The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 16

[she belongs to one😱] ©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya


Minnie’s pov:
“No! Amanda…” I cried shaking her.
Oh fvck!
What do I do?

She took a bullet for me. How do I help her?

The car we came with parked and the driver ran to us.
He saw Amanda’s horrible state and he gasped.
He pulled me up by my arm and started dragging me to the car.

“Stop!” I yelled but he carried me on his shoulder.
“We need to help her” I panicked.

“She’s already dead Minnie. I need to get you home safe or I loose my job” he replied and forced me inside the car locking me in.

I stared at Amanda who was lying still through the window.
Tears filled my eyes.
How do I help her?

She’s my friend right?
How can I leave her like this?

The driver drove off and I couldn’t help but cry.

Bryan’s 😘pov:
I told her we’ll be going out!
Why’s she trying to disappoint me again?
I hate being taken for a fool or shot out.

Why is she playing with my feelings… Or is it Minnie that’s keeping her there.
Did they go shopping?

I heard a loud noise of a car engine and I looked at the window.
They’re back.

I buttoned up covering up my tattoos before going downstairs.
I walkee to the living room where mom and dad where sitting super far from each other.
They looked they were arguing…
Who cares?

The door opened and I couldn’t wait to run to Amanda and take her arm leading her upstairs.
Mom would think am insane.

The door was opened by one of the maids and Minnie rushed in. That was when Royce came downstairs and stood far from me.
The family is now complete.

“Minnie, why are you crying?” Mom asked.
“Wait, You weren’t home since?”
She added going to hold her but Minnie shrugged her hands off

“Where’s Amanda?” Royce asked and I scoffed.
But yeah, where’s Amanda?

“Something horrible happened. She was shot. Twice! She took a bullet for me! I don’t even know who shot us” she tried to explain crying.

Mom looked shocked.
“Did you just say the man shot you both but Ama…Amanda took a bullet for you?” Mom stuttered and Minnie nodded crying ruefully.

No, not my Amanda.
I looked at my right to see No one…
Where’s Royce?

Did he go to his room to sulk?
I turned to minnie who couldn’t stop crying.
‘Tell me you’re joking’ 😩 pleaseeeeeee….

Royce’s💰 pov
I got to the garden where people come to sing…so quiet and lonely.
I saw Minnie’s purse on the floor and picked it up.

I looked around.
The shooting happened here…
So where’s Amanda..??

I saw a small pool of blood on the floor.
Oh my God!

Amanda’s blood.
She was really shot.
Who could do such a thing?

I followed the blood stains heading for the place that it stopped. I looked up and gasped.
Amanda was leaning on a log of wood breathing heavily.

Her hand was on her tummy where her shirt was soaked in blood. She was also shut on her arm.
I have seen enough.
I ran to her and carried her up in my arms in a bridal style before heading for my car without being seen.

Am glad I found you Amanda…
You’re too precious to me that I’d let you die. You took a bullet for Minnie.
Who in their right sensed would do that not after how mom treats you.

She’ve turned you into a maid which you’re not.

Don’t worry, you’re safe now…💗

Carol’s 👽 pov
“Are you sure you saw her close her eyes and die?” I asked Minnie who was on the couch sulking.

“Why are you asking something so stupid Carol? Are you wishing her death?” My husband who was on the next couch interrupted.

I glared at him.
Am just tryna make sure the girl died for sure..
I don’t want to take any chances.
But why did she defend my daughter.
Taking a bullet for her, what an act,!

Doesn’t she fear death? I can’t believe I almost killed minnie.
How could you be so dumb carol?

I should have asked the assassin to take a pic of the girl Amanda was with.

I need to see the girl’s body to make sure she’s gone for good and to know if I should kill her again.

Once the court know she’s still alive and I lied about her death… Am toast!
I won’t just go to prison,
My family will be ruined and Natalie will be laughing at me from hell.

I left for my room to grab my raincoat cause it was raining.
Amanda, am coming for you.
Better be dead cause the second attempt will be painful’.

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