Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 18

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter eighteen
A long chapter ?

Pah pah pah

Alisa face rang as three slap landed on her face,

“Are you blind how dare you touch me with your dirty hands”Her boss daughter shouted angrily,

Alisa felt shock staring at her, she has always known right from day one the girl never like her but to the extent of hitting her!.

“Jenna you shouldn’t have done that she is like your senior sister and you need to respect that!”Her boyfriend said staring at Alisa with pity.

“Don’t you dare say that! How dare you call this stinking pregnant girl my sis, My sister can never be an Harlot known by all! I just hate everything about her and the next time you tried this nonsense I would make sure I destroy your ugly face!”Jenna scream in rage

“Am so sorry miss Alisa,am really sorry”Jenna boyfriend apologize,

“It okay” Alisa smile sadly walking away,

Pah!Alisa face rang as a slap landed on her face and tears flow freely from her face.

“How dare you stare at me that way!” Someone scream angrily and Alisa look up with tears to see the drunkard that once slept at the restroom.

“But sir… “She tried saying but the man shut her up with another slap and all the customers laugh happily,

“Don’t you dare finish those words that you are trying to say I promise I would make you regret ever knowing me Stupid idiot”He said and walk out of Alisa,

Alisa felt really ashamed of herself,She bit her lower lip feeling Nervous,How would she walk out when all eyes was on only her, All the customers attention were on her

“Please Mina I need to go home”Alisa said to Mina.

Mina stare at her neighbor feeling pity for her,

“Ok I promise to cover you up in case the boss ask of you”Mina promise,

“Thank you so much I really appreciate your efforts”Alisa said,

“You are welcome sweetheart I think you should start going right now you need to rest you know if boss see you he won’t argre”Mina said

She sigh out and walk out of the bar with tears flowing freely from her face.

“You should look at where you are going!”A stranger snap angrily,

“Gosh I am doom!!”Alisa said silently,

“Are you that dumb you can’t even utter any word?”The stranger said grabbing her ear and twisting her ear while tears flow freely from her face.

“Please am sorry stop please no ooooo”Alisa scream in pain.

Pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah pah

Alisa heard continuously and she felt shock not feeling the slap, She look up to see a stranger holding the first stranger neck tightly,

“How dare you lay your hands on a lady not anyhow lady but her! I promise you you would regret it mark my words I would look for you and find you!do same to your family in your presence then you would know how it feel!” He yell angrily,

Kira felt really happy staring at her beautiful gown, gosh she can’t just wait to Rock on this beautiful gown

This gown is actually the only gown in the world it cost a lot of fortune but she is sure she would look extraordinary beautiful in the gown

It still look like a dream to her Ace is finally hers without any stress?

Who would have think she would end up with the most Hottest and powerful bachelor At New York, This is actually like a dream to her and she felt happy her dream finally coming to pass.

She just needs to be fast with her game with Donald, immediately She finished playing her game she would delete every single details and would forget she ever played any game with Donald she is just after the contract nothing else.

“Gosh I can’t wait for tonight Dinner party”She scream happily.

Jessica stare at xavier picture and she smiles happily sipping her wine, she wish Xavier feel same he is just too Hot and perfect…

She click his number MY HANDSOME DEVIL, Yh that was the name she save xavier number with and he has been damn busy to the extent she has not seen him for the past few days now,

“Hey Little barbie how you?”Xavier ask and Jessica could feel her heart beating fast.

“Am fine and you?”Jessica said,

“Am good just missing you”xavier said and Jessica felt happy.

“Hmm ok just wanna check up on you bye” Jessica rush her words,

“Hey you don’t have to hang up let switch it to video call I miss your face”Xavier said and Jessica blush heavily,

Jessica switch to video call and She smile,

“Hey Find a shirt and wear!”Jessica yell closing her eyes,

“Ok little barbie “Xavier said smiling.

