The Girl With The Mask

The Girl With The Mask Episode 4-5

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 4&5: THE RUNAWAY 2.


Andrew took his basket and together with Hanley, they went to the market. Hanley felt much safer in this village, it looked safe and peaceful.

Not like Masarkkav isn’t peaceful, don’t get it wrong, it no longer felt like a home to her since the marking ritual.

While Andrew did the shopping, she decided to hold the basket where he dropped the food stuffs.

Andrew bought her a carrot she would eat to keep herself busy. At first she refused, but then took it from him after so many persuasion.

After shopping, he took her around. He even showed her his favourite place where he stayed whenever he wanted to be alone.

” I haven’t told anyone else about this place, you’re the first.” He said to her.

Hanley felt surprised. They barely know each other and he was being so open and plain towards her.

” You said you want to raise money, right?” He asked and she nodded her head. ” I’ve got a place for you.”

She followed him as he followed a different direction which led to the bar restaurant. This bar was the most popular joint in the community.

No poor inhabitant comes there, or you’ll get drenched up trying. ” What’s this place?” She asked as soon as they got to the bar.

” I work here, I think you should too.” He opened the door and they walked in.

Hanley stared around the bar, a lot of people were in there, including both men and women. Most of them looked wasted, yet they requested for more alcohol.

There was a man at the counter, he looked huge and dirty. His beard was almost touching his chest, and his hair… was the messiest hair Hanley has ever seen.

” Hey, Andy.” Said the man in his croaky voice.

” Hey Thasmous.”

” And who’s this lovely lady?” He asked Andrew, eyes fixed at Hanley. ” You never told me you found a new girlfriend.”

” No. No, not at all. She’s just friends. And besides, we came here because she wanna start up a little business with us. ” He told him.

Thasmous nodded.” Well, miss beautiful you came at the right time. When do you wish to start? ” He asked.

” I don’t know, I should be asking you that. ” She said.

” She’ll start tomorrow. ” Andrew cuts in.

” If you say so. ”

” We’ll be leaving then. See you tomorrow.” Andrew waved at him as they exited the bar.

” Thasmous, that’s a horrible name. ” Hanley said immediately they made their way out of the bar joint.

Andrew laughed for a while. ” That’s actually his nickname.” He said.

” What’s his real name then? ” She asked.

” No one knows. ” He shrugs.

They made it back home. Hanley took the basket into the kitchen while Andrew left to his room.

Mrs Tina, Andrew’s mother had followed Hanley shortly into the kitchen. Hanley did most of the preparation while Mrs Tina did the cooking.

Hanley sat on the small stool, plucking the vegetable leaves out of it’s stem. She listened as Mrs Tina told her about her home.

” I lost my husband two months after I gave birth to Hansel and Gretel. He hardly spent his time with them because he was always a busy man.

He wouldn’t listen to me whenever I tell him to rest. He’d only do that if I refuse to eat. I know he’s only doing that for his family but, ” she paused, sighing. ” sometimes, we all deserve to take a break. ”

” I’m sorry. It must be really difficult for you. ” She said pitifully.

” It’s years now since he died, at least I have been able to handle the family without him. Though it hasn’t been easy for me, all thanks to Andrew, he’s been making much efforts for the family. ”

” I must say, Andrew did took after his father. ”

Mrs Tina smiled. ” You’re right. He did take after his father. Are you done with the vegetables? ” She asked.

” Yes. ” Hanley put it into a bowl of water, washing it into a small basket before handing it to Mrs Tina.

” You must be starving. Very soon, lunch will be ready.” Mrs Tina assured her.

She notice Mrs Tina bring out a plate from the cupboard. She was expecting she’d bring out more but she only had that very plate in her hand.

” Is that for me?” She asked before Mrs Tina could grabbed a spoonful of the soup into the plate.

” Yes, it is.” She answered.

” What about you guys?” She asked.

” Don’t worry about us. You see, since things are a lot difficult for us, we only eat twice in a day. But you had a long journey, you need to eat something. ” She said.

