The Girl With The Mask

The Girl With The Mask Episode 8-9

{ His Runaway Mate }??

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 8&9: FINDING HIS MATE.


” So are you going back to Masarkkav to see if there is any news about your mate? ” Lunara, Ace’s mother asked.

” What makes you think I trust they have her by now? ” He asked back.

” I don’t know. ” She shrugs. ” I was thinking you wouldn’t become sensible. ” She said.

” Mother? ”

” What? How were you expecting those humans to find her in four days when they weren’t even able to find her in a week? And you think four days will do some miracle? Come on. ”

” That is why I have decided to do the search myself. ” He said, adjusting his belt.

” Where are you going to? ” She asked, noticing how serious he was dressing up.

” As you can see, I’m going to search for my mate myself. ” He said, as if he didn’t mind her asking.

” How long will it take?” She asked.

” As long as it should.” He replied, sarcastically.

” When will you be back then? ” She asked again, for the third time.

” How am I supposed to know that, mother? I can’t believe I marked a stubborn human. Did she even think of the implications it will cost on both her and… ” He paused what he was doing, like he didn’t want to say the next single word.

” And what? ” Lunara asked, curious to know what it was.

” Me.” He continued his business.

” What if you don’t find her?” Now Lunara was sounding so concerned.

” I don’t want to think of that happening. Though she might be stubborn and a human too, I still need her. Maybe, I should put all the blame on the Moon Goddess. ” He sighed.

” I understand. I think you should get going.” She said.

She did remember her time back then when she was little, she almost had the same fate with Hanley, but hers was a bit different.

She got marked by the previous Alpha, Ace’s father when she was just fifteen. Almost tried running away just like Hanley did but didn’t had the chance to.

It was on the very day she tried escaping Ace’s father came to pay her pack a visit. As if her father knew what she was up to, he had her confined in her room.

That is why she wouldn’t blame Hanley that much for what she did. And she wouldn’t blame her son either for picking her as his mate.

The only person meant to be blamed is the goddess, the very one who chooses mate to the wolves.

Though there was only one thing that differentiates Hanley from her, she was born a wolf while Hanley is a normal human being.

As Ace made it to the door, she said. ” Be careful.”

He gave her a nod before making it out of the house.

Ace went in search of his mate, running through woods and forests. Towns and cities, mountain and valleys, rivers and seas and even through the oceans, he searched for her.

Minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, and days to months. Yet, Hanley could not be found.

Or it was because of the fact that the little village she lived was no where to be found in the map. Or probably because it was no where to be found either.

Ace not showing up in the village wasn’t a relief either, who knows when the wolves visits?… No one.

Hanley’s parents are not yet at rest. Several times her mother have tried running away but was stopped by her husband.

” What good have I here. Aren’t you tired of having sleepless nights? ” She would say to her husband in tears. ” Look what our daughter has caused us, should I take her blame and punishment instead?

She is the one mated to him and not me, she should carry her cross alone. I am going, and if you still have fate on her return, you stay in Masarkkav alone. Michael is leaving with me… for good. ” She finalized.

” But it’s been months Alpha Ace came, he haven’t showed up that means we still have hope, right?” He said.

” Hope?” She scoffed. ” What’s there to hope for? That your days on earth is coming to an end? Or for the fact that you are temporally safe or what? Tell me?”

” Ace isn’t bad, you have to stop seeing him as other alpha’s who kills for nothing. If he was indeed wicked and heartless as we all thought, he would have smit us all a long time ago. Even the very day Hanley got missing.”

” I didn’t say he is evil or anything.” She said.

” Your thoughts did.”

” That is still not the point here.”

” So what is the point?” He asked.

” The point is that none of us is safe!!” She said, her voice a bit high that someone from the outside might think she was quarreling. ” None of us are.” She reduced her voice.

” It’s already two months, two fu*king months and we don’t even know if our daughter is alive or eaten by those night monsters.”

” Hanley is alive. I k…”

She cuts in, angrily. ” Oh please, don’t try convincing me if she’s alive or not.”

