The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 23

[she belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty three?
Rated ?

✨Royce’s pov✨
I pressed the door bell and Kimora opened up in no time.
“Royce…” She breathed out obviously shocked to see me in her house without her pestering me to come over.
I went in and shut the door behind me and I went for her. Claiming her lips as my hands rested on her waist pulling her close.

She broke the kiss to catch her breath.
“I’ve been calling you but you haven’t been answering my calls. I texted you a dozen times and you haven’t even seen them… I also–”

I shut her up with a kiss and she wrapped her hands around my neck. She moaned into my lips.
I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. We kissed and bit on each other’s lips hungrily.

I carried her to her room and dropped her on the bed. I took off my jacket, next was my shirt.
I took off her singlet and unhooked her bra. Luckily, she was in her night shorts so I just pulled it off without stress.

I sucked on her left n**ple as she moaned like a baby. She sent her hands to my hair playing with it.
I slid two fingers into her v. She shrieked.
I fingered her while she moaned in ecstasy.

Oh damn!
I so much want her.

I pulled out of her and raised her legs to her face before inserting my d*** into her wet honeypot. I started riding her with every bit of passion in me. She moaned in. Pleasure.

As I went on with her,
My emotions poured in.

Everything that has been happening lately…

Me killing amanda’s mom…

Finding out mom is so evil and heartless…

The stress and everything.
I poured it all out and I didn’t realize I was having an orgasm.

I pulled out of her and dropped beside her while she closed her legs weakly.

Kimora tried to touch her bra but I stopped her and cuddled her.

“Am sorry I didn’t pick your calls or call back…” I said and kissed her.

She sighed.

“It’s okay” she muttered.

Aww, she’s still sad…

“I mean it Kim. I’m deeply sorry. I haven’t been the best boyfriend and you know it. You just put up with my unfair attitude cause you don’t want to loose me. I realized something tonight… And that’s the fact that I love you Kim” I said.

She stared at me shocked.

I’ve never said those words to her but I f***ing mean it!

I only saw her as my f*** hole.
Anytime, anywhere.

“I had a rough bad day and not even my mom could make me feel better, just you babe. I cherish you more than you can imagine. Just know Royce loves you” I said and she batted her lashes.

“I love you too Babe” she said and I claimed her lips kissing her so passionately so she gets to enjoy it this time.

“Oh Royce, I love you!!” She exclaimed and hugged me tightly and I feel her warm body against mine.

I kissed her hair.
geez, I thought I lost her.
Seeing how Bryan treated Amanda made me remember I had someone I should treat like that too.
Written by Eunice Nwodu*

She slept off in my arms and I enjoyed watching her sleep.
I kissed her again before sleeping off.

She loves me when drunk… ?
She loves me when am jobless…?
She loves me like that…?


?Kimora’s pov?
I stood before the gas cooker frying an egg. I was making breakfast.
I still don’t believe what happened last night.

All those words he said to me.

He actually loves me now.
I’ve faced mockery from friends about dating a wealthy guy like Royce. They said he’s a play boy and will hurt me. I just loved him too much to leave him.

And I guess my crazy tolerance payed off.

I felt Royce wrap his hands around me. He kissed my neck.

“Good morning” he said sweetly.
“Morning babe” I said turning off the cooker.

He turned me to face him and carried me up. He dropped me on the kitchen table

“I wanted to make breakfast and bring it to you. Why did you beat me to it?” He asked softly looking at me with those s**y eyes of his.
I would drool…

I smirked.

“You sleep too much” I stated and he kissed me.

“Can I have something else before breakfast?” He asked looking at my chest.


He drew near and freed my left breast from my top. He starts to svck on it and I hold onto him.

It felt soo good.

“Oh Royce…” I bemoaned.

His phone rang interrupting us.
He pulled away from my breast and brought out his phone.
He still had his left hand around my waist.

He placed the phone on his ear.

?You got the guy?

?wow… So fast.

?Be there in an hour.

He said and hung up.

“Babe, serve breakfast. I have something to do” he said and I got down from the counter to quickly dish out his omelette.

They’ve found the guy that shot Amanda?

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