The Girl With The Mask

The Girl With The Mask Episode 2-3

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 2&3: THE RUNAWAY.


Hanley woke up by the chirping sound of the morning birds. The pain from the marking last night was like a trauma to her skin.

Right under her ribs, she could still feel the hunting itch of the mark.

She glared around the room, like it was her first time being in there.

Not a second thought, Hanley made it out of the bed to her wardrobe.

She started packing her stuffs into her backpack with her pony slippers and two shoes.

” Hanley!” Micheal, her little brother called from the outside. ” Hanley!!” He called again, raising his voice.

” What monkey?!” She yelled back.

” Breakfast is ready!” He said, not minding how loud his voice was. He left.

She hissed.

Michael was one hell of a brother and definitely a pain in the ass.

He was only six years older than Hanley and yet, most times he acts like a six year old child.

She hid her backpack back into her wardrobe, underneath her clothes.

Possibly against Micheal who is able to sneak in at anytime.

She had a quick brush before heading out of her room, down to the dinning room where the others sat already eating on their breakfast.

Hanley wasn’t focused on what she was eating, her mind was here and there, busy on how to make her imaginary plans work out.

All she was after was a successful sneak out of the house without anyone finding out.

” Dad, Hanley called me a monkey.” Micheal complained, getting everyone’s attention.

She threw him a hard glare. ” You better shut the fu*k up or I help you with that.” She threatened.

” Hanley, mind your words. ” Said her mother. ” We’ve talked about saying fu*k here. ” She reminded.

” Sorry. But you have to warn this black mouth for yelling at my door. ”

” Michael? ” She turned her gaze to her son. ” Did you yell at her door?” She asked.

” I thought she was asleep.” He defended.

“Now say sorry to your sister, Mic.” She said.

” Sorry.” He felt embarrassed. It didn’t go as he expected.

Hanley threw her tongue out at him, giving him a middle finger.

As if the day knew how desperate Hanley was to go, night approached so sudden.

While the rest of the family went out, Hanley stayed back at home.

She made sure she had done her duties, made dinner and had a warm bath.

She took some food stuffs from the kitchen, shoving it all into her backpack. Then she wrote a short note, dropping it on the dinning table.

« I’m leaving. I’m going some where far away from here. Please, don’t come looking for me because you guys will never find me.

I can’t let Alpha Ace take me with him. No, I still have a long way to go in this life. Move on with your lives, and I will move on with mine.

I’m sorry I am doing this in the wrong way, but it’s also for my own good. Take good care of yourselves for me. I love you guys. ”

She sneaked out, even without telling her best friend Flo. She knew if she had to tell her, they will convince her to tell them of her whereabout.

As soon as she left the house through the back door, she began to run. She didn’t stop from running, until she was sure she was far away from home.

She stopped by a tree, leaning against it to catch her lost breath. ” Phew! Never thought I’d make it out of there.”

She kept on with her journey after a brief rest. At night, Hanley would gather some woods to make fire for herself.

Outside home felt cold. The wind blew on her skin, causing her to shiver.

She would used her clothes to make blanket for herself. Even the creepy sound of the night creatures frightened her.

Some how she felt like the wolves were watching her. And this only made her spend the rest of the night awake.

Hanley was heading to nowhere in particular. She was ready to go anywhere as far as it was far away from home.

On the third day of her journey in the woods, she heard voices of little kids and she knew her days of wandering has finally come to an end.

From a corner, she peered at the kids playing with a small ball. She thought of them to be alone so she walked out of her hiding place to talk to them.

But instead, the moment they saw her, they took to their heels.

” Hey,” she tried stopping them but they didn’t stop from running. ” I’m not gonna hurt you. Fu*k.”

She followed the same direction they had used to run. Moreover, the kids weren’t alone as she had thought. They had someone with them. Someone more older and matured.

She stopped, listening as the children reported her to him. ” You said what?” He asked them, trying to hear what they were saying.

” A stranger?” He asked again. ” Where?”

They pointed out to Hanley’s direction. ” There.” They both said in unison.

He turned, and he saw Hanley standing, watching them. ” I’m sorry if I scared them.” She apologized.

He chuckled. ” It’s okay, they’re just kids. By the way, I’m Andrew.” He walks close for a handshake.

” I’m Hanley. ” She said, returning the handshake.

” They are my siblings, Hansel and Gretel.” He introduced.

” Those are pretty names.” She admitted.

” So, how did you get here if I may ask? Are you kinda… runaway? ” He asked.

” No. No. ” She sighed. ” Kinda. Honestly, it’s a long story. I’m searching for a place to reside for the mean time and make some little funds. ”

” Come on, let’s take you home first. ” He said.

Hanley held Hansel’s hand while Andrew held Gretel’s. The walk was a bit quiet until they got to his home town.

Though he did asked her some few questions, but she made much efforts to create a fixed and concrete lie to avoid exposing the truth about the mark.

On getting home, he asked her to stay outside while he goes in to inform his mother about her.

Hanley nodded, hoping earnestly that his mother wasn’t the aggressive and wicked type of person.

” Why didn’t you let her in?” She heard the feminine voice ask. ” Oh, Andrew, you’re being so unfair to your new guest.”

” I only wanted to inform you first, mother.” He said.

She sighed. ” It’s okay, I understand you’re only keeping to your manners. Okay, okay. Now let her in, will you?” She said, not trying to sound sentimental.

Andrew left to the door, ushering Hanley in. ” You’re free to come in.” He said.

” Thanks.” She walked in, glaring around the well furnished apartment.

The inside was a lot welcoming and appealing than the outside. Though it was a little smaller than her own home, but on the other hand, it felt much more comfortable.

” Good morning. ” She greeted.

” Good morning, my dear.” She responded. ” Andrew told me he met you at the woods. Hope everything is alright?”

” Yes. Yes, of course.”

” Please forgive my attitude. Have a seat.” She ushered.

Hanley sat on one of the sofas. ” Thanks.”

” It’s nothing.” Sitting on the sofa opposite Hanley. ” So, what happened to your home?”

” I uhmm… I’d say, I ran away from home. ”

The woman stared at her surprised, ” Seriously?”

” Yep. It’s a complicated story, though. My parents made it complicated.”

” Would you mind telling me this… complicated story?” She asked.

” My uhm… my parents agreed to give me out to some guy way too older than I am. They think I’m old enough to get married and they wouldn’t even listen to me if I try saying no.” She explained.

” So you left?”

” So I left.” She grinned. ” I uhmm, I’m only looking for a place to stay for a while and raise a little fund to travel outside the state. Only if you don’t mind.”

” I understand. And I wish I can help you but, my home looks little and you might probably not like it. ”

” It’s more comfortable, I’d say. You have a nice home. ”

” Andrew, show her to her room, please. ” She said and Hanley followed him as they trailed up the stairs. ” Please feel comfortable.”

They got to a room, it had a small bed beside the window. It was smaller than her own room, but it did looked comfortable.

” Uhm… I know it’s too small…”

” It’s perfect.” She interrupted.

Andrew exchanged a warm smile with her. ” I’ll be going to the market, would you mind joining me?” He asked.

Hanley loved the idea. It would be a perfect time to get to know more about his home town and explore around it.

” Sure. I’ll go with you.” She agreed.

” The bathroom is just by the left. You can let me know when you’re ready to take a shower. ”

” Sure, I will. ”


To Be Continued…


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