The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 21

[she belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Twenty one?

I stared at the strange woman that just called my name. Do I know her from somewhere? I racked my brain…No clue.

Bryan slowly left me as the lady came close. Two men in black suit showed up and collected the lady’s luggage.

“I’ll be down soon” she said to them and they left then she turned to me.

“Amanda…your name is Amanda right?” She asked balantly.
I nodded finding it all strange.

The lady is very pretty and dressed so rich and wealthy. She wore gold accessories…
She’s no ordinary person.

“Your birthmark…can I see it?” She asked pointing at my waistline.
Bryan made me stand behind him.

“You want to see what?” He asked glaring at the lady.
geez, he can’t even respect her despite the fact the lady is dressed expensive and sumptuous.

She chuckled.
“Relax dear, I just want to see something on her waist. Am not stealing your girlfriend” she said.

“C’mon Bryan, allow her” Royce said. He had been leaning by the door watching us.

Bryan gave way and the lady came close to me. I gulped. How did she know I have a strange mark down there?
She gently pulled my skirt down a little and touched the mark.

“Natalie…You did a nice work” the lady muttered.

Who’s Natalie??

“Amanda, am Stella Graham, your mother’s best friend before she passed away” she said giving me a handshake.

“My mom’s best friend?” I muttered.
She smiled with a nod.


“We thought you were dead” Ma’am Stella said.
We were now in Royce’s suit. I sat on the bed with Bryan lying beside me, his hands wrapped around my waist and he won’t let go. Royce was leaning on the floor while Miss Stella was sitting on a couch.

“Your mother, Natalie and I were best of friends and then your father was the brother of the president. One certain time, we wanted to go for an occasion and your mom decided to help a poor tailor, Carol by giving her our order. She worked our dress for us and Natalie loved it. She wanted to help Carol from poverty so she made her to come work at her mansion.

“After Natalie had Amanda, she fell ill and died. Your father was assassinated. And Carol later revealed your mom made her next of kin. You were nowhere to be found…we thought you were also killed so Carol took over Natalie’s wealth since there was no one else to succeed her wealth from her family. Carol had evidence of where Natalie made her next of kin”
Miss Stella said…

This was too much to take in.
I chuckled.
Carol that has been treating me like dirt actually got rich with my mom’s wealth??

Oh God!.
What sort of misfortune is this?

Royce looked lost like he was absent minded. While Bryan acted like he cared less.

“Could it be possible, miss Carol sent that man to kill me?” I asked and all eyes turned to me.

“Am just guessing” I added and Bryan smiled.
“It’s possible babe” he said.

“You are not wrong dear. It’s true she might want you dead” Stella backed me up.

“Okay, let’s settle this. Bryan, you go home and act super drunk like you’ve been. Miss Stella, thanks for the info, we’ll stay in touch. Amanda, we’re going to the police station now to sketch the man that shot you. Any question?” Royce stated.

Nobody replied.

His mood has changed… Why??

Bryan kissed me before leaving…
I’ll miss him.
Miss Stella left.
Royce and I got ready and left for the police station.

“Let me go!!!
“I’ll never leave her!!

I yelled and jerked up.
I can’t even sleep in peace??
I saw Natalie hurting me… Cause I’ve hurt her daughter of course.

Oh God!
I was sweating all over.
Natalie, leave me alone…

I got off the bed and left the room.
I saw Bryan entering his room.
Where was he? – drinking of course.
What has Amanda done to my son?

“Bryan…” I called.

He shot me a stare and entered his room.
My poor baby suffering because of that bitch!

I went to his room anyway.
“Have you memorized the script?” I asked him looking around at his messy room.

“I already told you, am not doing anything without Amanda..” He retorted.

“Please Bryan! You’re pushing me to the edge and am loosing my patience!!” I half yelled.

“I don’t care” he hissed and went to the bathroom.

What do I do with this boy??

??Mr Dickson??
On my home from work I drove down the busy street and just then…
I felt something.
I revised taking a route to my girlfriend’s house.

Immediately I came in, I attacked her and starts to pull off her clothes.she giggled.
I smiled. She’s ten times better than Carol.

Carol is having bad dreams ?

Royce… What’s with the attitude? ???

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