The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 18

The Boss ?The Maid ?

Chapter 18

Mrs Williams pov

I kept smiling, seeing my son in love with that girl. Christabel really made my son fall in love.

‘I was about telling her my plans on Richard but it cleared off my mind, but she did that without me telling her the plans ‘

‘Can’t wait for my grandchildren ‘ I thought and took a sip of my juice.

“Honey, you have been smiling like you won a trip to Dubai, what’s it ?” my husband jerked me out of thought.

“it nothing dear, am just smiling or shouldn’t I do that ” This time I was grinning so hard.

“Really, now you are grinning really hard, just hope your teeth won’t fall out ” he said.

I gave him a hard glare that cause him to laugh and we both ended up laughing.

Richard’s pov

I laughed my ass out ” christabel, you think this plans can work on linda?”

She nodded “Yeah, but let just pray it worked out perfectly ” she said, wearily.

“OK, plan A is very good so as plan B, we need to buy a voice recorder, a small speaker and you record your voice in a scary way and place it in her room” I explained.

“Yes, that’s it but you know I won’t be coming to your house ”

“Why not stay with my parents? ”

“Okay, am going to tell my parents then, that I would be staying with your parents ”

I bought the voice recorder and the speaker immediately then, I went back to the hospital for christabel to record her voice.

‘This girl is just too funny ‘ I recorded the voice and truly, it really look like a ghost’s voice.

“You are perfect in every thing you do ” I saw her blush and I gave her a peck on her lips and walked out.

I got home and met linda setting the food on the dinning table, I quickly used that opportunity to go to her room.

I looked around the room and saw her wardrobe, I climbed the chair which was beside me and placed both the voice recorder and the speaker on top of her wardrobe.

I connected the wires together and thank God the items were small and black in colour. I pushed it deep down so it will be hard to see.

I quickly ran out of the room so I won’t get caught.

I changed into something simple and find my way to the living room.

“Richard, have set the dinning come eat ” she said, smiling seductively.

I rolled my eyes on her then the food ‘who knows if she had poison the food? ‘

I can’t eat that food that looks like dog’s food. I walked past her to the kitchen and began cooking noodles for myself.

“Richard, why do you have to cook noodles when a better food is here ”

I gave her no response and soon she became tired of standing and went to her room.

“Why don’t you eat the food? ” I mumbled, with my mouth filled with noodles.

I ate my food, took out my phone and smiled.

‘I had connected the voice recorder to my phone all I need is to wait till the right time ‘

Linda’s pov

I got to my room and sat on the bed ‘I don’t know why he ignored me and even the food! whatever, I don’t blame him and am sure he’s still thinking of that witch. That’s serves him right. ‘

At night… I changed into my night gown and lay down on my bed, I turned off the lamp and slept off.

At 12:30pm…

I heard a voice which made me flinched. “Who’s there? ” I looked round the room but saw nothing, I turned on the lamp.

The voice continued and stopped again then continue, this time it spoke out.

“Linda, what’s my offence? why do you kill me? ” That’s christabel’s voice, I was sweating profusely already.

Her ghost! she’s trying to kill me! if I had known I wouldn’t have kill her ‘

“You are going to choose one of this options which is either I kill you or you confess to everyone ”

Confess? if not I will die, oh God! what have I done? ‘

I couldn’t move from my bed but in a minute I flew to the door and to open it but it was locked.

‘Am finished! in fact over finished ‘

“Richard, please help me open this door, I need to tell you something ” The voice had stopped and the door opened almost immediately.

I hid behind richard’s back and popped my head out a little. “There’s a ghost in my room ” I said in a frighten way.

“Ghost? wait is it christabel’s voice? ” he turned back to me and I nodded.

He laughed “what did she say? “This time he was looking serious.

“She.. said.. I should confess … or I die ” I stammered.

‘I don’t want to die! let me just confess it and be free ‘

“Richard, this is hard to say but it like you won over this case. I.. I.. I.. killed.. christabel, I mean sent the assassins to take christabel’s life ” I was facing down, I can’t face the anger that would be on his face.

‘I can’t believe I confessed so easily like that, am not like this ‘

“You did what! Linda repeat yourself ” he bought out his phone and placed it in a recording way.

I breathed in and out heavily, ” I killed Christabel cause I can’t bear her take you away from me, am sorry richard. please forgive me”

“I knew it from the start that you are a devil, how can you send assassins to kill your fellow human. Too bad you are gonna rot in jail ” he stuck his phone back into his pocket and walked out.

‘Maybe if I just kidnap her and take her far away from this country or better still beat her to stupor that richard won’t see the beauty in her. she would feel rejected in front of him’


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