The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 15

The Boss ?The Maid ?

Chapter 15

Soon, we were through with our food, I packed the empty plates to the kitchen while Richard went to the sitting room to watch a movie.

I dropped the plates and turned back going to my room.

“Won’t you come join me ” richard’s voice stopped me halfway.

“Of course sir” I walked to the sitting room and sat on a couch which was a little far from him.

He stood up and came to sit beside me ” I think it better like this ” using his hand to wrap me and I rested on his shoulder.

“Can we go out… I mean.. on.. a date? ” he stammered.

“Huh? sir…. a date? ” I blinked my eyes.

‘I won’t decline this date, can’t believe my first date is with richard ‘

“Yes, don’t tell me you aren’t going, I won’t accept that ” he jumped up and pushed me towards the stairs.

“But I don’t have a good dress to wear ” I muttered.

‘That girl ruined my shopping with richard that day ‘

“I heard that, don’t worry we are going shopping before the date ” he patted me on my shoulder.

I walked upstairs and came back with a pink crop top and a blue skirt, I did a little makeup.

Richard had already dressed in a white shirt and a khaki trouser. he held my hand and we walked out.

Richard’s pov

At the boutique ?

I and christabel were shopping when I sighted a beautiful red off shouldered gown designed with blue sparkling stones.

I walked to the cloth and called christabel ” Christabel, come check this out it gonna look good on you ” I showed her the cloth and she gave it a ‘wow’ look.

“it beautiful! ” she exclaimed.

“That’s gonna be your dress for this date ” I can’t wait for her to wear that dress.

She took the cloth and went to the dressing room.

Few minutes, she came looking drop dead gorgeous and breathtaking in the dress.

“You look gorgeous christabel ” I said, recovering from the staring.

“Thanks sir, you aren’t looking bad too ” she replied, smiling.

“Oh stop it, so are you ready? ” I asked, and she nodded.

I took her hand as we walked towards the car, I opened the boot and dropped the other clothes we shopped inside.

‘it gonna be a surprise for christabel ‘

We drove to our destination and we both came down from the car.

“Wow! this place is wonderful! l she said joyfully, as we entered the restaurant, a man came to meet us halfway.

“Good afternoon sir, everything is set ” I nodded and he went his way.

“What’s set rich.. sir? ” looking round the whole place then turn back to me.

“it gonna be a surprise and I want you to stop calling me sir, call me by my name ” I said, and she glanced at me.

“Huh? you mean I should call you by your name?

“Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that ”

“Okay richard” she said with confidence and I like that.

We took the elevator and went to the VIP, I opened the door and christabel gasped.

The room was decorated with rose petals on floor and some decorated on the walls. we got to the table and it was full of assorted wines, juices and foods.

Christabel’s pov

Every thing here was just like a paradise, it really look wonderful!

I don’t even know how richard manage to set all this fast.

“How do you.. I mean when do you set all this ready so fast? ” I asked, looking round the room which was painted with red colour.

Let me just say everything here is red. Wait even my dress!

“I booked it when we were shopping ” he replied.

“Wow! they were pretty fast in getting everything done ” I smiled, and he gestured me to sit.

I sat down and looked at the delectable meal in front of me. I started with the fried rice mixed with a little quantity of jollof rice and a chicken.

I took my fork and began eating, richard did his too.

“Am sure you like the food? ” he asked, and I nodded.

We were through with our food and began taking desserts. “Have you ever fall in love before? ”

A sudden question struck me and I stiffed.

“Hmm… mnn..No… ..Yes” my voice is failing me.

“Why no and yes? which one should I accept ” he asked me.

‘ I don’t know what to say? maybe I should just say yes ‘

“Yes, but once ”

“Once? when? and who? ” This question are really making me scared as hell.

“With myself, yes am in love with myself ” I grinned, and drank the whole juice in my glass cup.

He chuckled. “Yourself? you are really crazy you know? I know you must have know about my love life.

I had fallen in love with linda since I set my eyes on her the very day she came to my office with her dad who was my dad’s business partner before he retired.

I thought she loved me too but she break my heart into tiny pieces, I gave her everything she needed but went back to sleep with her ex-boyfriend and say she doesn’t love me anymore ” he paused and looked straight into my eyes.

‘That’s bitch is a fool to have toy with his heart’

“Christabel, I promised never to fall in love but I don’t know why I broke that promise ”

‘He broke the promise? what’s he saying? ‘

“You fell in love again? ” I asked anxiously and he nodded.

‘He fell in love again, with who? why his he telling me all this ‘

“Yes, I fell in love with the woman in front of me ”

‘Wait! me? ‘

“Me?? how? when? I mean don’t tell me you are playing pranks? ” I was too nervous and hot right now.

“I fell in love with you since you step into my house even if I wasn’t sure back then ” he held my hands and pressed them gently.

‘it has happen, my observation is true, he had fallen in love with me same as me too ‘

“Do you love me christabel? ” A bomb blast.

‘Of course I do love you but how do I say it out? ‘ I summoned courage.

“Richard, I…. ” I couldn’t finish my words when I heard gunshots.

My heart skipped.

“What’s that? ” Richard asked, moving towards the glass window, he opened the curtain but didn’t see anything.

Richard’s pov

“I will be right back christabel, don’t move from here ” I warned.

I felt relieved after saying what’s in my mind, I can’t keep this feeling anymore maybe confessing it will be good and I did.

I was about hearing my response from christabel but stopped when we heard gunshots.

I got downstairs and saw 5 armed men with guns, everyone was lying down.

I was about going back when they stopped me.

“Hey, come here” And I did so.

“Where’s your damn girlfriend? ” the second man asked.

“I didn’t come with anyone ” I said and they chuckled.

“Really, Tommy go search for that bitch and bring her here, we don’t have time ” The first man who called me responded.

The man ran inside and in 9 minutes, he was leading about 10 more people out. I searched for christabel and I saw her shaking in sight of gun.

“Good, so they are still inside ” He took out his phone and stared at it then began looking around.

“Come here lady, don’t worry we will kill you nicely, stop panicking ” I turned and behold it was christabel.

“Please don’t kill her, who sent you? ” I asked.

‘Am sure this linda’s work, if so she’s gonna rot in jail ‘

We heard the police sirens, and everybody were mumbling.

“We need to go but not without our job done ” he stretched out his gun and pulled the trigger twice.

“Nooo!!!! ” I shouted, and ran as fast as I could.

But the deed has been done. The bullets hit christabel and she fell down on the floor.

I ran to her, and shook her, her eyes were a little shut.

“Richard, I need to tell you this ” she spoke silently, I placed my ear to her mouth so I could hear her well.

“What’s it christabel? please be strong the ambulance is on its way ” I panicked seriously.

” I love you Richard!! ” she said, and closed her eyes finally.

Tears dropped down from my eyes. ‘she loved me and here she is, in a critical condition ‘


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