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The Boss The Maid Episode 14

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Chapter 14 ❀

I can’t believe am kissing richard right now. We kissed so deeply and passionately as if our lives depends on it.

We broke the kiss to catch our breath. I looked into his eyes and I suddenly felt shy.

I ran to my room and sat on the bed.

Everything kept playing in my head. I giggled.

“Christabel, don’t tell me you made him fall in love ” I asked myself.

My phone rang and saw it was from my dad. I tilted my head.

‘What would make my dad call me? cause he doesn’t call often’

I took the call “Hello dad ”

“Hello Christa, how are you doing? ”

“Am good dad and you? ”

“Same, I just called to greet you, your mother told me you’re working in your boss’ company as a PA to him”

“Yes dad, that’s true, how’s mom? ”

“She’s good, I will be ending the call now, take care of yourself ”

“Okay dad” he hang up.

I dropped my phone on the bed and stood up, opened the door, I saw richard coming in the corridor, I quickly closed my door.

‘What’s wrong with you christabel? why do you feel so shy suddenly? ‘

Richard’s pov

I walked through the corridor with my hand stuck in my pant pocket.

I kept recalling the kiss I had with christabel, her lips were soft and sweet. I got to her door and smiled.

‘Did she ran cause she was shy or what ?’ I got to my room, lay on the bed, took my phone and went to the music list and played my favorite song ‘Cheap thrills’ then dropped it on the bed.

Linda’s pov

I sent the pictures to sparkle, I know him for his diligent works but I can never forget the day a lady beat him to stupor, though I wasn’t there but I saw him coming from the hospital with bandages all over his head, hands and he was using crutches.

I asked him what happened and he told me everything, I laughed and asked him to take care of himself.

I got a call from sparkle, “Have you seen the pictures? ” I asked.

“Yes, I knew her before ” he said.

“Huh? seriously? okay, I want you to kidnap her and deal with her mercilessly, but don’t kill her cause I will be the one to kill her myself” I felt satisfied with my words.

I heard him laugh ‘why is he laughing ?’

“Don’t tell me you want me to kidnap this girl and deal with her right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with that ?”

“Do you remember the day a lady got me beaten to stupor cause I wanted to rape her? she’s the one and you want me to kidnap her, you want my parents to mourn me right? Nope I will advise you to leave her or you send another person ” he answered.

“What OMG!” I can’t believe it christabel that deal with sparkle that day, this is impossible.

Gosh! this is unbelievable!

‘ I still won’t give up, I will made sure I have richard back and christabel, she’s dead already ‘

I began offloading my things and put them in place. I had to stay in a hotel.

I saw a tooth brush in my bag ‘God! this is the toothbrush I used in richard’s house. Whatever!’ I threw the brush at a corner and lay back on my bed.

Richard’s pov

I got up from my bed and took my bath and wore my clothe before going out of the room.

I met christabel at the dinning room, she saw me and dropped the glass cups in her two hands and walked faster to the kitchen

‘Why? ‘

“Are you avoiding me? “I asked, when I got to the kitchen.

The spoon she was holding fell, she bent down to pick it up.

“I wasn’t avoiding you sir ” she replied and I sense nervousness in her tone.

“is it because of the kiss we had yesterday? ” she stopped what she was doing in a minute and continued again.

“No sir” she answered.

“I know it that, do you remember the day you told me “it normal to hug and kiss people ” I mimicked in her voice.

She turned to me leaving what she was doing.

“Not that type of kiss richard ” she covered her mouth.

“Am sorry I called you by your name sir ” she apologized.

“It nothing, it normal to call people by their names ” I smirked.

“Seriously?, whatever” she turned back to her cooking.

“What if I kiss you again? ” ‘I didn’t mean that, just teasing her’

“Don’t you dare! ” she pointed a spoon at me.

“Come on, just kidding, continue what you were cooking “And she did.

I tiptoed to her, cause she was backing me. I gave her a quick peck on her left cheek and ran out of the kitchen.

“Richard!!!!!! am going to cut that lips of yours ” She yelled and I laughed.

Christabel’s pov

it not that I didn’t want to kiss him, of course I do.

With my observation, I think he has fallen in love and not with anyone but me.

‘Am not sure yet, but I just pray he ask me out, I won’t think twice in accepting ‘ I smiled.

I dished out my food in a plate and dished richard’s own too and pour a large amount of seasoning in it.

‘You are wondering why? that’s for stealing a peck without permission ‘

I took the food to him smiling and he stared at me suspiciously.

“Don’t tell me you’ve done something crazy? ” he asked.

” Nope, Just eat” I kept smiling.

He ate one spoon and widen his eyes, he got up quickly and went to go threw them out.

I fell to the floor and laughing really hard. He walked to me .

“What was that? ” He was using a napkin to clean his mouth.

“That was food, am sure you enjoyed the food and that’s for stealing a peck without permission”

“Then am doing it again ” he asked smirking.

‘That’s it ‘

“Humm…i will go bring another one ” I ran to the kitchen.

‘Thank God, there is still some in the pot’i dished it out for him and he ate.

‘God! I have to waste this food now! I won’t do that again ‘


Biko guys, don’t relent na…keep it up


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