The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 27 Finale

[she belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty seven?
?Grand finale?

This story is dedicated to my elder sister, #Esther_Nwodu

❤ Amanda’s pov❤
I woke up with my head hurting a bit.
I have a headache today.
Today that is my wedding?

I smiled staring at the extra long and intoxicating wedding gown hung at the end of the room.
This is happening…
Not a dream at all!

I slowly climbed down from the bed and went to the bathroom. I pressed a button and my maids rushed in.

They helped me fix my bath, washed my hair and bath.
They also helped me fit into my gown.
They hair stylists were already ready and they got to work.
The make up artists followed.
They were done and I just stared at my face like dummy.
Is this really me?
The Amanda with no surname at the orphanage?

Oh God..
How can my life turn out this way? I never for once imagined it.
I didn’t want to cry cause of my make up.
I wore my heels and stood up.
I walked around the room for a while to see if I adjust well in the gown.

I can walk well with heels now,
I wear them everytime after succeeding mom’s wealth.
I got back to the table and they brought out boxes, gold boxes of jewelries.
All of them.

I wore a diamond necklace before my gold earrings…
The door burst open and Jade and Phoebe rushed in.
Oh God!

“We’re sorry girlfriend! We overslept” they cried.
I laughed.
“It’s okay girls, get ready already” I said and they brought out there dresses.
They’re both my bride’s maid?
They were dragging the spot.

We got ready together.
They looked good…
Jade’s phone rang.
She picked it up and after a while she hung up.

“It’s f••king time!!!” She yelled and we all panicked.
“Omg!” I yelled so nervous.

We all started running around like we were going nuts.
(Bride wars oo ? ?)


I climbed out of the limousine and the paparazzi went crazy trying to take tons of my photos. Jade and Phoebe giggled.

I spotted Ashley far away watching with her big eye glasses.
She developed an eye defect before she graduated and she’s now more like a nerd.

The two little girls from the orphanage who were my best girls were my flower girls and two other boys were my flower boys.
The big church door was opened and soft music filled my ears as all eyes turned to me.
If only my parents were here with me, they’d walk me to the alter…
Miss Stella came and took my hand.
I heaved a sigh of relief… Thank God.

We moved slowly to the alter and she joined Bryan’s hand and mine together.
My eyes welled up.
Royce and kimora were sitted among the crowd with there baby girl, Kulture.


“I do” I said.

“You may now kiss the bride” the priest said and Bryan removed my veil.
He drew near. With his two hands on my waist, he kissed me softly and I reciprocated.
Everyone cheered clapping and whistling.
Oh God..
Am married!


I tried to reach for my zipper when Bryan soft hands touched mine.
“Let me’ he said and pulled it down for me.

I smiled and went to the closet to change into something less heavier.
We are at our penthouse.
We’ll be spending our honeymoon here.

Oh God..
Jade and Phoebe alrwady explained to me what s3x means and Bryan and I will be doing it tonight.
Oh my geez,
I’ve never been so scared and nervous.
But Jade it’s going to be harmless and sweet.
But she was smirking when she said that.
Is she lying?
Oh, sh*t!
I could have just browsed it.

I was done wearing my nightie and I stepped out to meet Bryan on the bed operating his phone. I sat on the bed beside him and took my iPad. I went straight to Google.
I typed:
Does first s3x hurt for females?

I tried to clear it but I felt Bryan kiss my neck.
I shuddered.

He took the iPad from me and thrust it to the couch.
He made me climb on the bed with him.
Eunice Nwodu’s story:
Love u guys**

? ? ?
He starts to svck on my neck probably given me a hickey.

“Bryan, let’s discuss this before we do…” I paused when I felt his hand on my hip. He was pulling down my nightie short.
I couldn’t stop him…

He pulled it off completely.
He removed my top and starts to svck on my right n**ple. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the crazy feeling.

He pulled off my pantie and I gasped.
He looked into my face with a smile.

He kissed me and I felt his fingers on my v. He rubbed it slowly.
He slid in one finger.


He chuckled and kissed me again, while kissing me, he made it two fingers pushing it in and out.

It hurts so much!
I tried to scream but his mouth overshadowed my attempts. I rather screamed into his mouth.
I was so tight and it hurts.
He twisted his fingers in me and I hit him.

Oh God!!!
He pulled it out and removed his lips.

I was sobbing.

He kissed my tears.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you love” he said calmly.

He starts to svck on my left n**ple with his hands behind my head for support.
My breath was more like a pant.

I moaned as he sucked harder.
I suddenly felt his d*ck at the entrance of my v. It was poking me. He guides and rubs it around my v. I know he would come in any time soon.

He plunged in pulling his lips away from my breasts.
oh my God!!

Jade was wrong..
This hurts like hell.

He filled me up and starts to thrust slow.



“It hurts!


It was like my moans motivated him and he starts going faster. We were together like sandwich. My bouncy b**bs were squashed by his chest. My legs were up and apart giving him access to go deeper and faster.

he added few more strokes and I felt pleasure mixed with pain. He pulled out of me and laid beside me.
I sniffed.
He covered us with the duvet as I shut my legs.
He kissed me.
Eunice Nwodu

“I love you Amanda” he said holding me to himself.

“You don’t!” I muttered feeling so much pain inbetween my legs.

“I do. And am sorry i wasn’t slow till the end” he said.
I shifted from him and he came closer.
I sighed and shut my eyes, he kissed me on my forehead. My tears still trickled down as I slept off.

Royce’s pov:
I was done banging Kimora and I released into her.
She closed her eyes sleeping off.
I held her close.
My phone rang and I took it.
The police??

“Is this mr Royce Dickson?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said sitting up.

“Your mom, Carol Dickson is gone. She committed suicide. She hung herself. Come tomorrow and pick up her body” he said and hung up.

I heard a loud bang in my head…
I was just shocked.
She killed herself.
I sighed and cuddled Kim



Ten years Later**

Amanda’s pov⭐

“Zac!!!” I yelled walking into the pool side.

Zac, my 5 years old son was playing hide and seek with Kulture, Royce’s daughter.

Minnie was on the chair taking selfies.
I sighed and held onto my waist. Am seven months pregnant with Bryans third child.

I looked at a corner and saw my daughter, Sloane dancing. She loves dancing alot. She’s only ten.

“Minnie, can you please find this kids for me?” I asked and she nodded left.

We were on our family cruise ship on a vacation.
I sat on a sofa with Bryan operating his phone.

Minnie’s son, Henry was swimming with his dad, Troy.
Royce and Kimora were together taking care of there twin Boys, Seth and Beck.
I smiled staring at my big tummy. I felt my baby kick. I screamed and everyone stared at me.

I chuckled.
“It kicked” I said and they all smiled.

“Awwn” Bryan said and kissed me.
“We’ll name this one Kicky” he said and I laughed.

????? THE END ????

I need a tissue oo…

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