The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 27

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 27

By: Faith Lucky

“Why do you want to become part of the Alpha’s disciples?” Nir asked after a brief silence. By that time, Ximena was only having little left in her plate.

“Huh?” She arched her brows. “How did you… know I was part of the…”

“I saw you in the Palace; was there to deliver somethings. That was how I followed you home and decided to make peace with you” Nir answered gruffly, having his charming eyes pinned on her. Ximena was trying so hard not to look at them as she didn’t want to find herself drooling.

“Well… I’ve always wanted to be a part of it” she rolled her eyes.

“Hm. So, you came all the way from Kunturiah just to become a disciple the next day? Sounds odd to me”.

“Why do you always sound so grumpy?” Ximena scoffed. “Anyways, it’s true – I’ve always wanted to be close to the Alpha”.

She had finished up the remains in her plate and swigged enough water.

“Hmmm” she closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy. “This is the first responsible meal I’m eating since I arrived”.

Nir quietly stared at her, wondering what next to say.

“Does this mean we’re on good terms?” He finally found it, giving her a long stare that seemed to unease her.

“Uhm…. I don’t know. What you did yesterday was really embarrassing. So, I’d still need sometime to think about it” She drew her chair backwards and stood up.

“Bye for now” she added with a perfunctory smile and left.

Something in Nir told him to stand up and go after her, but the Alpha that he was wouldn’t let that happen as he felt he’s had enough for the day. Having to move around with her and treat her to a meal was already irritating for him; he couldn’t do more.


Nir stomped into the room, pulling off his mask and dropping it on the table. His Physician and adviser – Ahiga – followed meekly.

“Erm… Alpha, how did it go with the girl?” He asked even if it was salient from the Alpha’s overt reactions that all didn’t go well.

“I can’t do this, Ahiga. It’s over” Nir mumbled as he took off his shirt. He didn’t look aggressive – just upset.

“Oh! Why, Alpha? What happened?” Ahiga asked, making Nir look at him.

“First, I had to agree my actions yesterday were wrong. Secondly, she asked me to treat her to a meal. Yet, when we were done, she told me we couldn’t be friends yet as she still needed to think about it. So, what? I’m to go after her again until she finally agrees? I thought this was something that could be done in three days – I meet with her and win her heart on the first day, the winning gets stronger on the second day and on the third day, she’s in my bed. Why is it happening the other way round?”

The old man was tempted to laugh at the Alpha’s imaginations, but he knew that could cost him his position. Moreover, he was totally surprised at how cold and gruffy the Alpha sounded despite saying so much. Even with his vexation, he still sounded like some Lord passing out commands.

“On a normal day, I get to chose ladies to warm my bed; I shouldn’t be chasing after this one” He added in a mutter as he lingered to the window.

His tattoos caught the old man’s eyes – Ahiga was the only one that knew the story behind those charming tattoos. Him alone knew what was behind them and the reason the Alpha never reveals them to anyone – not even during intercourse.

“Erm… Alpha” He took a step closer. “I… I understand how you feel, but, winning a lady’s heart isn’t that easy – especially when she’s not cheap”.

“Well, I don’t have the patience, Ahiga. We should find another way around it”.

“There is no other way!” He whispered. “This lady right there, is our only option, Alpha. Imagine how awesome it would be to become fully immortal – you could sleep in the camp of the enemies! We can finally achieve what we’ve wanted”.

The thought of it alone made Nir’s cravings multiply.

“You would become the greatest, Alpha – no one would be above you. No one at all”

“Fine” Nir hissed. “She should be here tomorrow. I’ll see what I can do then”.

He sounded displeased, but the thought of becoming the most powerful calmed he down.

H wanted it; and perhaps, he would do ANYTHING to have it.




Ximena was in the room, trying to zip up her bag when Ema walked in. Guessing she could be there to nag as usual, she simply spared her a glance and returned her gaze to the bag.

Ema, on the other hand, looked restless as she dawdled to the window and held onto it. She looked like she had something to say but didn’t know how to go about it. And Ximena equally didn’t care what it was.

Done with her bag, she picked it up and turned towards the door.

“Hold on” Ema finally called, making Ximena turn to look at her. She tucked her hair behind her ear and moved away from the window.

“Uhm…. I’ve actually had this question in my mind since yesterday but just didn’t know how to ask. That guy that came over to see you, who is he?”

Somehow, Ximena had seen it coming.

“It’s a long story” She sighed.

“What story? Are you friends?”

“No. It’s just…” She paused and rolled her eyes. “Why are you even asking?”

“Nothing! I’m just surprised you already have a friend on your first day in Kunturiah”.

“Oh…Well, he’s not really my friend. Anyway, I need to go now”.

And with a final stare, Ximena left the room.

Her mind wondered why Ema was asking after the strange guy. Could she be interested in him or what?

She got out to the parlour and met Richard who was already waiting for her.

“You ready?” He asked with a quick head – to – toe stare ar her. Ximena could notice some sparkles in his eyes.

“Yes. But, I think you don’t need to stress yourself. I can get to the Palace myself”.

“No, no, I insist. Let’s go”.

He opened the door for her and watched her smile as she walked out while he followed.


Daphne adjusted the cleavages of her training suit – making it more exposed – before knocking on the door. It didn’t take long for the door to slid open and she knew it was definitely because she had been called by the Alpha, and not the other way round.

She held her head up high as she walked into the cozy room. And as usual, Alpha Nir was seated in front of his desk, reading. His both legs were crossed on the table as held the opened book in front of him.

Daphne couldn’t control her eyes as she walked towards him; his looks were too charming to be ignored.

“Greetings, Alpha” She bowed. “You uhm.. sent for me”.

Deep down, she envisioned him signalling her to come forward, pulling her to his laps and giving her the permission to caress his body all she wanted. But that could only be a dream with someone like Nir involved; although, she had a strong belief it would be possible soonest. Just a belief.

“Yes, I did, Daphne” Nir finally said after what seemed like a minute. His eyes were still stuck in his book like he was still reading. “I assume you’re getting ready for today’s session?”

“Yes. I’m actually ready and on my way to the field”.

“Good. Remember the girl from yesterday?”

Daphne’s heart gave a terrible leap at the mention of the incidence.

“Uhm…. who exactly are you talking about, Alpha?” She decided to act oblivious, but when Nir took his eyes from the book and looked at her, she realized she was making a mistake.

“Uhm… I’m sorry, I think I remember now. It’s the lady you asked me to pick, right?” She lowered her head and asked deferentially, praying innerly that her offense wasn’t beyond ignoring.

“That one” Nir sighed and returned his gaze to the book. “If I’m not mistaken, it’s very likely she’d be here today and I want you to repeat what you did yesterday” .

Daphne’s fears were confirmed. She had been right; that was exactly what he wanted to tell her!

“You want me to pick her even if she doesn’t qualify?” She looked at him, having so much displease on her face.

“Exactly, Daphne. And you’re to continue picking her until I say otherwise” Nir’s reply shocked the living daylight out of her.

What??? Until he said otherwise?? What the hell was going on???

She scoffed and darted her lips open to argue, but recalling how expensive that could be, she swallowed down her anger. Instead, she went calmly:

“I sincerely wish I could get to know your reasons for this, Alpha, because it is very unlike you. I must say, I’m concerned”. Her heart burnt widely in her chest as she let out the words. Indeed, she was hurt.

“You may leave now, Daphne” Nir replied, creating a cut in her heart.

She grinned bitterly, bowed her head perfunctorily and left.
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