The Girl With The Mask

The Girl With The Mask Episode 6-7

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca




Nothing seem to calm the raising hearts of the two couples who has for days been searching for their daughter, not for anything but for the troubles of facing the Alpha.

It’s close to a week now, the entire community has joined hands to find the whereabout of the young princess.

Some men had been sent to the nearby villages asking for Hanley, only to get the same reply each day.

” We haven’t seen any one like you have described. She is not among us. ” They would say.

Michael who knew less about what was going on would only ask about his sister after an hour interval.

Though he was a headache to her, this was the first time he understood how much he loved her.

” How sure are we that the Alpha isn’t coming today?” Michael’s mother asked. ” You know he doesn’t inform anyone whenever he is coming apart from the ritual period. Oh, I am dead. ” She wept.

” We will have to tell him the truth. ” Said the father, who was as much bothered as she is.

” What truth?” She asked. ” That we didn’t notice her leave us on a working evening? Dear, he is going to kill us for the second time if we have to say that. ”

” I wasn’t thinking of us saying that. ” He said. ” I was referring to the letter she had dropped for us. If we show it to him, he will know we do not have a hand in her leaving. ”

” Do you think that is the right idea? ” She asked.

” No, but I do think it is the best choice for us. ” He said.

” He’s going to kill her if we show him the note. No, he is going to kill our little girl. ” She refused to the idea. ” Hanley is just a little girl who knows nothing. I suggest we come up with some other idea and not this one. ”

” Do you have any else? ” He asked her.

” No. ” She shook.

” Then we must do this only idea I have come up with. Look my dear, Hanley is fine out there and she will be more safer with the wolves.

Never since my existence on earth have I heard an alpha kill his mate for fleeing to nowhere. Alpha Ace won’t dare to break the records. Probably, he might only give her a little punishment.

But coming to talk about us, we are the ones to receive the huge punishment. He will even have us dead if we don’t find her on time. ” He looks at Micheal who was chewing on his food, ” I pity for him.”

” I think we should take him to your sister’s place.” She suggested.” While we face this hell shit Hanley has caused to us alone. ”

” Yes, you are right. Go get get his stuffs ready while I prepare for his journey. ”

She stood up to head to his room when a loud knock was heard on the door. She froze in fear and so did the others. ” Michael, come here.” She said.

Michael dropped his food, running to her. They were all staring at each other. On the second knock, he decided to open the door.

” Alpha Ace…” there was a brief pause in his word as he tried to breath. ” he is on his way to Masarkkav.” He informed.

He turned to his wife. ” Go, get his stuffs and get out of here. ”

Immediately, she went to his room, not up to three minutes, she was out with a bag containing three of his clothes and two shoes with a slipper.

She hung him in her arms as she hastened her way out of the house to his sister’s place.

” Mummy, why are we leaving? And what is going on?” Michael asked. ” Is it because of Hanley? ”

” Yes, Micheal, your sister has brought this to your father and I. But very soon, I will explain it all to you. Right now, no more questions. ” She shut him up and he was quiet for the rest of the run.

She ran and ran, not making effort to stop as she made her way to her sister-in-law, luckily she was just making her way in. ” Sister!” She called from a distance. ” Sister!”

The young woman stopped to see who it was calling her name in a loud tone in such a late hour of the night.

” Celine, is that you?” Asked the woman.

” Yes, sister Divian, it’s me. ” She said, breathing heavily as she drops Micheal to the ground.

” I heard the news, I am so sorry.” She said pitifully.

” Please, take care of my child. I’ll get back to him as soon as every thing is settled with. ” She said, breathing heavily.

” What are you planning to do now? ” She asked.

” My husband says we should give to Alpha Ace the letter Hanley had dropped for us before she left. I thought of it to be a bad idea but he insists we should. ”

” He is right. If you don’t do that, Alpha Ace will think you all had planned it from the start. You are aware how long it took him to find his mate, and now he has, just a day after the marking, she’s no way to be found.

Don’t you think such news will only endanger your life and your husband’s. You better do the right thing if you want to see your son again. ” She warned.

” I’ll get going then. ”

” Take care of yourself, okay?”

” I will.” She ran back home.

Few minutes later, the black Lemo’s packed by the side of the white building. It was the only beautiful house in the village, said to be the residing place of the Shape-shifter packs.

Alpha Ace stepped out of the car on his black suit, one hand in his pocket while the other moved in uniform to his movement.

He walked majestically into the big mansion, making himself comfortable on one of the sofas.

The eldest man walked in, heads faced to the ground. He first welcomed Alpha Ace, but Ace didn’t give the man too much attention.

” You know why I am here. Just make it quick, I’ve got somewhere to go. ” He said, a bit rude.

” Sir… ”

They were all interrupted by the sound of his ringtone. He picked his phone from his side pocket, answering the call.

” Give me thirty minutes, I’ll get back to you. ” He hungs the call, now he was staring at the old man before him. ” And you were saying…?”

It would have been better if his conversation on the call had taken up the whole thirty minutes. The old man was vibrating, and it’s possible to say Alpha Ace must have noticed that.

” You can turn off the conditioner if it’s too cold on your skin.” He said, not really getting to the point of the reason why the old man was actually shivering.

” Sir… I… I am…”

He didn’t let the man speak further, he interrupted. ” I appreciate your welcoming speech, now can I see my mate already?” He said, impatiently.

The old man looked at the young man who had followed him, nodding at him to let the couples in.

The young man open the door for them and they walked in. Ace was expecting something different or rather… some one different.

The whole thing was becoming a drama to him.

” Why can’t I sense the presence of my mate?” He asked the old man.

” Sir, that is what I was about to tell you. Your mate has gone missing for days now.” He informed.

Ace’s reaction was unpredictable at that very moment. He glared at the young man, then at the two couples.

” Are you the parents to the girl?” He asked.

” Yes, sir.” They said in shaky voices. ” We are her parents.”

” So, do you have an explanation to what he just said?” He asked.

” Honestly, sir, we are not aware of her leaving. She never told anyone, not even her friends. ” Said the man. ” We were all in the farm when she left, on getting back home, she is nowhere to be found.” He said, trying much not to speak a lie.

” What effort have you make to find her?” He asked again.

” Since the very night she left, we informed the elders and likewise the people. We have never stopped searching for her whereabout. We have even gone to the nearby villages to see if she is residing there. ” He replied.

” And what is the outcome of the search? ” He asked for the third time.

” We still haven’t find her yet.” He answered, head lowered to the ground.

Celine brought out the letter, stretching it to Ace who took it, unfolding the paper as he read through the writings.

He smiled, folding it back in shape. He put it into the inner pocket of his jacket.

” Thank your stars I am in a good mood today. I give you just four days to find her and bring her back home. I’ll be back, I expect to hear a positive news. ” He stands up, leaving the building.

” That’s a relief then. Let’s all hope things turns out just as he expects.” Celine’s husband said.

” That is no relief to me. It took us days to search for her, for everyone to search helter skelter and yet she’s not here. What luck does four days have for us? ” She asked. ” Who knows if she is out of the state?”

” We can send some more people outside. I have relatives too, all I have to do is to send them a picture of her. ” Said the elder.

” How sure are we she isn’t in our midst? ” Celine’s husband said. ” We aren’t too sure and we should probably not get too far from the point. She is still in the states, but can be somewhere far.

What makes you think Hanley is in one of the neighbouring villages? She knows too well that we will come searching for her. That girl is just too smart to be nineteen. ”

” What are you trying to say? ” Asked the old man.

” We need to go further in our search. Certainly, we might find her in one of the villages outside.” He answered.


To Be Continued…


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