“Be fast!”Jessica shouted,

“Am done”Xavier said with a smirk,

“Thank God you are… WTF! …”

“Why are you screaming and blushing at same time did you love my chest or I should walk more on it?”Xavier ask smiling at Jessica,

“You think you have a nice chest it not even huge like Ryan at my school gosh!I so much love that guy chest it looks really cute that Even a guy would fall in love with his chest at first sight”Jessica lied smiling,

“You know you are not good at lying so stop it I hate whenever you lie to me it make me feel hurt”xavier said seriously staring at her.

“Am sorry”Jessica said feeling bad she lied,

“So any gist how have school been” Xavier ask.

“Well fine only my enemy that has been frustrating my life in the name she is in love with you!”Jessica yell feeling jealous.

“Wow is she beautiful?”xavier ask trying to upset her,

“Yes she is the most beautiful girl at my school and she is Crazy,bitchy and bold she ask me to give you her number she would love to have a one night stand with you”Jessica said,

“Are you planning to sell me to her or what?”Xavier ask surprised,

“No how would I sell you she has been frustrating me that she wants you and it your choice if you want her or not”Jessica said bitting her lower lip.

“Well you know I f**k anything under the skirt?” Xavier ask sadly.

“Exactly I know and she is also a sex addict and she did not believe in love “Jessica answered,

“Did you know you think so low of me? You think am an heart breaker just for pleasure!”Xavier ask hurt by her words.

“Am sorry but…..” she tried saying

“You don’t have to apologize just answer my question!”Xavier snap.

“Yes I think that” she said avoiding his face,

“Ok no problem bye am busy “Xavier said hanging up.

Jessica felt hurt she should have control her feelings and not let it get the best of her.

This is the first time xavier would ever hang up on her,

She regretted telling him about Jessy but she was just jealous and hurt knowing Xavier would ask for Jessy number.

Tears flow freely from her face and she cried bitterly she has just use her stupidness to hurt her crush.

Xavier is actually her first love and the only guy she has love right from childhood the only soul that knows about her feelings for him is Only Ace and he has never in any way tell xavier or use it to threaten her.

She wish she could change the hands of time all because of Stupid Jessy she would lose her first love no she won’t and she would never lose him!.

All she has to do right now is to beg him for forgiveness and she might confess her love she is sure he would reject her but she would feel better atleast she already confess her feelings for him.

He felt really hurt by her words even if everyone believes he is just a sex freak it shouldn’t have been her!

He was not born as a sex freak or pussy lover but his past make him that.

What did he expects? Everyone would think he is just after sex without knowing his reason.

He did not believe in love because of his past, Hearing her say it make him feel really hurt.

Why should he feel hurt when he knew it was nothing but the truth.

*Exactly I know and she is also a sex addict and she did not believe in love *

This has been her words! Those words hurt like hell!

“Why do i feel hurt by her words?well maybe because she is like a sister to me “He ask sadly,

“Gosh you are going crazy xavier!!”He yell frustrated.

Ace watch how Kira meet up with Donald and mia and he felt really angry,

He can’t wait to capture mia and teach her the lesson of her life, How can mia betray her closest friend all because of money and fame.

Donald promise mia money and fame and that was one of the reasons mia was once dating Jason Alisa boyfriend

“How can she be so cruel I swear she would go through more pain for hurting my princess”Ace said angrily,

“I want you to look for her no matter what it cost you know I would pay you handsomely but if you dare run away again I would find you and kill all your family”Donald threaten.

“I told you it not my fault atleast I did your job perfectly so what are you trying to say i would look for her but my money have to be gallant”Mia said smoking,

Ace chuckle squeezing his hands as if he is squeezing Mia neck he would have capture her for long but his plan is to know Donald boss because he know Donald is not their real Boss.

After finding the boss everyone of them are doom!

He just can’t wait to meet Alisa his phone rang and he checked to see it is his grandpa he groan angrily

“Good day grandpa”Ace greeted Coldly.

“Good day Ace we need to see today”Old grandpa king said,

“Ok grandpa that would be in the night i am at work now and I am damn busy”Ace said.

“I don’t care I want you to come to the mansion by 4pm and I won’t like it if you dare waste my time!”Old grandpa king commanded.

“Ok grandpa”Ace said massaging his forehead.

Ace knew his grandparents are planning a dinner party with the min families but he don’t care!”
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