The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 24-25

[she belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty four and Five?

?Royce’s pov?
I yanked the man’s head painfully and he yelled in pain.

“Who hired you?!!!” I yelled into his face.

The police men stood behind him to make sure I don’t kill him.

“Fu*k off!” He yelled.

“That’s not the answer I want. Seems like you don’t value your legs” I stated and grabbed a bat…
I was about to use it on his knee when he stopped me.

“Please! I’ll confess…” He cried.
I glanced at him.

“It was a fair woman named mrs Carol Dickson. That’s the only thing I know, I don’t know where she lives or work–” he kept blabbing but my mind was off at the mention of ‘mrs Carol Dickson’.

My head was banging with shock and I couldn’t just believe it.

“Recorded” One of the policemen said and dragged the guy out.

Bryan was outside.
I heard a loud commotion. I rushed out to see Bryan beating up the goon.
I rushed to him to calm him down while the policemen rushed out with the weak man.

“that prick tried to kill Amanda! How dare he?? He deserves death Royce” he said frustrated and I tried to calm him down.

“The policemen will follow us home to go and…arrest mom since she’s the main suspect” I said with my throat hurting.

Mom’s the fu*king person behind this?

I felt so angry and insecure about arresting the woman that gave birth to me. Bryan has no problem. He doesn’t like mom so it doesn’t affect him one bit…
But what about me??

?Carol’s pov?
I stormed into the living room holding up My so called MF husband’s phone.

“Mark Dickson!!! Can you explain to me what you’re doing in a hotel room with a woman?? ” I asked boiling in anger.

“What are you talking about?” He asked and I landed a hot slap on his cheek.

“How can you cheat on me?!!! After everything I’ve done for you to see that you don’t have to suffer as a mechanic? How can you do this to me?” I held my heart breaking into pieces.

Can you imagine??
I did everything for him!
Made him wealthy,
Gave him kids of both gender,
Showered him with lots of love…

How can he fvcking do this to me??

“Am sorry Carol” he muttered and I hit him on his chest fiercely.

“You animal! My pu**y was never enough for you, huh?” I cried.

He held my hands and I kicked him at the forbidden zone while he shrieked and held his di*k.

The door opened and the maid walked in with a strange curvy lady. She looked like a slut..
Who is she?
Royce won’t cheat on Kimora and make it so obvious and Bryan… He can’t be so exposed.

I turned to Mark who looked like he knew the lady.

The lady catwalked to us.
“Mark baby, I got good news….Am pregnant” she said smirking.
I batted my lashes like I was going deaf.

“What…what did you just say?” I asked the lady.
She scoffed.
“Who are you to ask me that? Mark, is she one of your maids or whatever” she said pushing her hair backwards.

My anger was multiplied.
The man I worked my bone for has been cheating on me and to make it worse, got a b**ch pregnant!

“She’s lying…”
I didn’t let mark finish and I slapped the stars out of him.

“This marriage is over! Take your baby mama and get out!!!” I yelled angrily.

“Carol. Don’t let your anger get the best of you. C’mon, let’s talk things out” he cooed trying to touch me.

I pushed his hands away and grabbed my car keys by the desk.

“By the time I return, I don’t want to see you and your dirty belongings in this house. I’ll text you when the divorce papers are ready” I said with my tears building up.

I stormed out of the mansion.

I smirked as I headed for my car.
How can Mark do this to me?
Am going to have him killed in a painful way.

I’ll go to the guy that works for me and give him orders on how to eliminate him.

I was about to open the car door when the gate opened and four cars drove in at once.
I looked closely,
Is that not the police?
What the hell are they doing here????

?Amanda’s pov?
I was alone in Royce’s suit when Miss Stella came over.
I was so glad she did…
Last time, I didn’t get enough chance to ask her alot of things.

“Please ma’am, I’d appreciate it if you showed me what my parents looked like” I said and she smiled.

“Of course…”
She brought a jotter and flipped the pages and then passed it to me.

I stared at it in awe,
gosh! Am just like my mom.
She’s so beautiful and so is my dad.

My eyes welled up and I start to cry.
Why did they have to die? I wish I knew them…

I cried uncontrollably and ms. Stella consoled me.

“Amanda…what will you do with your parent’s wealth?” she asked and I stared at her confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked…

“I’ve called the president and he has settled everything and the whole wealth has been willed to your name plus the 50 billion dollars he gave you to Start over. It’s your wealth dear, you can’t possibly leave all for Royce” she enthused and chuckled.

OmG. Now I know what she’s talking about.

I can’t possibly take Royce’s inheritance like that..
He stopped school because of it and I don’t think I need so much money.

“And also, your mom have a top building at France and he built it just for you. Out of excitement you were born so I want you to know she wants you to live dear, it’s her dream” she said.

“What? You want me to… But I can’t leave Bryan” I stuttered.

“With all going on, the court has asked us to lay low for a while because Carol is a dangerous woman and have workers who may be up to no good. You need to come with me dear, for your own safety”

“How long will I be there?” I asked, my voice frail.

“Two months” she replied and my heart skipped.

“Can Bryan come with us?” I asked and she chuckled.

“Don’t worry about that” she said and I nodded.


?Why do birds suddenly appear
Everytime you’re near
Just like me, They long to be
Close to you ?

?why do stars fall down from the sky
Everytime you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you??

?On the day that you were born
The angels got together
and decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon-dust
on your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue??

?Thats why all the girls in town
Follow you all around
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you??

?one of my favourite song?
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