The Billionaire Heirs

The Billionaire Heirs Episode 15

[she belongs to one?] ©Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode Fifteen?

?Amanda’s pov cont?
I stood speechless looking at her.
“Did you just come out of Bryan’s room?!!” She thundered.

I flinched.. And gazed around not knowing what to say.
“Mom I…”

“Who’s your mom you little devil? I won’t ask again , what are you doing here?!” She yelled furiously.

But she adopted me…

“I came to give Bryan his dinner” I was able to say.
“How come? Dinner that I requested to be sent to him 20 Minutes ago? Where you giving birth in there?” She asked glaring at me.

Why does she hate me so much.
I felt a presence behind me and I knew it was Bryan.
Who else has that brain spinning scent like Bryan?
He smells so sweet and manly…
Amanda, focus! ?
You’re in trouble.

“What’s going on here mom? Why are you yelling at her” he asked dryly slightly making me step back to stand with him.

Mrs Carol wanted to murder me with her eyes.

“Leave you tiny fly,!” She cussed and I left.

Atleast she didn’t chase me away from her house. It’s late in the night.

?Bryan’s pov?
Mom led me inside my room And shut the door in a haste.
What’s wrong with her.

“What’s she doing alone in your room? What’s going on between you two?…are you both having s3x?!” She asked in a panicking voice.


“Ew mom. We weren’t” I said sitting on my white couch.
I normally don’t talk to mom. She’s too secretive and weird for my liking so I distance myself from her – alot.
But since she’s asking me about Amanda. I’m so defending her.

“Stay away from her Bryan. She doesn’t soothe any of our standards” she said with a crumpled look.

I scoffed.

“Um…Bryan. I know you have yourself three months off from acting but..actually. There’s a billion dollar worth role in an upcoming movie and I bought the main role for you–”

“Whaat!” I exclaimed and jerked up on my seat.

“I made it clear that I want to lay low in acting for a while. Why the hell would you go behind my back and fix me into another mess?!!!” I yelled angrily.

She has no right!!!

“Don’t raise your voice at me Bryan!” She barked and dropped the papers she was carrying beside me.

“Make sure you are able to say every word before two weeks” she grouse and left.

I threw the papers far from me.
Why can’t she f-c-ing leave me alone…

It’s my career not hers?

I wish Amanda is here.
She can help me cool off.


?Amanda’s pov:
I woke up and found a tiny piece of paper in my hand.
How did that get here?
I unfolded it and read the content.

*?Am crazy over you. I don’t think I can ever live if I don’t see you each day?*

I gasped.
Who sent this?

No name or any clue?
I was confused with the note but I got up and cleaned up anyways.

Today would be fun for sure.
After going out with Minnie, I’ll then go on my first date with Bryan.
Can we ever be together?

Minnie came to get me and we both left.
She helped me with one of her fancy dresses.
Am going to be in the mist of rich kids – total strangers.

I was with my tiny phone in case of emergency and soon, we arrived at the venue.

?Mrs Carol’s pov?
I went to Taylor’s room. Today I’ll finally be able to get rid of her.

“Oh ma’am. You’re here?” She asked.
I ignored her greeting.
“The phone I told you to give Amanda…I need her number” I said.
She wrote it out and gave it to me.

I stared at it grinning evily.
First, you survived the diabolic death plan I had for you.
Second, you grew up to be healthy and pretty though your mom was a sickle cell patient.
Third, you try to make my sons fall for you and lastly, you’ll ruin everything!

I went to the guy and handed him the paper with amanda’s number

“Track it” I simply said and he nodded.

?Amanda’s pov?
The singing class was great and I never knew Minnie had such a great voice.

We were walking down the long garden to the parking lot where our car was.
Minnie didn’t even let her mom know we were going out.
We need to get home fast but she was busy picking flowers…

⛲Unknown’s pov?
I parked the car at where tracking the phone number led me. A garden…
A big one.

I called mrs Carol

“Am here. Send the girl’s picture” I said into the phone then I got my gun ready loading it with bullets.
My phone beeped and I quickly checked the picture.
What a pretty innocent looking girl.

I came out of my car keeping an eye out for her and then i saw her….

I called mrs carol.
“There are two girls ma’am. She’s with someone” I said.

I heard her sigh.
“Shoot them both” she said and I aimed at them.

?Amanda’s p.o.v?
Minnie and I held hands as we walked.
Next thing, I felt my tummy tear and loud bang was heard. I looked down shocked. I was shot.
Blood soaked my shirt.

Minnie screamed.

I looked up and saw a huge man with a gun pointed at minnie.
I stood infront of Minnie pushing her back interfering with the bullet and it hits my arm.

I screamed and fell on the floor on my knees. I felt lifeless.
The man had ran away. I guess he’s thinking he shot Minnie too.

I felt myself falling on the grass while Minnie was beside me trying to pull me up.
I felt my body hurt like hell and am weak…so frail.

My eyes closed weakly and my conscious parts failed me.

Wow…Minnie could have been shot but Amanda took a bullet for her.
And mrs Carol wanted to kill her own child without knowing. ?

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