The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 18-20

[she belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya.

Episode Eighteen?

“Actually…I didn’t see where the bullet was coming from not to speak of who shot us. If it’s a woman or a man, I have no idea” Minnie replied and I was relieved.

Bryan didn’t say anything else but went upstairs.
Am safe.

?Amanda’s pov?
I opened my eyes slowly.
I feel so weak and some part of my abdomen hurts.
I looked at my right and found Royce staring at me.
I flinched.

“Hey” he said in a hoarse voice.
I couldn’t say anything but just sit up leaning on the pillows.

“Hi” I mumbled.
“You’ve been unconscious for two days. You survived the bullets” he said.

I can’t believe am actually alive.

“Where are we?” I asked.
“At a hotel. I wanted you to be conscious before we go home, that’s if you want to” he said and I shook my head.

“I don’t want to…” I mumbled.
“Oh, what of Bryan? Does he know am here and alive?”

“No. Nobody knows” he replied and my face dropped.
I really want to see him.
“So, do you have any enemy? Do you have any idea who would hurt you like this, anyone who would want you dead?”
Royce asked.

I bit my thumb nervously.
“No one at all. Ashley and Brittany are just students. They can’t be this cruel” I said.

“Hmph. Can you remember the man’s face?” Royce asked.

I remembered everything.
The man’s evil face and the rough details.
I nodded and he smiled.
“That’ll be great” he said and I nodded.

Bryan’s pov??
I stood by the window drinking scotch.
My eyes were heavy but sadness filled my soul.

I couldn’t go to school and neither could I read mom’s stupid script. I’ve been in my room for the past four days drinking my self to stupor.

The door opened and Ashley came in.
The b-tch that hurt Amanda.
How dare she show her face here?

“Bryan, you’ve been out of school for a while now and I just had to drop by. I heard The new girl Is dead, so unfortunate” she said behind me.

I dropped the bottle and walked close to her with my hands in my pocket.

“Are you trying to be sensitive now,? Seriously Ashley, are you human or are you a heartless zombie in a thin ugly human clothing?” I asked and her jaw dropped.

“B…Bryan???” She stuttered.

“You had the guts to lay your hand on Amanda and tear her clothes, together with your b-tchy friend? You still had the guts to step into my room. Tell me, how do I punish you?”

“Am sorry Bryan” she said with her eyes glued to the floor.

“So easy to say right? What of the innocent girl you undressed. Do you have any idea how hard it was for her to get home? Well now they say she’s dead but I don’t believe it. And if I find out you have something to do with that sh*t, I’ll f–king kill you with my bare hands!”

She shuddered looking more scared than ever.

“Bryan please…” She cried with a crumpled look while I left the room.

?Royce’s pov: ?
I watched Amanda sleep while the drip was going into her body.
She wants a Bryan.
I can see it in her face.

I have to tell Bryan so he can stop sulking and come meet his heart throb.
So they can both be happy in each other’s arms.
Though we aren’t in good terms but at least I have to pity Amanda.

I took my car keys and left the room. I pulled down my hoodie and locked The door before leaving.

?Bryan’s pov?
I was on my bed staring into nothing.
Am nobody without her…?

The door opened and I sat up ready to unleash my anger to whoever just barged in.
It was Royce.
What does this rascal want?

“Get out” I blurted.
“Hear me out first” he cooed.
“F-ck you!!!”

He sighed.
“Stop letting your anger get the best of you” he said coming close to me.

Are you kidding me?
I stood up ready to tear him apart.

“Calm down, I just want to tell you something about Amanda” he whispered and I paused.

“She’s at my place” he added.

Whaat? ?

Bryan and Amanda is gonna be reunited again.
What could split ? them up again??





[she belongs to one?]

©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya.

Episode Nineteen and Twenty?

I was still watching TV.
It’s been so long…
There were so many channels too.

This is what freedom feels like.
Back at the orphanage, we’ll have to wait till movie night before seeing a movie.

There was so much food in the fridge and I’ve eaten enough.
I woke up to find the door locked and no Royce.

The door opened.
He’s back!

I looked keenly at the door and next thing shocked me, a guy with a mask walked in. Then he removed the mask…

“Bryan!” I ran to him and hugged him despite the fact my tmy was still hurting.

He was holding a big bag but he dropped it and carried me up.
I missed him so much.

He dropped me and we shared a kiss.

“I missed you” he said.
I sniffed.
He took me to the bed and made me sit. He lifted my shirt and stared at the place that had been bandaged.

He couldn’t take his eyes off it.
“Am fine Bryan. It’s healing” I said with a smile.
He just bit his lower lip.
“Am sorry I wasn’t there to protect you–”

“No no. Please don’t apologize. Nobody’s fault” I said.
He stood up and went to the door. He closed it and carried the big bag back to us.
He dropped it on the bed and opened it.
He brought out a small box and dropped it beside me.