” It’s okay, I can wait until night. ”

” No, you shouldn’t. You’re my visitor. ”

” Since I was little, I never ate alone. Whenever I eat, I eat with my family. This might not be my real home but, the attitude is still in me. Like I said, I can wait. ”

Mrs Tina nodded, dropping the plate back into the cupboard. Hanley went ahead keeping the kitchen clean.

She made sure everything were in order before she thought of leaving. She went to her room. She laid on the bed, dozing off.


” Thasmous approved she should start work by tomorrow.” Andrew informed his mother.

” That’s so good of you, son. May heaven reward you for your kindness. ” She blessed. ” Hansel, go check if Hanley is still asleep.”

Hansel jumped down from the couch, running to Hanley’s room.

” You let her go to bed in an empty stomach?” He asked.

” I did wanted to give her food but she refused. She said she preferred to eat together. ” She said.

” Do you think her parents made the right decision to get her married so soon? ” He asked.

” Peoples got reasons. Something must have conspired to them approving her marriage.”

” Poverty? ” He guessed.

” Possibly. Or maybe, she has been betrothed to him already when she was little. But you know, nowadays, we ladies prefer to be with the man we love other than getting courted with some one we don’t love.

But, from a clear look at her, I doubt she is from a wretched background. ”

” Mummy, she’s here. ” Hansel said in her thing voice, distracting them from their conversation.

” Oh, Hansel. I didn’t ask you to wake her up, I only told you to check on her.”

” I didn’t wake her up, ” she said. ” she woke up by the sound of the door when I tried to peer in.”

Hanley rubbed her eyes, taking a full glance at Andrew and Mrs Tina. ” How long have I been asleep?” She asked.

” Hours.” Andrew replied.

” I’ll go get dinner ready.” Mrs Tina stood up, heading to the kitchen.

There are six chairs in the dinning room. Hanley sat a seat away from Andrew. Hansel came to occupy it.

Gretel on the other hand sat opposite Hansel, as they all waited for the meal to be served.

” So where will you be going after here?” He asked, breaking the silence.

” Right now, I don’t think I know. Maybe until then, I must have thought about it. ”

Mrs Tina appeared with a tray of food, dropping each plates before them. They started to eat, quietly and silently.

Hanley thought of how the following day would be at the bar. If this was the only way to to help herself, it was the best idea she has ever made.

All she just wanted is to be far away from home. In a place not even Alpha Ace can find her.

They all think they are smart,* she thought to herself, ” but I’ll show them how smarter I am.* She smiled.

Though she knew the mark was some thing she can’t take away, it was permanent, like a tattoo.

The thought of Alpha Ace tracking her with the mark didn’t occur to her mind. It wouldn’t, would it?

She felt much safer miles away from him. But should that actually be a relief to her?

Would it be so difficult for him to find her if he wanted to?? Was she safe being with Andrew and his family?

Would he come back for her when he finds out that she was missing??

None of this occurred to her, all she knew is she was safe.


They got back home to see that Hanley was nowhere to be found. Her mother had to shout her name several times, but there was no reply.

The even went up to her room, only to find out that her was neat like no one ever stayed in there.

Michael was busy screaming her name at the backyard, yet nothing.

” I knew she’d be up to something when she said she was going back home. ” He said.

” You should have stopped her then or, have Micheal escort her. ” She said, worriedly. ” Now, what are we going to do? What are we to tell Alpha Ace when he comes for her? ”

” Hanley. ” He said deeply, ” That girl won’t be the end of me. ”

” I’ll go to Flo’s house and see if she is there. ” She suggested.

” What makes you think she will be there? She’s probably far from home. I knew after the marking she will leave for damn trouble. ” He said, anger sounding in his voice.

” We should report this to the elders of the land. Maybe they can help us do something about this. ” She collapsed on the sofa.

” I’m scared for her safety. What if something bad happens to her? ” She asked no one in particular.

” That shouldn’t be the problem now, because I know my daughter too well, she’s safe wherever she is. The problem is us, we are the ones in the real trouble.

What if Alpha Ace comes today or tomorrow requesting for her, we won’t only be stucked with what to say, we’ll even be dead before we say anything. ”


Hanley will be the end of her parents 😔😔😔

To Be Continued…


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