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The Boss The Maid Episode 20

The Boss πŸ’žThe Maid πŸ’•

Chapter 20 (Finale) ❀

Linda’s pov

Monday morning…

I was taken to the court, I was found guilty. my parents had come to the court too.

Richard came in and I glared at him but it turned into a shocking one.

“Christabel? ” I said, dazzled.

“Hi Linda ” I narrowed my eyes.

“Nope, am alive as you can see, all what you heard in your room was just a voice recorder and a speaker.

We did that to get the truth from you. I never knew you would surrender just like that ” she giggled and winked at me.

“Baby, I think we should go take a sit” Richard spoke and they sat at the front row.

‘ I will make sure they pay for this, they will suffer till they beg for death. All I just wanted is the judge not to sentence me to life imprisonment.

No matter how many years am given, once am out of prison, I will make their life miserable ‘

The judge thick voice jerked me out of thought.

“Miss Linda George, you are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment for attempt murder with hard labour and your goons too.
Arise! ”

‘it is finished! just like Jesus said on the cross ‘I looked towards richard and christabel their face has no expression.

I looked at my parents, they shook their heads in disappointment and walked out of the court.

Am not the only child of my parents. I still have three siblings after me. The police came and handcuffed me and took me away

‘My plans has failed over them’

Richard’s pov

We left the court and went home “Richard, life imprisonment is too much ” Christabel said as she sank in to one of the couch.

“That’s true christabel, I thought she was going to be sentence for like five years, or seven Years.

“What a life! she really had to end up her life in prison ” She shrugged and faced me.

“What are you going to eat cause I know you will be tired ” she released a smile on her face .

“Anything you cook am gonna eat ” I said and placed a kiss on her lips and went upstairs to take my bath and change into something simple.

Am going to the office tomorrow.

Christabel’s pov

5 months later….

I and Richard relationship had been going smoothly and pure. I was about putting the last set of plantains in the hot oil when my phone rang.

“Hello sweetie ” I squeaked over the phone.

“Hi beauty, how are doing? “he asked happily on the phone.

“Am good, so what’s up? ” I asked anxiously.

“OK, I want you to leave whatever you are doing, am sending someone to pick you up ” he replied.

“Why? I mean…. ”

“No questions any further, am waiting ” he cut off the phone call.

“Hmm… there’s something fishy ” I quickly went upstairs and changed into something a simple outfit and in 25 minutes.

The gate was opened and I saw richard’s car come in but he wasn’t the one driving the car.

“Good morning ma’am, Sir Richard asked me to pick you up ” he bowed his head a little.

“OK let’s go ” I don’t know where his taking me to. He stopped at the Joy Collection.

we entered, a woman came to me and quickly place me on a sit and came back with a pink short gown and a 2 inches stiletto heels.

I wore it in the dressing room and came back looking stunning and I did my hair in a braided style and I was set to go.

‘ I still don’t know why richard is doing this ‘

I got to the address, and went in and I swear no one was here.

“Richard!! Richard!! Richard!! “I called out his name.

I took two steps when I saw a card with the description written :Follow the roses by your right, I looked at my right and saw the roses.

I held the card and keep tracing the roses. I stood when I saw a card on the floor written :WILL. I took it and kept going again, I saw another one YOU.

‘Gosh! this is serious ‘ I saw another one when I turned to my left MARRY.

My heart skipped.

“OMG! Will you marry? ” I asked myself when I joined the three cards together.

‘Am confused ‘ I traced the roses again and I saw someone in a blue suit backing me.

I couldn’t see him well “Hey! ” I swallowed hard and he turned.

“Richard! ” I said in a surprised tone, he was holding a ME card and was smiling. He moved closer to me and knelt on one knee.

‘Again? ‘

“Will you marry me christabel? ” He asked, and placed the card on the floor. He bought out a silver ring which has a sapphire blue stone on it.

it really looks expensive.

I don’t know what to say,am speechless.

“Richard… I love… you, and I’m going to marry you ” I stuttered.

“You have made me the happiest man Christa, I love you ” He said and placed a passionate kiss on my attractive lips.

Soon, I heard clapping and I saw Hannah, richard’s parents, my parents and others which I knew and which I don’t.

‘This is the happiest day of my life ‘


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