Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 17

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter Seventeen?
“Can you help me talk to him”Jessy ask happily knowing Xavier is Jessica’s brother.

“Are you kidding me right or what”Jessica ask surprised,

“Am damn serious I really love him alot but if you dare try to play smart I would make you regret ever knowing me! you know I can do anything to get anything I want and I won’t mind Killing you and dumping you in the toilet not like you are useful!”Jessy said glaring at Jessica dangerously.

Jessica chucked which annoy Jessy

“You want me to give you my brother number and also kill me?”Jessica said and Jessy chuckle.

“Hey keep quiet and stop behaving like it is a new thing give me his number right now!”Jessy commanded.

“Are you kidding me right now if you dare go close to Xavier I promise you you would get burnt!!”Jessica promise.

“Are you better than me you are too naive for my liking!Who would have a crush on you this Holy virgin mother Xavier needs sexy ladies like me!”Jessy said with a smirk,

“Are you really sure you are sexy? Oh no the question should be “Sexy you are not!! How would a living thing be this ugly and dirty, shit!you disgust me alot, even if xavier love pussy not teenager like you but don’t worry i would tell him the most worthless being as a great crush on you”Jessica said and she walk out swaying her hips and all Jessy could do was stare in shock.
Xavier felt really happy entering the mansion happily

“Where did you went to?”Lucas ask sipping his wine.

“I took barbie to school”Xavier replied sitting down,

“Ace what wrong with the face? Xavier ask staring at Ace who just focus on his Laptop,

“Nothing is wrong with him you should have known he is not in the mood today”Lucas said,

“Well that his business none of mine”Ace said chewing gum,
No ooooo! please ouch! my back! please am sorry,! It hurt like hell! Naomi continue screaming in pain as tears fall feely from her face,

Don entered and he smirk evilly, He stare at the way Naomi scream in nothing but pain,

“Get all the maids here”Don said,

This my Slave and my property none of you should dare give her respect if not you all are dead, treat her the way you wish and want”Don warned.

From tomorrow henceforth we now have an errand girl if she dare disobey any one of you just tell me, I promise you guys she would hate herself that day!
Naomi walk in to her small room in pain she could feel her skin pulling off, The pain are making her really weak, How would she cope with this new life?

It actually because she wants Ace to herself that why she did all this but she regretted everything!

She regretted being rude to Everyone but it was not really her fault,she was born and brought up that way!

She was teach she can use her money to get anything she wants without any stress

She has always believe only the rich should be respected and treated like one!


*Hey my daughter you look beautiful!*An old begger said admiring Naomi,

*Hey keep shut old man how is that your business?*Five year old Naomi ask shocking the old man.

*Hey you are too small to be rude! stop being rude it won’t favour you but would lead you to your doom* the old man advice,

*Why am I talking to a useless Man like you*little Naomi said shocking the man,

*Whattttttt*He scream shock.

*Hey princess we have been looking for you, why did you walk out of the supermarket angrily?*Naomi father ask staring at her.

*Nothing I just hate the supermarket it doesn’t look classic*Little Naomi said in her tiny voice,

“And what did you know about classic? I have told you times without number don’t speak rudely to anyone we are all equal*Naomi father scolded,

*May God bless you my son please can you help me with anything I am hungry and I need to eat*The old man beg.

*Of course take this sir*Naomi father said shocking the man*

*Whattttttt you gave me all this?*he ask shock

*Of course sir also take my card call me and I promise to help you with any help I can render*Naomi father said,

*Please my son I want you to take care of your daughter very well,She needs strong hands if not you all might later regret some days she is too young for all this words coming out of her mouth*The old man advice,

*Thank you so much sir that one of the reasons why I don’t want her to live with my father I really appreciate i promise am gonna look for solution quickly before it too late*

Flashback ends

“Isn’t it too late like this?”She muttered to herself,

She regretted not listening to the old man words, now she is stuck with the devil,

*Hey you are too small to be rude stop being rude it won’t favour you but would lead you to your doom*

It has already lead her to her doom!! Though her parents tried everything to change her but she was just too stubborn

Now she is the one going through the pain! She should have listened,


Mia felt shock staring at everywhere in awe,

“Where am I?”She ask herself,

The door open and she remembered everything the guy she was making out with at the club….

“You are awake”The guy said staring at her,

“Yes why am I here?”Mia ask angrily,

“It my boss you would ask that question not me you have an unfinished business with him”The guy said staring at mia,

“And why the hell are you staring at me that way”Mia yell angrily,

“Keep quiet!”He shouted ,

“Why did your boss……?”mia tried saying but he look up to see the devil himself,

“DONALD” she shouted shock,

“Long time no see”Donald said smiling evilly,
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