He brought out other stuffs too.
A perfume, ear piece, yoghurt, wrist watch, hair band and a phone!!!

It had a black case. So big and neat.

“Yours” he said pointing at everything he brought out.
I was so happy.
He said and took the box and opened it, A cake.
“We’ll share this one” he said and I chuckled.


Bryan and I sat on the bed eating the cake with forks.

“You saw him. That’s good. Just give me two days, I’ll find him” he said after I told him I remembered the man that shot me.

I nodded.

“Am full, you can have the rest” I said dropping my fork on the tray the cake was.

He carried the cake to the table before coming back to me on the bed. We both laid on the bed and he held me to himself.

He kissed me tenderly.
“I love you Amanda…and seeing you hurt breaks my heart” he said holding me tight.
I was lying on him and I could hear his heartbeat – fast!

“I love you too Bryan.
“Were you the person that wrote that note?” I asked.

He nodded.
“I can’t stop dreaming about you..” He said and I felt he was nervous.

“When I find the person who tried to hurt you, I’ll kill him. I’ll make sure his death is sure as hell painful” he threatened.

I sniffed.

“I want to go back to the orphanage, am safe there. Why would someone want to kill me??” I said as my tears poured.

Bryan lifted my face and he kissed me, then my tears.

“I won’t let anyone else hurt you Amanda, I swear” he said.

I nodded.

“I want to take you to my estate. We’ll both live their. I won’t loose you out of my sight” he said.

“No, am safe here with Royce” I retorted.

“But Amanda…” He pouted.

“But Bryan…” I pouted.

He laughed and I joined him.

“Bryan Dickson, I never knew you laugh” I Chuckled.

He chuckled.
“I never found a reason to. And also, I like the way you call me my name. Please say it again” he pouted.

I chuckled.
“Bryan Dickson” I said.
He chuckled and we kissed.

“I want you to feel something” he said.

I arched my brows.

He came on top of me and the lowered to my legs. He pulled them apart…
What’s he doing??

He removed my undie.

“Bryan!” I yelled scared.
He brought his face close to my v..
I couldn’t breathe well.
What’s he doing??

I felt his tongue on my v.
He starts to rub and suck on it.
I shreiked.
Oh my God!!

I held onto the bedsheets.
He rubbed on it so…mysteriously and I liked it but I was uncomfortable.

Oh please, let him stop!
But I don’t want him to. Full of pleasure…

I was panting softly as he dug his tongue deeper and svcked.
I moaned though I was trying to suppress it.
It felt too good.

I felt a powerful surge and pleasure flowed through me and something weird poured from my v.
Oh goodness.

“Bryan…” I mouthed feeling so strange.
He came up with a smile and kissed me.

He wore me my undie.
I was sweating.
“What’s that? Why…?” I asked with a scrambled brain.

I couldn’t think straight.
He chuckled and I hit him on his chest.

“Stop teasing and mocking me…what’s that?” I asked.

“Doctor’s prescription” he said and I felt like crying.
What’s that?

My heart was beating fast.
He tried to kiss me but I removed my face. he chuckled.

?Ashley’s pov?
“Bryan could yell at anyone, but not me. Am his future wife. He can’t be mad at me because of that maid!!!!” I said angrily pacing back and forth In my room.
Written by Eunice Nwodu -don’t copy-
My friends were just staring at me.

“What are you all looking at? Let’s come up with something!!!” I yelled and they all shuddered.

Don’t do this to me.
You have to forgive me cause I love you.

?Amanda’s pov?
We kissed with me pinned back to the wall.

Royce cleared his throat.
“That’s enough. You have to get home before mom starts to get suspicious” he grouse.

Bryan rolled his eyes.
Royce came over few minutes ago and now Bryan has to go.

“I’ll be back tomorrow” he said and opened the door.
Bryan stepped out putting on his mask.
I saw he left his phone.
I took it and ran after him.

“Babe wait!” I said and ran to meet him at the hallway.
He told me to call him ‘babe’ or he won’t answer.

“Your phone” I said.
“I intentionally left it so you’ll come out. Goodbye kiss” he said and pulled me close and we kissed.

?Stella’s pov?
I dragged my luggage out of my suit. Now I have to get back to France. I can’t Eben enjoy my leave. If it was when Natalie was alive, I would never be called.
But now I’ve been called back to HQ.

I got to the hallway and saw two young boy and girl kissing.
I smiled, love birds…

The girl’s skirt wasn’t properly on her waist and the boy held her by her hip and I saw something that caught my eyes.
I looked closely.

Birth mark.

Isn’t that the mark that Natalie gave her daughter Amanda when she was born?? I was there at the hospital that day.

Could it be she’s her daughter?
Her daughter is alive??

“Amanda?” I called trying my luck and the girl flinched.
She pulled away from the kiss and looked at me.

Oh my God…
Exact replica of Natalie…
She is Amanda.

Bryan ?
Who is Stella? ?
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