The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 22

[She belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty two?

?Amanda’s pov?
I was back to the hotel with Royce. I laid on my bed going through my new phone while Royce was in his room probably sleeping.

I went to the image section. Photos of Bryan popped up.
Didn’t see that coming.

There were lots of his photos and I hugged my phone. I kissed Bryan’s hot photo. I miss him so much…
When will I see him again? I just hope he comes tomorrow.

My phone rang.
I quickly picked it up.

“Hey babe. Are you guys back?” He asked.
I smiled.
“Yes. A while ago. Are you ready for bed?” I asked.

“Yeah. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. What should I get for you?”.

“Nothing…Am okay. How’s Minnie?” I asked.

“She misses you but she’ll be okay. Is Royce sleeping? Are you guys sharing a bed?” He asked.

“Nooo… He’s in his room in the suit” I replied with a chuckle.
“That’s good. I want to see you. Should we video chat?” He asked.
“No, am sleepy. You’ll still see me tomorrow” I stated.

“Oh, yeah” he grouse.
He still didn’t hung up.
We chatted for a while before we hung up cause I was tired and sleepy.

?Stella’s pov?
I paced back and forth in my room.
That slimy snake!.
Fooledy best friend and inherited her wealth. There was nothing I could do about it cause she had evidence of Natalie willing her properties to her. The court denied my intervention.

But Natalie…
My dear Natalie,
I found your daughter and I want to keep her safe…
I want to give her the life that she deserves. The life she could have lived with you.

I can’t believe she’s alive after all this years.
Once I have enough brain storming evidence, I’ll have Carol arrested and imprisoned. But… I can’t do this with Amanda’s life in danger. I need to keep her safe.

?Royce’s pov?
I couldn’t help but feel bitter.
How can nemesis catch up on me this way?
I remember it all like it was just yesterday.

(TBH by Eunice Nwodu….)

I walked behind mom as she walked into ma’am Natalie’s room. I was just four years old then. Mom was wearing an apron and carrying a tray.

“Ma’am. Miss Natalie, time for your medication” mom said smiling.

Miss Natalie was lying lifeless on the bed. Mom has been adding something to her meal making her weak and sick.

“…Amanda…where…is….sh…she??” Natalie struggled to say.

“Don’t worry about her ma’am” my mom said and brought out some papers.
“Sign these ma’am. It states here that All properties will go to Amanda in case anything happens to you.. The lawyer just left” my mom said.

I watched Natalie take the pen weakly and was about to sign.
“Let…me…read it.
Give it to your…son to read” she said weakly.

Mom glanced at me sweating and scared and Natalie handed me the papers with her hand shaking.
I looked at the papers.
I was so smart then.
I knew this means mom haves aunt Natalie’s cars and house.

“ says..Amanda will hereby inher–” i didn’t know how to say the word. But I know I just said Amanda instead of Carol.
But anything to make mom happy.

“Inherit son” mom corrected me nervously and laughed.
Natalie laughed weakly too.

She took the papers and signed them.
Mom then gave her her drugs. The drugs which made her go into a deep sleep as mom said.
I watched mom take Natalie’s finger prints.

“You did a good job Royce baby. You see all those cars outside, you can have anyone you like. Anything you like my boy!!!” Mom said happily while I just stared at Natalie who was lifeless.
She buys me toy and clothes every weekend and I just helped kill her.

My tears came down and I turned my back crying like a new born baby. I refused to talk to anyone for weeks after that happened.


it feels so sad to know Amanda, who is very special to me is Natalie’s child. I feel responsible for her death. I helped kill her.
How would I face her and tell her the truth??

I was damn moody.
I called my girlfriend and she said she was at her house. I left the suit and drove straight to her place. For the first time in my life, I value her presence as my girlfriend. She’ll help me get sobber…..

Now we finally know what’s wrong with Royce?

Carol is the general of witches… So evil?


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