter no matter what it has been signed years ago and there is nothing that can change it not even your money!” Manuel yell,

“I know it a contract and the contract state your first daughter not an adopted child!!”Ace said coldly.

“Wh at a r e y o u tr yi ng to sa y?”Kira sluter.

“What am trying to say is that I can’t marry you it Alisa I want and not you!!” Ace shouted angrily and Kira shivered in fear.

“But she is……”Manuel tried saying but Ace cut him off,

“If you dare lie I won’t mind cutting off your silly throat I am Ace King! And no one dare lie to me without me finding out because I have my ways, The next time you would try Playing smart I swear that would be your last day on this earth just pray nothing should happen to that innocent girl if not The min family would turn to an history because I would kill all of you just try me and see what I would do to you!”Ace shouted holding Manuel throat,

“I am off”Ace said pushing Manuel and he walk out on everyone of them,

Manuel cough loudly trying to catch his breathe

“Dad are you okay”Kira ask holding his face worriedly but three hot slap welcome her.

Old grandpa King felt shock he stare at the min with shock.

“So she is not your biological daughter just an adopted daughter if you know what good for you I need to see your biological daughter if not Consider your Reputation Ruin I give you only three good month to provide her”old grandpa King threaten.

“I never knew you can be so cruel to the extent of lying an adopted child is your biological daughter, Your parents were never like this!!”Old grandpa king yell angrily walking out of the sitting room.

“Get out right now” grandma sera shouted angrily!”

Kira and Naomi don receive their own ?
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