R@ped By A Billionaire

R@ped By A Billionaire Episode 29/30


(πŸ’—His Heartthrob… πŸ’—)

By, Mha Rhy β™₯️


CHAPTER 29&30β™₯️

I hurt him!! She cried

“You should follow him Yerin and try to ask for his forgiveness” Mrs Lee suggest and she nodded

“Thanks Mom, she muttered and walked away


V walked into his room slowly and closed the door behind

He can’t believe that Solar could framed him up with a fake video

It really hurts him, relationship should be based on trust but it seems like Yerin doesn’t trust him

Suddenly he started feeling uneasy,

*What is wrong with me? He muttered as sweat was coming out of his body profusely

It was then he realized that his urge was back,so he started looking for his drug

He kept looking for his drugs but couldn’t find it,
Just then the door opened revealing Yerin with guilty expression

*V am sorry,

She couldn’t complete her words when V turned his back on her

Yerin thought he was still angry about earlier so she walked closer to him and hugged from behind

His d**k twitch feeling her touch

*Am sorry V,I know I should have believe you before concluding

V was getting hornier with her soft boobs on his back,

“Am not angry Yerin,so leave” he seethed his teeth trying to control himself

” If you are not angry then let me see your face, Yerin said

V knew if he should turn his face to her, she will surely see his desire

“Yerin please leave now or you might regret later,he warned

” No am not leaving, she replied stubbornly

*Then don’t blame me later,he said huskily and turn to face her but she couldn’t talk as V had already Captured her lips into a deep breath kiss

Yerin was surprised at first but she responded

V feasted on her lips roughly which made her wonder what might be wrong with him

“Maybe his urge” she thought with a shrug

He carried her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist

He groped her ass and she moaned into his mouth

Her moan alone made him more horny,he walked towards the bed and dropped her gently on it without breaking the kiss

His hand roamed around her body and she bemoaned

V finally disengage from the kiss and face her,
“Am giving you the chance to leave now when you have the chance” V said

” Did she really wants to leave?? Her body desires his touch which confused her

She faced V who was staring at intensively and smile

“Am going nowhere so take me like you desire”: she said seductively

*Then don’t regret it tommorow morning, V said huskily

” I won’t” she replied and in a blink he torn her gown

You know what happened next


“Don’t you think we should check on the children? Mrs Jang suggested after the guests has left

*You are right, Mrs Lee replied

” Let’s go then, Mr Park said

They all climbed the stairs,

Mrs Jang was the first to get there, she was about to knock when she heard the sound coming from inside

“BLOOD OF SAMARITANS!! She shouted and Ran away

What is wrong?? Mr Park asked facing the door, then they begin to hear the sound coming from the room

” Yeah.. harder….

The two man laugh nervously before walking away as well

* Seems like they are fine” Mrs Lee said and followed behind


Slap!! The loud sounds echoes the room as Mr Kang slapped Na Na

“You useless wh*re!! ” You are just useless like I thought, just a simple plan you couldn’t do it instead you ruined it

“Am sorry, she said slowly in tears as blood drip from her lips

” You are just worthless like your prostitute mother!! He shouted

*Get out of my office!! He ordered and she bowed before walking out

Mr Kang massage his temple before facing his PA

“What did you think we should do now that this fool has ruined everything? Mr Kang asked

*Sir what about Miss Eun ha? I think she is more capable and I have a plan for that

* You are right, she is smart, so what’s your plan? Mr Kang asked and his pa walked closer to him and whisper something into his ears

Mr Kang smile listening to his plans

Few minutes later Eun ha walked

*Am here” Eun ha said simply and sat down

Mr Kang faced her with a smirk on his face

” Eun ha I have a work for you, he said adjusting his back on the seat

” Work? What work? She asked in confusion

Mr Kang smile and begins to explain their plans to her

” What did I get in return? Eun ha asked as he finished

” Anything you want, Mr Kang replied

*Anything I want?? . She repeated and he nodded

” You sure? She smirked and he nodded

“Then willed all your properties including your company to me” Eun ha said with a mischievous smile

” What??.

T. B. C

What did you think their plans might be??

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—

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