The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 17

[She belongs to one?] ©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya.


Carol’s pov:
I drove through the wet streets of Florida to the garden.
It’s a popular one and everyone knows this place.

I could barely see where I was going thanks to the mirror wipers I still had eyes on the road. The rain is hectic and I feared I’ll catch a cold after this.
I parked my car somewhere and walked through the long garden.
There were streets lights so I wasn’t going through the dark.

I paused when I saw someone sitting on the floor backing me.
The rain was beating him but he didn’t move on bit.
Who could that be?

I held my umbrella firmly over my head which wanted to get carried off by the wind leaving me.
I stopped behind the person and looked beside him.

Blood soaked on the grass and the rain was beating the on it and its almost about to get washed off.
Amanda’s blood.
Where’s her body?
Have she been taken to the mortuary?

I looked closely at the guy,
Wait a minute, that’s my son!

“Bryan” I muttered and covered him with the umbrella trying not to get close to Amanda’s filthy blood.

“My baby, what are you doing out here in the rain? Do you want to die of cold?” I questioned shaking.

He didn’t even spare m a glance.
Why does Bryan have cold eyes for me?

It’s even since Amanda started living with us that he starts being free a little.
Before he doesn’t even stay for dinner. Only once in a while.

“Bryan, am talking to you!” I spat irritating.
He still didn’t say anything..
Shouting at him is a waste of time.

“Bryan my love, let’s go home. Why are you keeping yourself here out in the rain because of a girl?” I asked with a crumpled look.

He shook his head negatively.
I can feel he was obviously bitter.

“I want Amanda mom. Am not leaving this spot without her” he said lowly but I heard him well enough. What mistake have I made by bringing that girl to my house.

But I never knew Bryan could love again so quick. After his first girlfriend which caused a feud Between him and Royce.

“You’re a celebrity Bryan. Nobody must see you like this”
I said and he pushed my hand off from his arm.

“You can’t be my mother. You f–king can’t!” H groused and stood up. He walked away while I called after him.
“Bryan!!!!” I yelled like a psycho but he didn’t stop one bit.

I ruffled my hair.
Am going crazy…
Bryan just ignored me completely cause of that girl.

I could have adopted her,
Checked her DNA,
And kill her straight away.

I stupidly went ahead to put her in school.
Anyway, the sisters at the orphanage demanded I show my proof that she reciebes proper education.

Damn it!
But where’s Amanda’s body?

I watched her turn and wake up.
The doctors where done with the operation and they removed both bullets successfully.

We were at a suit at one of the hotels I own.
(Part of my inheritance).

It’s safe here.
When she’s strong..,
She’ll decide if she want to go or stay.
Her eyes opened weakly and I gazed at her my focus on her nose.
Did she stop breathing?

She had a bandage on her arm and around her tummy.
Thank God she will still be able to walk sjnce the bullet didn’t touch her spinal cord.

Her eye lids danced for a while before she remained stiff and closed her eyes completely going back to sleep.

I sighed and sat beside her on a couch.

I went home after Bryan left.
I met Minnie my precious daughter on the couch sulking.
Has she eaten?

“Minnie, have you had dinner?” I asked removing my rain coat.

She couldn’t reply but just sobbed.
Bryan came downstairs,
His clothes changed and he was now in his pj.

He ignored me and stood before Minnie.

“We are going to the police station tomorrow to report this case. I need to know Minnie, do you remember the man’s face? The one that shot you guys? ” he asked her.

No Minnie, say no.
You if you say yes, Bryan will find him in no tine and he’ll torture him till he confesses that am the one that hired him??

Minnie was quiet for a while.

Thank God AmandA survived ?

Carol will faint oo ? ?

Goodnight ?
©Author Eunice.
All rights reserved√√

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