The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 26

[She belongs to one💘]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty six
🎷Semi finale🎷

Carol’s pov😭
I laid on the bare floor in the prison cell I was.
How can everything turn out this way?
Oh God!

I’ve been passed sentence,
Life imprisonment.

I sobbed.

How can my kids do this to me? After I gave them everything a mother could possibly offer.

They threw that away and joined forces in sending me to jail.

I did it all for them.
I became greedy because of them…

I remember carrying Amanda who was just nine months old. I handed her to my employee to dispose. Later I found out the lady didn’t kill her but gave her out.

I killed the lady and after months of searching for baby Amanda,…I gave up.

It was recently I saw Amanda in an orphanage bus, I guess they were going on a field trip.
I noticed she looked so much like Natalie.
I had to find out if she was truly Natalie’s blood.

It took long before I could get her adopted and that’s why she wasn’t told to leave after she clocked 18.

I sniffed and continued crying.

I remember the way Bryan looked at me with so much scorn…
And Minnie, she didn’t even want to look at me.

Royce, my favorite child hurt me the most..

I know Amanda will share her wealth with them.
Make them more than wealthy.

If only I wasn’t so selfish and greedy.
I regret my actions but it’s too late.
Seeing Natalie live an expensive life of luxury made me power thirst and I thought of how to live the life she was living.

i looked at the bars.
I’ll be in here till I die.
I cried till there was no strength left In me

Am dead..

Mr Dickson🎷
I glanced at Gina who’s now my responsibility. Am cashless after she used all my money in feeding her hungry self.
I wish I stood by Carol when things were s good. I betrayed her love and efforts…

Am so going to die of depression.

🎷Royce’s pov🎷
“C’mon Kim, tell me the news already” I grouse as she led me to God knows where.

She giggled and removed my blindfold.

I looked around.
We were I’m a fancy room with toys everywhere and a cradle.
What’s this?

“Babe, am three weeks pregnant” she said pouting.
I looked at her unbelievably happy.

“Oh my God!!” I yelled and hugged her while she laughed.

I carried her up in a bridal style as we kissed. I dropped her gently and then reached for my back pocket and brought out a small gold box…

“Uhh, Kim…I don’t really know where to start from but I think it’s high time we become fully committed to each other.
Will you marry me?” I proposed and she screamed.

“Oh my God, Royce!!! Am just 21 years old” she laughed hugging me.

I chuckled.

“21 plus 22 makes 43” I said she giggled.

I opened the box and brought out the ring.
She stared at it batting her eye lashes.

I slowly put it in her finger and she smiled.

“It’s soo pretty” she beamed.

I kissed her with my hands on her waist.
She moaned into my lips.
I have never been more happy.
Amanda let me have the wealth and just took few.
At least she’s happy with Bryan…

Amanda’s pov🎷
I cut the tomatoes while Bryan chopped the onion.

We wanted to cook together.

“Um…love, what did you with the remaining 10 million dollars?” Bryan asked.

“I gave it to the orphanage that I grew up from. Trust me, they need the money” I said and Bryan chuckled.

He stood behind me and circled his hands around my waist.

“Bryan, do you think we should go back to school?” I asked feeling uneasy.

“What?? When you have like 20 multi national companies working under your name and five healthy bank organizations?” He stated…


“Unless we’ll be receiving lectures from the comfort of our bedroom” he grinned and kissed my neck.

I smiled.

“Good idea…”.

He turned me to face him and dropped me on the counter. He unbuttoned my shirt.
Bryan is so naughty.

I tried to remove his hands but he pinned them by the side on the table.
I just have to stay still for him.

He starts to suck on the right and I held onto his head.

“Bryan Dickson! Our food is gonna burn…” I shrieked.

He chuckled and pulled out.
He turned off the gas cooker and continued from where he stopped.


🙈🙈 Bad children…

Lol, grande finale tomorrow…

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