Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Prologue


(His Little stalker.. )

By, Mha Rhy


He hates women but not her, “his little stalker”

ASH KNIGHT! Men trembles at the mention of his name and why?

Because he is ruthless, he doesn’t give a f^ck about people especially women, he hates their sight and the reason for his hatred for women remain unknown.

He is the owner of the biggest company in Mexico and the second richest business man after his father MARCELLO KNIGHT,he is 23 years old.

HAVANA GOMEZ” Cute bunny, daughter of Landon Gomez”of the top ten richest business men in Mexico.

She is 19, third year in college, she is crazy but kind hearted.

Havana fell in love with Ash on their first encounter which wasn’t good and since then she has been stalking him.

But after knowing that Ash heart is already clouded with hatred for women, she decided to embark on a journey, ‘a journey to melt his heart’

“Do you think she will succeed?
” What did you think might be the reason Ash hates women?


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