R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 31


(πŸ’— His Heartthrob…..πŸ’—)

By, Mha Rhy β™₯️

CHAPTER 31β™₯️


*I should willed all my properties to you?? Mr Kang asked aloud and Eun ha nodded smiling

“What?? You can’t do it?? Eun ha smirked

” No I can’t, Mr Kang replied

“Then am not interested, find another person for the job” Eun ha said mischievously and walked out without waiting for any reply

” That snitch!!; Mr Kang cursed in anger

“How dare she asked for all my properties?? Mr Kang shouted

“Sir you should calm down, the pa tried to say

” Shut up and get lost!!! Mr Kang snapped


Sun ho car stopped at the front of his house,

He came out of his car kissing a Lady,

He carried her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as they continue feasting on each other’s mouth

He unlocked the door and he went in without breaking the kiss

He groped her ass and she moaned softly which made his member to sprang up

Hana who was inside the kitchen came out hearing the door opened

“Sun ho you are_

She couldn’t complete her words as she saw the sight in front of her

The wine she was holding fell off her hands shattering into pieces

The sounds caught sun ho attention and they disengage quickly

“Hana you are here?? Sun ho asked in suprise

Hana who was the brick of tears couldn’t replied,as she picked up her bag and Ran out

Sun ho dropped Solar gently

“I’ll be back, he said and ran after Hana

Solar sigh softly before sitting on the couch

After she left Mr Kang office, she decided to relief herself with liquor and probably a night stand which was why she went to club and somehow ended up with sun ho

But now she is regretting ever following him, she knew the look on Hana’s face,it was obvious that Hana is in love sun ho,

She can’t believe she ruined Two relationship today and all this is all her mother’s fault, if she hadn’t offended Mr Kang, she wouldn’t be living life this, she would have be an happy lady.

“I hate you Mom” she thought as tears found it way out of her eyes.

Sun ho ran fastly and was able to caught Hana

He gasped seeing tears on her face

“Hana what is wrong with you? Why are you crying?? He asked in suprise

“Don’t bothered about me,go back inside your guest must be waiting for you, she replied sniffing

“That’s not the answer to my question Hana, tell me the reason you are crying?? He asked

” It’s none of your business,so leave me!! She snapped shocking sun ho

” Hana,he said wiping the tears that kept falling from her eyes

Hana Stared at his blue eyes which was full of concern

“Why can’t he love me?? She thought crying more

*Stop doing this, it’s hurt more” she cried and free her hand from him before running out.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Sun ho ruffled his hair in frustration.


“Can’t believe that girl ruined the engagement” Mrs Lee said angrily as they sat on the couch

Yerin’s parents are also staying behind since it’s late

” But thankfully they were able to reconcile quickly” Mrs Jang smile

” That girl is really a snake is just like her father” Mr Park added

” What did you mean by that?? Mrs Lee asked in confusion

” The truth is that Kang is the one responsible for my accident” Mr Park replied

” Huh???

T. B. C

Mr Kang is really a devil 😈

What did Mr Park meant by Kang is responsible for his accident??

I really pity Hana and Eun ha.

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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