Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 16

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau

Chapter Sixteen
“Wow can’t believe you are this stupid and dumb to the extent your brain refuse to function properly right from birth!! In case you don’t know you are already stuck withthe devil and there is no going back,”Don said coldly,

“No ooooooooooooo please wake me up from this nightmare”Naomi scream loudly,

“Keep your mouth shut right now!!”Don yell and Naomi shivered in fear,

“Yes sir”

“You have always live the life of a billionaire but you know what it is stopping from today? I would make you go through nothing but pain,You have always Feel everyone is meant to be belittle, you feel everyone is less important!! I would make you go through nothing but pain right from this henceforth you become my Slave my property!! I am your master and I would always derive joy in making you go through nothing but pain !!”Don muttered coldly,

Naomi stare in shock could this be a dream or what?a whole celebrity turn into a slave overnight? If this is actually a dream she can’t wait to wake up from this stupid dream!! This can never be reality it would be the work of imagination, she tried telling herself everything happening right now is not true!

He is just trying to make her feel scared,Yes! That would be the only reason for him doing all this.

“Kneel down right now!”Don muttered coldly and Naomi shivered unknowingly,

Naomi refuse to kneel down,He must be nut or what? This guy is really funny and stupid! How would he expects a whole Naomi Lucian to kneel down not in a Classic place but a bare floor!!

She felt irritated with the way the so called Don is staring at her,

“Dagger!”Don called feeling angry,

“Yes master”Dagger greeted bowing,

“I want you and the other guys to make her know who Don is!!”Don said and dagger bow.

Dagger stare at Naomi feeling pity for her”How would she enter and come out alive from the punishment?

“Wait are you serious about everything you said?”Naomi ask feeling scared,

“You would know if it a joke or not before the next one hour”

“WTF !”

“Ma move,”Dagger said,

She is my Slave and none of you should dare give her respect if not you all are dead”Don warned.

“Is this guy really serious or trying to get back at her,”.

“Any news about her?”Don ask Coldly,

“Nothing Master we just noticed that she is an indoor type and rarely go out, Always at home”

“Who is her best friend?”

“No one master, She has always refuse to have friends”

“Ok for now leave her to one side to capture her would easy and there is no need stressing your self, ”

“I need to let this girl learn a bitter truth, she would know everyone is meant to be treated equally!!”Don muttered feeling angry remembering Naomi.

“Hey princess”Xavier called staring at Jessica,

“Good morning”She greeted unhappily.

“What wrong with the face”Xavier ask worriedly,

“Hmm it nothing I just feel nervous because today is our Examination day ,

“Hey little barbie! you don’t have to be this worried I am sure you would surely come out in flying colour”Xavier whispered in to her Ear and she shivered,

“I need to go”She said avoiding eye content with him.

“Am driving you to school”Xavier said.

“Whattttttt!you don’t have to stress yourself ”

“Of course I am taking my beautiful damsel to school enter the car let go”

Naomi felt really angry this her stupid crush won’t want to listen to her , not until he do everything he plan to do,

“Well there would understand he is also my brother”she said silently

“Please can you stop the Car here”Jessica said,


“I can walk to school from here my school is not far”

“Am driving you to your school and not outside your school building so barbie just sit and enjoy the ride”Xavier said with a wink


“No but or are you trying to hide me from your boyfriend? Ouch my heart I am hurt….”He said frowning

“What are you trying to say!!?”Jessica ask angrily

“That you are the most beautiful damsel I have ever set my eyes on”Xavier said and Jessica blush heavily,

“Finally”Jessica said walking out of the Car,

Every student attention was on the latest Car that just ride into their School,

Jessica tried walking away fast to avoid attention but before she could walk fast Xavier hug her tightly,

“Princess what wrong why walking away”He ask

“Nothing I just need some things to attend to early see you at home”Jessica said blushing heavily,

Every student attention was on the two, everyone of them wish there would be in Jessica shoe, a whole xavier at their school and looking breathtaking like always.
“Where you trying to gain everyone attention by bringing my Xavier to school knowing he is mine?”Jessy ask angrily,

“Oh so sorry Dick finder, Well I can introduce you to him, you know how much he loves Wide pussy that is damn deep like a River” Jessica said with a smirk,

The students laugh loudly hearing Jessica words,

Jessy and Jessica are actually known as the two Enemies,there hate each other so much and always fighting,
Jessica hated Jessy for being a cheap slut while Jessy hated Jessica for being beautiful and crazy.

“How dare you !”Jessy roar angrily.

“How dare you!”Jessica mimick happily,

“Stay away from my Xavier if not you would get burnt”Jessy warned seriously,

“Wow how did you expect me to stay away from him am not like you who is after his dick,for your information he is my brother and not my boyfriend you should try using your smelling rotten brain some other time”Jessica said walking away

“Can you help me talk to him”Jessy ask happily knowing Xavier is Jessica’s brother.
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