The Girl With The Mask

The Girl With The Mask Episode 10

{ His Runaway Mate }🔥🔥

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 10: THE MARK.


Hanley struggles to pull herself up to the bed. She has been rolling on the floor countless times, her eyes filled with her own tears as she moaned painfully.

It hurts. It burns like hell. It was so much like it was gonna tear off her ribs off her stomach.

She managed to pull herself to the lamp stand where she had dropped her pain relief tablet.

She took a double of it even though she knew she had taken an overdose, but she didn’t care about that.

She held her waist, the very place Alpha Ace had bitten her. ” Fu*k!” She yelled, biting on her lower lip.

She took her small mirror, pointing it before the mark, it looks red like they had placed a hot iron steel on her skin.

” What’s happening to me?” She asked no one in particular.

The door open and Hansel peered in. She tried acting normal, like everything was okay. But on her face, it was boldly written that nothing was alright.

” Are you alright?” Little Hansel asked, ” You look terribly sick.”

Hanley nodded her head, forcing a smile at her. ” Of course, I am. Just had a little exercise so, I’m trying to catch my breath. ” She lied.

” But your holding your stomach. You look like you’re on your period. Mom always hold her stomach whenever she is on her period. ” She said.

” First, I am not on my period. And by the way you shouldn’t know such things at your age. ” Hanley said, putting much effort to hold herself from groaning.

” Well, ” she shrugs. ” she says I need to be prepared for the future. I can ask her for a sanitary pad if you want. Besides, she has many of them. ”

” Uhm… do not worry about me, I’ll be fine. ” She convinced her with a smile. ” Okay? ”

Hansel nodded, ” Good night.”

” Good night.”

She shut the door after her.

” Such a smart kid.” She says.

Through out the night, she couldn’t sleep because of the mark. She had spent the entire night tumbling over and over her bed.

It was around four in the early morning, the pain seemed to subside and she was able to force herself to get some sleep.

She woke up by the voice of Andrew who has been calling her for almost five times now.

” Hanley,” he called for the sixth time, with a tap on her hand.

She slowly opened her eyes, ” Andrew?” She said.

” Yes, it’s me.” She rubbed her eyes, to get a clear view of him.

” Did I sleep too long?” She asked, dully.

” No, it’s minutes past six.” He replied.

Her eyes looked heavy, and she still felt the urge to sleep again as the pain wasn’t disturbing her at the moment.

” Did you had a good night sleep last night?” He asked, noticing how dull her eyes looked.

She shook her head.

” What happened?” He asked.

She wasn’t comfortable telling anyone about the mark, at least not now.

” Had a serious cough.” She lied.

” Sorry for that. Maybe you should try closing the windows whenever you want to sleep. ”

” I’ll take my corrections. ” She stood up, stretching. ” I’ll go take my bath. You can go to the bar, I’ll come shortly after.”

” Okay. ” He agreed.

Later in the day, while they were busy serving the customers with their beer, the pain started again.

And this time, it was becoming more painful and disturbing than the previous night.

As she was pouring wine into a cup, she could feel her hand shaking. So she held it with the other hand, and the wine had started to pour outside the cup.

Andrew was quick to notice this, he held her hand, causing her to stop. So, he took the cup from her hold, serving it to the rightful customer.

When he returned to the counter, he was staring at her. ” Are you alright?” He asked, but she gave him a nod, returning back to her duty.

Even, some of the customers tried to hit her for being so slow but all thanks to Andrew and Thasmous who were able to stop them on time before they could raise a hand on her.

Andrew suspected within himself that Hanley wasn’t feeling fine and that there was some thing bothering her she didn’t want to share to anyone.

He even went ahead persuading her to go home, but she insisted that she was alright and can continue her work.

He didn’t bother forcing her anymore because he already knew how stubborn and persistive she was.

If only she knows what the mark meant, she wouldn’t have thought about leaving Masarkkav at the first place.

As they returned back home that night, Andrew wanted to talk about what happened earlier in the day but couldn’t.

He would look at her, then look away. Her face looks dull and one can tell how sick she obviously was.

” Do you wanna talk about it?” He asked.

She looked at him but didn’t say a word to him.

” It’s okay if you don’t want to.” They continued back home in silence.

When they have gotten few meters home, Hanley stopped, folding her arms around her waist. In a loud voice voice she cried, ” Aahh!!”

Andrew held her, trying to pull her to stand but she bent the more. ” It hurts! It hurts!!”

” What hurts? What’s happening to you?!” He asked anxiously. ” Talk to me!”

She slowly rose her gaze at him, ” Please… take me home.” She fainted.

Andrew was fast enough to hold her before she could make it to the ground. He rushed her home, kicking the door open with his foot.

” Mother?!” He yelled her name, gently dropping Hanley’s body on a sofa. ” Mother!” He called again.

Mrs Tina rushed out of her room to the living room where the voice was heard. ” Andrew, I heard you call. Is there a…” She paused as she saw Hanley laid on the sofa.

” What happened? ” She ask, walking close to her body. ” Oh my goodness, she’s burning. ” She said after feeling her temperature.

” Go to the kitchen, get me a bowl of water and a dried towel too.” She said to him.

Andrew left immediately, returning with the ordered materials in not less than a minute. ” Here it is, mother.” He hands it to her.

Mrs Tina went the local way of treating a patient. She deepened the dried towel into the cold water, squeezing it in her hands. She folded the towel, placing it on her head.

” Is she going to be alright?” Andrew asked with concern.

” I hope so. What happened?” She asked again. ” How did it started?”

” She’s been acting strange since morning but she refuses to tell me what was wrong. When we were returning, she started crying, holding her stomach. I think she’s having an abdominal pain. ” He said.

She shifted Hanley’s shirt a bit high, and to her greatest surprise, she saw the mark. She covered her mouth with her both hands, ” Oh my God!”

Andrew looked at her, not really understanding why she had screamed just for a mark. ” What’s that, mother?” He asked.

” The mark.” She points at it.

” What happened to the mark?” He asked.

” It means she’s been claimed by an alpha wolf.”

” Hold on, you mean she’s been marked by the wolves? ”

She nodded her head at his question. ” I think that’s her reason for leaving her home. She doesn’t want to be mated with the wolves. ”

” That’s why she feels the pains? ”

” Yes. There’s only two reasons for that.” She said. ” It’s either because she is far away from him or, the one who had given her the mark seeks to find her. ”

★ ★ ★ ★

Andrew took her to her room, gently placing her on her bed. He sat beside her, eyes staring at her.

The thought of what his mother had said concerning the mark troubled him.

That was why she had left home, because of the mark? He thought to himself.

Is that also her reason for wanting to leave the state so urgently?

He has read a little about the werewolves, he never knew they also mark humans as their mates. He had only believed in wolves for wolves and humans for humans.

She was only nineteen. Young, beautiful and innocent. And with this, he knew his days were coming to an end when he was going to lose her to someone else.


To Be Continued…


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