Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 12

(🌺His weakness 🌺)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter twelve

Who would want to play with fire? Everyone knows how dangerous Ace could be even though he is the most gentle soul you would ever meet.

“I think i would just meet all this powerful spiritual men there must surely be a way Ace would be mine!!”She replied smiling mischievously,

She won’t have any reason to be worried.

Gosh!! She should have come up with this plan for long than stressing herself,

Who won’t want good luck to be his or hers?

Getting married to a Trillionaire is actually her dream and her main goal in life and she would make sure she achieve it no matter what the circumstances is!!

“Let me just search for the most powerful spiritual men in the world and see the one i would choose”Naomi muttered happily eating cookies,

“Ace sit we need to talk”Old grandpa king said coldly,

“Ok” Ace muttered coldly sitting down,

“I know this might look like we are forcing you but i think this would also be the right decision i have ever make for you in years , you know am getting really old and i need to see your kids so we already arrange a marriage for you with one of my late close friend grand daughter you are getting married to her soon, though it been a many years ago we plan the wedding!!” Old grandpa King said.

Ace stare at his grandpa with no expression on his face

“Ok”He muttered coldly and old grandpa King felt shock.

“Ok?”He ask,

“Yes ok”Ace said,

“Is that all you have to say?”He ask confused,

“Of course grandpa what would you want me to say ?” Ace ask angrily,

“Ok”Old grandpa king said confused,

“I would love to meet the lady and her family”Ace muttered coldly,

“Is that all”old grandpa King ask happily,

“Yh that all, I got to leave right now”Ace said standing up.

Ace drive straight to one of his mansion and he entered his room his phone vibrated and he check to see a message,

*Boss we finally found her this is her picture and she works in a bar, she lives in a little apartment at Australia, we already know where she live and i promise to send you more details about miss Alisa Min*He read out happily,

“I want you guys to Look after her with your life nothing must happen to her” Ace type happily,

“Gosh finally I think it high time I leave that mansion I need to start living here so my plans can go smoothly”Ace said smiling happily,

“Wow did you just smile?” Ace heard a voice and he felt shock seeing his two close friends.

“So The cold Ace king can smile” Xavier tease,

“What are you doing here?”Ace groan,

“Why won’t we be here to witness our Buddy wedding?”Lucas tease,

“Wait buddy is your bride assfully and breastfully bless?”Xavier ask blinking his eyes innocently,

“WTF!!! “Ace scream annoyed knowing his two nightmare are finally here!!”
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