R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 32


(?His Heartthrob… ?)

By, Mha Rhy ♥️




“But how?? Mrs Lee asked in confusion

“Let me tell you a story Mia” Mr Park said adjusting on his seat

Once upon a time, there lived a man who had everything but wasn’t satisfied instead he wants his sister’s properties,

So he made a plan to murderer his sister together with her daughter

Then another man came into picture as the woman’s driver

On the day the first man planned on killing his sister, the driver happened to overhead the man calling the guy he hired to kill his sister, the driver was present his boss asked him to introduce himself to her brother

In order to save his boss, the driver ran back to his boss Mansion but he was too late cos they have killed her already

He was about to make a report when he was knocked out by an unknown

“Boss the job has been done, she has been killed but a man appeared but he has been knocked out, what should I do with him?? The driver heard the voice as he was still conscious a bit

“Ok boss. Then he heard a beeping sounds which shows the call has ended

The driver groaned in pains silently, then he felt someone carrying him from the floor

The driver struggle to Free himself but he couldn’t because he was too weak

The hired man carried the driver into the boss car and laid him down at the backseat

Then he went to the driver seat and started the car, the hired man came out of the car and the car drives out by itself

The driver was too weak to drive the car but he decided to try

He managed to get to the driver seat, just as he was about to stop the car the brake pads failed

He tried to stop the car but he couldn’t, unfortunately he had an accident which leads to his memory loss

And that is the end of the story” Mr Park said facing Mrs Lee whose

“Don’t tell me Mr Kang was the man who killed his sister and you happen to be the driver? Mrs Lee said

“You are right, Mr Park replied and she gasped in shock

Sun ho walked into his living room and met Solar about to leave

“Where are you going??

” Home, I can’t stay here” Solar replied

” It’s late, you can’t go home and moreso we were on something before” sun ho said licking his lips seductively and Solar gulped down nothing


Solar couldn’t complete her words as sun ho captured her lips

Solar responded to the kiss like her life depended on it



Yerin eyes snapped open and she looked around

She checked her side only to find it empty

“Where is V?? She thought

She groaned lightly as she stands up pulling the sheet tightly to her body cos she was naked and rested her back on the headboard

The door opened revealing a shirtless V holding a tray in his hands

“Good morning baby” V smile and sat down beside her before pecking her lips and forehead

” Morning mochi, she smiled

” How was your night? He asked

“Sweet and painful” she replied

“Sweet and painful?? He repeated in confusion

” Sweet in form of enjoying our make out and painful in form that you weren’t easy on me” she pouted

” Sorry baby, you were so sweet down there that it drives me nuts, he said and she blushed

“Here is your breakfast,he said bringing the tray which was filled with toast and a cup of tea

*Thanks mochi, she smiled and was about to collect the tray from him

“I’ll be the one to feed you” he said and pick a toast,

” Here” he offered and she took a bite

“Nice, she complimented with a smile before picking a toast offering it to V

” No the food is for you, V rejected

“I know but I want to feed you as well, Yerin pouted

“You are just too cute to resist, V said

” I know,so take a bite” she said and he did as told

” Good boy, she said and they laughed

“V, Yerin called and he hummed in response

“Am sorry, she said slowly and V faced her

” It’s okay sweetheart, you should just promise me that no matter what the situation might be you will always trust me, V said seriously

“I promise to always trust you so please forgive your baby” she begged

” Then it’s settled, you are forgiven” V said smiling and Yerin hugged him

“Thanks for forgiving me” she muttered hugging him tightly

V disengage from the hug and stared at her face

“I love you” he said and claimed her lips into his

The kiss was filled with different emotions, affection, love and also shows how much they care for each other.

T. B. C

V and Yerin ?

Mr Kang is a devil

Are you still on track or it’s getting confusing??

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams ??

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