Trillionaire In Love

Trillionaire In Love Episode 11

(?His weakness ?)

Written by Authoress Hauwau


Chapter eleven
Kira felt really happy knowing she is Ace king to be Bride, All she has to do is to hand over The document to Donald a day before her wedding.

She is damn sure even Without Ace money she would be rich on her own,

Though she felt scared of Donald but for some few days now donald has been Calling her and even checking up on her.

She plan on sharing all the property equally with donald atleast she is getting married to a rich man and all she needs to worry about right now is her Beauty

She would do everything to be the most beautiful bride in the world!!!

She chuckle remembering Naomi all Naomi had to do right now is watch how she snatch her crush away.

She felt really unhappy and restless right since when her husband told her Ace and Kira are getting married.

This should have been her biology daughter and not Kira.

She leant her mistake badly she wish she has done the right thing every good mother would have done.

She knew she as been too strict to her she regretted ever been a bad mother.

She has always love her daughter but she never for once Show her love or given her attention,it hurt her alot to see her unhappy but she has always believes she is doing the right thing

Planning for the future should be the first thing, She knew she and her husband are doing all this for her kids to be a better person in the future.

She has always given Kira attention all because she believes she needs the attention more than Alisa.

She entered the house feeling tired and met Alisa Sitting down with a sad face.

“Good evening mom”Alisa greeted unhappily,

“Evening”She replied calmly,

“Where is my daughter?”She ask,

“She went out with her friends”Alisa replied,

“And what are you doing in the sitting down? i told you times without numbers to always stay inside your room!! Why are you always the one that must make me scream everytime!!?”She ask angrily,

“But mom you told us not to go to anywhere and am the at home so it is Kira….”Alisa tried saying but she cut her off,

“Would you keep your mouth shut!!!”She shouted angrily,

“But mom!!!” Alisa called in tears,

“If you dare accuse my Angel again i would make sure you regret yourself today”She shouted,

“You are so stupid that Kira is more smarter and Bolder than you!!! That girl is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, you are not beautiful and you are too dumb to be my daughter!! Go to your room right now and i don’t want to ever see you anywhere in this mansion Get out!!! She shouted more,

She has always makes her feel less love, she regretted everything she did , she taught she was making Kira happy because she is an Orphan and have live in the orphanage home for years without knowing she is hurting her blood.

The most hurtful part right now is that Her daughter is Missing.

Naomi stare at her face angrily, when would this stupid face go back to her normal face pretty face!!!

She has tried to hire different people to always follow Ace movement but none of them agree.

Who would want to play with fire? Everyone knows how dangerous Ace could be even though he is the most gentle soul you would ever meet.

“I think i would just meet all this powerful spiritual men there must surely be a way Ace would be mine!!”She said smiling mischievously,

“I just have to use mask i don’t care about this stupid face i just want him to be mine”She said smiling at herself


Which Kind love be dis bayi ??
Where is my own Ace??

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