The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 25

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 25

By: Faith Lucky

Daphne stood at the balcony, watching Nir as he rode out of the Palace – alone.

Dressed in a simple black gown, she looked like one taking some air, but her heart twitched at the sight of the Alpha riding out alone – again. Where could he be headed? And what was it with the new attitude of his?

She took in a deep breath, trying to calm herself and believe everything would be fine. With how much she loved that guy, she bitterly wondered why it was so difficult getting loved in return.

She shook her head and decided to proceed to see Ethan, hoping she could get some answers from him.


She knocked on his door and almost immediately, it was opened for her.

“Daphne” Ethan beamed a smile. “Please, come in” .he stepped aside for her. He was shirtless and looked busy.

“Hi, Ethan” Daphne uttered as she walked into the room, taking her eyes around like it wasn’t her umpteenth time going there.

As usual, the room was messy with clothes spilled over the floor and papers and books scattered on the table.

“When will you ever learn, Ethan? Your room is always looking like a rat hole” she queried lightly, shutting him a glare.

“Don’t even start, Daphne – I don’t have the strength for it. Don’t worry, I’ll get a woman soon” He chuckled and took a seat in front of the table.

“You don’t even need a woman before you get a clean room. We have maids, Ethan; maids!” She rolled her eyes and joined him in front of the table where he had began writing, sitting next to him.

“Hmph. Looks like you’re busy?” She huffed.

“Yes, sweetheart. I’m trying to compile all the complaints we’ve gotten in the last one week. You know it’s my job” He answered busily as he scribbled down in a big book, taking note from a paper in front of it.

Daphne allowed a minute before speaking up.

“How did your errand go for the Alpha? Did you succeed?” She asked innocuously.

“Oh, yes! And I was able to get what he asked for” Ethan answered without looking at her.

“That morning, when you escorted me to the field, I thought you were leaving for the errand right away, Ethan. What delayed you? Because I remember seeing you with the Alpha when he stepped into the field that time, and you were also the one who passed his instruction to me about letting the lady stay. So, I’m actually curious. What .. ”

“Daphne” Ethan looked at her and called, softly. “You know I love you, right? as my bestfriend – of course. But, when it comes to the Alpha, you should know I can never joke with it. So, I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to talk about whatever it is you’re thinking. Please” .

Daphne rolled her eyes, feeling displeased. Ethan’s loyalty to the Alpha was something she couldn’t understand…it could never be questioned.

“Whatever” she mumbled and nudged him, making him chuckle and get back to work.

She ran her eyes through the scattered papers on the table and suddenly picked interest in one. She read it’s content and picked it up when she found it disturbing.

“Hold on; when was this?” She asked with furrowed brows as she showed it to Ethan who took a glance.

“Oh! It’s this morning” He replied. “A certain hotel manager and some people had shown up, claiming a strange man with super powers had killed three of his friends just yesterday at his hotel. They claim he killed these people without touching or looking at them”.

“What??” Daphne flinched. “I…I… I don’t understand. How is that even possible, Ethan?”

“I am as confused as you are. They fear he might be an enemy of the Alpha and could be dangerous”.

“Oh! For the Protector’s sake! This could be really dangerous. I…I never thought There could be someone with the Alpha’s kind of powers. Are these people really sure of what they saw? And what did the Alpha say about it?”

“Now, that’s the funny part” Ethan laughed. “I’m sure it’ll shock you to know Alpha Nir simply debunked it and warned them not to tell it to anyone. According to him, he feels they were lying”.

Daphne halted. “Wait, what?” She scoffed. “You’re not being serious, are you?”

“I actually wish I was joking because I’m as confused as you are, knowing the Alpha handled the issue so abysmally “. Ethan shrugged.

“And it doesn’t make any sense! I mean, if that guy really existed, he could be really dangerous and a threat. He needs to be tackled, not ignored”.

“Well, you might want to tell that directly to the Alpha”.

Daphne rolled her eyes again – angrily. “You know what? What’s the name of this hotel? I should speak to the manager”.

“Daphne” Ethan stopped writing and looked at her. “I think you should let this go. Besides, I don’t think you’ll find him there. The manager said he’s shutting down the hotel until he’s able to get over it”.

“T… Then, could you get me his address? Please?”

“Calm down, Daphne; you know the Alpha is always in control”.

“Oh! Ethan, please! Don’t say no!” She grouse. “The Alpha didn’t send you on this, right? Just do it for me…please” she held his hand. And staring into those convincing eyes of hers, Ethan sighed.

“Fine; I’ll try to get it for you” He had to incline.

“Oh! And that’s why I love you!” Daphne giggled and gave him a hug.


Nir trotted on his horse, riding as slowly as possible with his mask on. Luckily for him, the path he was taking was lonely as he had only met one person – a young man who had gone on his knees and stayed that way till he was gone.

Having a picture of the map in his head, he followed the direction Ethan had pointed out and after what seemed like forever, he halted his horse when he spotted the house some distance away. He didn’t need to be told; he could feel that was it.

He sat there on his horse for a while, silently watching and thinking she would come out, but no one did. The words of Ahiga came flashing through his head:

“This is the final thing you need to do to gain complete power, Alpha. I believe you should be able to make this little sacrifice”.

He huffed at the thought of it – feeling pissed off already. Gradually, he turned his horse around and rode to a perfect spot where he climbed down and tied his horse to a tree. Making doubly sure there was no one watching, he took off his mask and hid it behind the tree. And next, he created an invisible boundary around the tree; that way, no one would be able to pass through to touch any of his things.

Done and satisfied, he walked away – commencing the pretentious mission he already hated.


Ema stood at the backyard, leaning on the wall as she watched Ximena playing with a stick – or what she called practicing.

After eating, Ximena had decided not to rest but use her free time to do some rehearsals so she doesn’t get kicked out the next day. Since she had luckily passed the first round, she wanted to make sure she continued passing the others until she finally gets the opportunity to kill the so called Alpha.

It felt so difficult practicing alone and fighting against the tall tree in front of her; but there was nothing she could do as she had no one to learn from. Either ways, she was strongly determined to learn until she fulfilled her mission.

“I can’t believe you passed today’s session with this” Ema suddenly commented, having a scrowl oh her face when Ximena paused to look at her. “To be honest, it looks to me like you’ve been playing”.

“At least, you’re my first fan. You’ve been watching me the whole time” Ximena said in deep breaths and turned back to the tree.

“Seriously? You must be joking” Ema scoffed and walked away.

She went round to the front of the house, wanting to go in, but was stopped by the sight of a strange man, walking towards her. And on seeing his face, Ema felt her lungs stop breathing.

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