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The Boss The Maid Episode 17

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Chapter 17 ❀

“I love you too richard ” I said after we broke the kiss.

“Hmm.. hmm.. ” I saw my mom, she cleared her throat and dad too is here.

“Mom! Dad! you are here ” I was surprised and happy as well.

“Baby! how are you and your health too? ” she asked.

“Good mom, and you too? ”

“Same dear, I and your father came here to check on you and thank God I bought you food cause I know you would be hungry when you wake up ” she gave me the food and I smiled.

“thanks mom”

“You welcome dear, Mr richard I can’t thank you less for what you did, God will continue blessing you abundantly ” my mom prayed.

We chorused “Amen ”

My parents went back and promised to be here tomorrow cause they would be busy in the noon

“Do you find out who sent those people to kill me? ” I asked.

“Hmm…. Nope not yet, but I know it linda’s doing, don’t worry we gonna find her and she must pay for her sin ” richard spoke angrily.

“I need you to do me a favor please “Giving him a puppy look.

“Okay, what favor? ” looking straight into my eyes.

“Let pretend as if am dead” I spat out.

“What!! christabel what are you saying? ” Richard said in amusement.

“Yes, I said that…. okay I mean I won’t be going home with you on Friday ”

I don’t even know what to say.

Richard’s phone rang and he picked it up.

“It’s Linda ” And I summoned him to pick it

“What do you want linda ?”

“Chill okay, I was only trying to show sympathy for christabel’s death, I heard she was shot ”
I heard linda saying over the phone cause it was on speaker

‘She really want me dead? ‘

“Linda, don’t tell me you sent those men to kill christabel? ” Richard asked, furiously holding the bed sheet tight.

“Hey, keep quiet and don’t ask me that, you know what have been knocking at your gate but no response, You are not at home? ”

‘At his house? oh no! ‘

I did a sign for richard to hang up the call.

“Hmm.. I will call you back linda ”

He cut the call “Linda is at home ” I nodded.

“And she believed you are dead! ” he added and I nodded again.

“That’s what am saying, me pretending am dead will make us get the truth from her ”

“How? Linda is very smart and she Can’t just surrender herself like that ”

“I know, but don’t worry just let her in, I know what to do next “I said, trying to lay back on the bed.

“Ouch! ” I winced in pain.

“Sorry sweetheart ” Richard helped me lay back and I giggled when he called me ‘sweet heart ‘

Richard’s pov

I went home after christabel was asleep, I got home and met linda at the gate with her things

‘Seriously, this girl is stupid ‘

I got down from the car “Linda, did you know what you did yesterday, you killed Christabel! ”

Maybe pretending as christabel said will make me get the truth from her.

“Richard, forget about this and let move on, I mean let get married and have children ”

“Married? children? you must be joking, get out of my house this minute ” I yelled.

“Too bad, am not leaving and no one will throw me out not even you ”

She stuck her tongue out and went in ‘This is a better opportunity, I will let her stay here till I get the truth.

Linda’s pov

‘That bitch thinks am not smart right? well to hell with her wherever she is.

‘May her useless soul rest in pieces ‘Killing her was fun for me. No one takes what’s mine!

‘Since sparkle can’t do the job, I sent the x-killer assassins to do the job for me and they did it smartly, more than I expected ‘

I took a red wine and drank little from it when I saw richard coming, his face was expressionless.

‘Now I got my man back ‘

“Richard, why is your face like this? ” I asked, as I walked towards him.

“Don’t tell me you are thinking of that bitch? ” I added.

“Baby, of course, she’s my life and I love her but you took her away from me ” He was looking straight into my eyes.

‘Did he just call me baby? is he trying to accept me back? ‘

“You aren’t sure if I was the one honey ” I smirked.

“fine, you aren’t the one but when I get you are responsible for it, you will rot in jail ”

“Okay, we will see that, am innocent ” he rolled his eyes and walked upstairs.

I need to be smart and be careful…

Christabel’s pov

I had woken up around 7 in the morning thinking of how to get linda.

Two plans popped into my head.

Plan A is to get her drunk and ask her questions in her drunken state or I use,

plan B act like a ghost in the house by recording my voice in a scary way and place it in her room.

I smirked… ‘Christabel, you are really crazy ‘




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