” You don’t believe in your daughter’s safety?”

” I do, but not sure I still have such believe now. You know what, I’m done with your convincing lectures. I am leaving with my only survival son and child. Are you coming or not?” She asked, ready to leave.

He shakes his head in disapproval. ” No, I am not. You leave with him while I stay back. Take good care of yourself for me.”

” You too, take care of yourself for us. Good bye.” With that, she left.

She was done packing and that night, she left Masarkkav where no one knows… and not even her husband.

The family was divided.


One month has turned to two. Ace has never stopped from searching for his mate.

And when he saw he couldn’t, she was nowhere to be found, he returned back home.

Everyone were so happy to welcome the long gone alpha back home safe and sound.

His leave had only caused sleepless nights to everyone. Though intruders weren’t a problem to the Shape-shifters, they have all it takes to win over their enemies.

But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was, who knew if he was safe or… dead.

Even Luna Lunara wasn’t at rest. She was bothered than anyone else. She didn’t see her son for two good months.

Alpha Ace’s face wore the saddest look anyone has ever seen. He didn’t say a word, not even to his royal councils.

As they all came to know what the problem was, with anger he yelled at all of them.

” I want everyone out! Now!!” He stormed. Quickly, without haste, they left him alone.

” Ace…” Said his mother in a soft voice.

” Even you mother. Please.” He said calmly.

While she left him, she would turn back to look at him but had turned, that he was backing her.

He locked himself in his room for days, almost closed to a week. He couldn’t sense the presence of his mate, not even her scent.

Lunara was troubled and concerned for her son. He deprived eating and drinking anything. Worst still, he wouldn’t open the door for anyone.

So together, the councils went to consult her for she was the only one who can change his mind and talk to him in a way no one knows.

Maybe that’s because she is his mother. Or… the fact that she was the only one who can calm him down.

She knocked on his door, he didn’t say a word. And she knock again, ” Ace it’s me, your mother.” He still didn’t say a word to her.

” Ace, I know you can hear me. And I know how troubled you are for your mate, we all are. Your safety is our concern. Look, your people needs you more than they need me. You are their alpha, you have to come back to them. ”

” You don’t understand, do you? ” He chuckled. ” You know how long it took me to find my mate. You saw how many years I waited patiently to mark her. And now I have, she’s gone.

Do you know how it feels living alone without anyone to call my own? Without the one person who is able to give me a heir to my throne?” He scoffed. ” It’s not that simple mother, I know my people needs me, but I need my mate too. ”

” Ace, ” she said in a shaky voice. ” can you please just open the door? ”

Ace walked to the door, he opens it, staring at his weeping mother.

” Mother… I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He apologized.

She ignored him, making her way into his room. He shuts the door, turning to look at her.

” Do you how much pains you caused me. You left for two months, ” she demonstrated with her first and middle fingers. ” No calls, no text… nothing!! You just left.

And now you’re back, you decided to lock yourself for days in your room like it was some kind of heaven of comfort?! ” She yelled angrily.

” You kept everyone in sleepless nights, fear and concern for their alpha and yet… yet… yet.. ” she got chocked by the tears which kept streaming out of her eyes.

” I missed you, Ace. Why would you ever think of hurting me?” She wept bitterly and he went to hug her, tight to himself.

” I wouldn’t think of hurting you mother. You mean a lot to me in this world, why would I want to see you cry just because of me? ” He said, tapping her back gently.

” Then come back, think like your father. Be a man like he was. Though I left him, it never made him stop being the alpha he was. It never made him leave his people so long because he knew how to find his mate. He knew how to find me. He always does.

You just have to know that. You don’t have to wander around the world, ” she breaks the hug, looking deep into his eyes. ” You don’t have to go about mountains and hills and valleys or whatsoever. You just have to think. Feel the scent of the one you seek. She isn’t far, they are never far from you.

You will surely find this one person you desire to find. It’s just so simple, you’re the one who gave her the mark, you find her with it. ”


To Be Continued…

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