The Girl With The Mask

The Girl With The Mask Episode 1

{ His Runaway Mate }??

By; Holland Cisca


Chapter 1: THE RITUAL ( MATE. )


Hanley ✓

During the first full moon of every eighth month of the year, Masarkkav held a ritual marking.

A period when the Shape-shifter alpha comes to choose his mate.

We respect it like we respected God, but that’s for them, not me.

Girls at the age of eighteen to nineteen are tied at the village ground where they’ll be marked, if chosen.

They always say the lucky ones are those who are taken by the alpha’s and high ranked Betas, but to me, it’s a hell nightmare.

Last year, the Alpha had come, leaving without a mate. It was said none were of his taste.

This year, he’s gonna come for sure, maybe to find his luck… I guess.

The elders has send letters to all families whose daughters would be participating for the ritual.

Since my entire life, as far as I was never picked, I never seemed to care.

Until today, when mother read the shocking letter to me. ” Hanley, you’ve been picked for the ritual. ”

Right now, I felt like exploding. And if the ground would open in half, I would be glad to have myself thrown into it.

” I’m leaving Masarkkav for good.” I said to their amazement.

” You’re what?! ” Dad stormed as he dropped what he was doing to look at me. ” Did you just say you’re running?”

” I can’t stay here, dad. I don’t want to undergo the ritual. ” I insisted.

” Don’t try what you’ll regret after. ” He said.

” There’s nothing to regret in this. I’ll just run and when they don’t find me… that’s it. No markings. ”

” Now you listen to me young lady, get yourself ready for tonight. Whether or not you like it, you must participate in the ceremony. ” He finalized.

I know there was no way out of these. There will never be a way out of these as far as mom and dad are concerned. Especially Dad.

I went to Florence’s house to spend the rest of my day with her while I think of how my night will be. She was making sandwiches for the family.

Her grandmother had convinced her parents to have her make it. All those grandmother’s who talks about marriage even when you’re twelve. Tsk.

” Hi.” I greeted, drawing her attention.

” Hey. ” She beamed her lips with a smile, then returning her gaze back to the sandwiches on fire. ” Thank your stars you came at the right time.”

” I always come at the right time. ” I said, knowing that I’ll have a share from the sandwiches.

I sat on the stool by the side. ” So, did your parents receive any letter?” I asked.

” You mean for the ritual? ” She asked, not looking at me.

” Yes. ”

” Nope, no letter. What about you?” Now she was looking at me for an answer. I nodded my head. ” Really? ”

” I thought about leaving the village but then, dad said I must stay whether or not I like it. I don’t know why he has to be this mean over things. ” I scoffed.

” I don’t wanna stay, I don’t wanna stand between those fires and I don’t wanna think about being chosen. Flo, this shouldn’t be happening, at all. ” I said, depressed. ” I’m scared, Flo. I really am.”

” Look Han, your father is right about what he said. You running away will only end up getting your parents in danger. No matter what, you must stay and participate. ” She advised.

” Honestly, I wish I were you, I won’t have to bother about the ritual for the whole year. ”

She chuckled. ” Let’s just hope it doesn’t work out this year. Because, that’s the only way you can become like me. ”




The night has finally surfaced. I almost pissed on myself the moment one of the elder instructed for the woods to be lightened.

The sticks were planted in circles, and we were tied against wooden poles for the ritual to begin. It was ten of us dressed half naked.

Only our chests and the lower part of our body could be seen covered, the rest of our skin were exposed.

Finally, the Shape-shifters arrived with their cars, they were only six of them, with their Alpha making it seven. He was the last to step out of the car.

My heart for the first time in so many years never beat like today. Everyone bowed their heads as he approached closer.

” The ritual is ready, Your Majesty.” Said one of the elders.

After making some sacrificial incantations which took about thirty minutes or there about, it was finally the time for the alpha to pick his mate.

Then I just realized I wasn’t the only terrified one here, it was the ten of us, tied like caught thieves. Alpha Ace moved close to the fire, making a stop.

Then he walked pass through the fire like it was nothing to his skin. He stepped in, staring at the ten of us.

One after the other, he leaned to sniff in our scent. When it got to my turn, I shut my eyes even before he could make it to me.

He was taking too long to sniff my scent compared to the time he took for the others.

” Open your eyes.” His cold voice echoed like the waves in my ears.

I couldn’t open my eyes, no, I shouldn’t open my eyes. He said again. ” Open your eyes.” This time, his voice was softer and deeper.

I found myself doing so involuntarily, staring into the ocean blue irises glaring back at me, right into my inner soul.

A young gentleman from his clan came to untie me from the wooden pole. I would have loved to run but I couldn’t.

I was in the middle of two werewolves, and more standing outside the fire plus the village committees. I’m doomed.

I was made to lay on the wooden table which was where the markings would take place in order to show if indeed I was the right one.

I just hope I ain’t.

I wish this will all turn to be failure just like the previous years. I shut my eyes for the second time, taking a deep breath.

Then I heard a growling sound, not from me, but from the creature beside me.

I felt his hands on my shoulder and thigh while he leaned his face to my waist. His razor-like teeth piercing into my the skin of my waist.

I yelled in pains, screaming for heaven to come save me. When he released his teeth from my flesh, I was breathing like I was gonna die in the next minute.

Before I could gaze up to his face, he had turned to the normal human he was. The other wolf helped me stand to my feet.

I was feeling a huge pain on my waist but when I glared at it, the teeth marks were all gone, leaving a scar on my skin.

I was shocked. How the f*ck did that just happen? What the heck is happening to me??

I wish death can enroll me into it’s embrace and the ground would widen it’s mouth to have me in which of course, I will gladly give myself in.

It healed! The bite healed?!

But then he stared at me, and with his ocean cold voice, he said to me. ” Mate…”


To Be Continued…


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