The Boss The Maid

The Boss The Maid Episode 12

The Boss ?The Maid ?


Chapter 12 ?

Linda’s pov

“Sparkle, are you free cause I need you to do something for me before Thursday ”

“Hmm… okay lady Lin, what’s it? ” he said in his thick voice.

“I need you to get some information about a girl, I need everything before Thursday like I said” I replied.

“okay, but I need her picture so I could carry out my operation ”

“Hmm.. okay, I will send it to you later ” I answered and cut off the call.

‘The problem is how will I get that girl’s picture, I don’t even know her name yet but that’s not my business’

I stood up and went out of my room, I had took my phone with me.

I opened the door and little and couldn’t find the girl in her room, I heard water running from the other side of the room.

‘I think she’s taking her bath ‘

I smiled evilly, ‘What a perfect plan for me ‘

I sneaked in, and went searching for her phone and luckily, I found it on the lamp table.

I took the phone and pressed the power button and it was on.

Fortunately, she didn’t put any security lock on her phone, I searched through her gallery and saw many pictures of her. I quickly transfer two pictures from hers to mine and sneaked back into my room.

I walked to my wardrobe and wore my sexy nightgown that barely cover my thighs.

I got to richard’s door and knocked.

“Who is it? come in”

I walked in and closed the door behind, I saw him operating his laptop.

“what’s it chris… Linda? wha..t a.r.e you doi… ng ” he stuttered when he faced up to look at me.

“I came here to sleep with you, I can’t sleep alone ” I said, moving close to him.

“You can’t sleep alone? How is that my concern? ” he asked furiously.

“Honey, just let me sleep here till tomorrow am sure your girlfriend can’t say anything, just tell her I can’t sleep alone that why I came here ” I walked to him finally and bent down so he could see my cleavage.
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His gaze went there immediately, I smiled and touched his soft lips, I bought my lips to kiss him when I received a hot slap from nowhere.

I couldn’t get myself for a minute, I got up and saw an angry lioness in front of me.

His girlfriend!

“So you are trying to seduce my boyfriend in this house right? ” she asked, folding her arms.

“Of course! who are you to interfere? ” I was too angry.

Before I knew it again, she gave me another hot slap, I had to place my hand on the wall before I fall down.

‘Where did he get that tough hand of hers? ‘

“You should know that you are a fool, of course, yes I am, who are you to interfere ” she mimicked.

“Cupcake let’s go to my room, and one more thing I don’t want to see you near richard again and tomorrow I mustn’t see you here, if you do you will regret the day you were born ” she added and took richard along.

I kicked the bed hard, this girl just spoiled my plan.

I walked angrily to my room.

Christabel’s pov

I can’t believe that idiot try seducing richard, I had took my bath and wore my night gown when I decided to go downstairs to drink water.

I heard richard’s voice shouting but I didn’t know who he was shouting at.

Then I remembered that tiny mosquito, she must be in richard’s room.

I tiptoed to the door and heard linda saying she wants to sleep here.

I can’t rate the percentage of anger boiling in me. I opened the door slowly and saw the bitch trying to kiss my darling crush, I walked to her and I think she was too carried away seducing him.

I gave her a hot slap she will never forget till next week. I got to my room with richard and faced him.

“Thanks Christabel ” he said before I could speak.

‘Why is he thanking me ?’

“it nothing sir, but next time don’t be too carried away ”

“Yeah okay I won’t, Christabel you really surprised me, I mean slapping linda so hard like that ” he said and sat on the small couch behind the lamp table.

“yeah, it’s my duty as the acting girlfriend ” I smiled.

‘I just wish I could be his real girlfriend ‘

He laughed quietly “Really, what if you are my real girlfriend ?” He asked, and I blinked my eyes.

“Hmm… I would have beaten her till she land on the hospital bed with this my power ” I raised my hand up to show him my small muscle.

He laughed till he held his waist.

‘What’s funny? ‘

“Seriously, I can see you are really jealous even without been my girlfriend ” he stood up and walked towards me.

‘of course I should be jealous, seeing someone smooching my richard ‘

He bought his face closer to mine. ‘What’s he doing? I hope his not trying to kiss me? ‘

“You are beautiful christabel ” he said and smiled.

I was shocked beyond explanation, in fact I was too dumb to talk.

‘He really said am beautiful! Wait is he having feelings for me or what? ‘

“Thanks, you are handsome too ”

‘Christabel you shouldn’t have said that ‘

He arched his brow.

I stared at him and he was doing the same, his gaze was stuck on my lips and his face kept moving close to mine.

‘Is he really trying to kiss me? ‘

“Sir, you are… I mean your face is getting closer to mine ” I quickly said, before something I didn’t expect happen.

“Am sorry, I was only trying to figure out the dirt on your lips ” He said, and stand uprightly.

‘Dirt on my lips? ‘ I raised my right hand up to check if it was true but he was too fast.

He touched my lips with his hand and began rubbing it slowly and softly.

“That’s it, it cleaned ” he said and I touched my lips, I smiled within.

‘He just touched my lips! ‘

I giggled and said a “Thank you ” to him.

He walked back to the couch and lay there.

“Good night christabel and sweet dreams ”

I smirked and lay on the bed. ‘Too bad he didn’t sleep with me on the bed ‘

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