The Alpha Called Death

The Alpha Called Death Episode 22

(His Innermost Desires…)


Episode 22

By: Faith Lucky

Ethan wanted to believe the Alpha was mistaken. That same lady? What was his connection with her, really? He had been watching the fight and that lady had performed so terribly like a toddler. As a matter of fact, she had the worst performance amongst all others. Why would he want her to be selected? It would clearly look like injustice to the others.

Standing behind and staring at him for a while, Ethan realized he wasn’t joking. Thus, he decided to obey.

“As you wish, Alpha” he bowed his head.

“And when they’re done and she’s leaving, I need you to trail her and know where she stays” Nir after, making Ethan halt and look at him again. Oh..

“I’ll get it done, Alpha” he lowered his head and left.


Anxiety could be written all over the faces of the trainees as they awaited their trainer’s results. She seemed busy, scribbling down on her script and doing some cross-checking. And while others hoped they’d get selected, all Ximena could think of was her next plan of getting the Alpha.

Maybe… she could just run up to that balcony and kill him right away? Hell no! She was so sure with the heavy guards around, she wouldn’t get close.

Or perhaps, she could just disguise as a maid?

“Damn it, Ximena! Don’t be so stupid” She thought to herself. There was definitely no way she could disguise without being noticed.

She itched her hair, trying to come up with a quick plan especially when she saw Daphne standing up.

The entire students went mute, knowing the awaited time had come as they watched their trainer approaching them with the script in her hand. Walking like a leader and a fighter, she scoured her eyes through the numbers and stood at a distance in front of them.

“Listen up!” She said aloud. “I must say I am impressed with a lot of you here today, although, they are others I wish hadn’t come at all.

“I’ll go straight to the point and as you all know, we have come to an end of today’s session. Some of you would be going home, while some of you would also be going home, but to return tomorrow”, She let out a frozen smile and looked down at her script.

About calling the names of the selected ones, she felt a presence behind her and turned to see Ethan.

“Ethan? Is there a problem?” She asked quickly – in a whisper. It was unusual for anyone to step in at such moment.

“I have a message from the Alpha, Daphne” Ethan whispered back. “He wants you to pick the long-haired lady among those qualified for the next round”

There was a pause, then Daphne scoffed and turned to glance at the lady admist the crowd.

“What lady?” She turned back to Ethan and asked with a ridiculous grin.

“The one you know I’m referring to. She’s the only one with the longest hair” He answered with a half eye roll, arousing more amusement from Daphne as she turned to look at the lady again before turning back to Ethan.

“Come with me” holding Ethan’s hand, she took him farther from the students and towards the exit. The students were already beginning to mumble and wonder what was going on.

“What are you talking about, Ethan?” Daphne asked angrily when they were far enough. “What do you mean he wants me to select her? That lady was worst than a toddler!”

“I know, I know, okay? But it’s his demands, Daphne; not mine” Ethan shrugged. “Trust me, I’m as shocked as you are, but you should know we can never disobey the Alpha”.

“Seriously? And what are his reasons?? What… connection does he have with this lady? I’m don’t understand”.

“I don’t either. But we have to do it”.

There was a brief pause.

“I think we need to stop arguing and go on with the process. You know he’s watching us and it wouldn’t be nice to think we’re delaying him” Ethan shrugged, watching Daphne seethe with disatisfaction. First, he had stood in front of her and asked her some questions, and now, he wanted to get selected? What exactly was happening?

She looked up at the balcony and found Nir calmly staring at them; her heart twisted right in it’s chest. And taking a deep breath, she left Ethan and returned to the students.

The students could clearly see how displeased she looked but neither of them knew why.

Daphne angrily stared into the list, trying to figure out the name of the lady. And of course, she did.

“Listen carefully!” She looked at the students and said grudgingly. “When I call your name, it means you’ve been selected and you’re expected to step aside. I am not calling a name twice”.

Looking down at her list, she began:

“Ares Christos, Helios Icarus, Damon Castor…”

The students being called all showed their excitement as they happily stepped out. Ximena kept taking notes. The lady that had tried bullying her was selected, the lady that had been standing beside her and seemed friendly – Ciri – was selected, and the one lady Ximena had noticed standing and staring differently at her was equally selected.

Over fifty of them were already selected and all of a sudden, Ximena felt her heart skip when she heard her name being mentioned:

“And the last person on my list is… Ximena Leander” Daphne looked up and said, her eyes getting pinned at Ximena.

Being confused was an understatement as Ximena was utterly shocked. Hold on; was that… really her name???

She scoffed and looked around to be sure there was nobody else stepping out. Of course, she was the only one that beared such name, but she just couldn’t understand why she was selected. Hell! She was so sure she was terrible. What on earth was happening?

“Is Ximena Leander absent?” Daphne asked aloud, her eyes directly staring at Ximena who gulped hard and finally summoned the courage to step out.

She even looked certain as she walked out to join the rest of the selected students. She still couldn’t believe why and how she was selected? Or could this be her parents fighting for her? Could they perhaps, really want her to take this revenge?

“As for the rest of you” Daphne continued. “Thank you for coming, but you were not chosen. Maybe, next time”.

“Seriously?” One of the rejected students stepped forward. “You chose that lady over us? How possible is that, huh? I am very sure I fought better than her!”.

“Same here!” Another lady yelled out. “She was so terrible, everyone laughed. How come she gets selected? What? Is she a sister of yours?”

Daphne who was about walking away, turned and looked at the rejected students with so much detest.

“Guards!” She called out. “Get these losers out of here”. And with a final glare at Ximena, she finally walked away.

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