Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 5

(His Little Stalker… ♥️)

By, Mha Rhy



“What the hell did you just do??? Ash asked angrily and someone could sense the panic in his voice

*Stop panicking” Havana shouted and emptied the jug filled with water on Ryan’s head

“The f**k!!! Ryan cursed loudly as his eyes snapped open

He stand up imediately and face Ash angrily

” Ryan am really sorry, it’s my fault she did that to you” Ash pleaded shocking both Havana and Eric

“Sorry??? You are sorry? Not only you took my happiness from me, and now your little mere secretary punch me on face that I had to black out and you are sorry? He said angrily

” Ryan please stop saying I took your happiness, you Know it’s not my fault” I was drugged” Ash said as tears welled up in his eyes

“Even if you were drugged, it shouldn’t have been her” Ryan said trying hard not to cry as well

” Am sorry, Ash said guilty letting the tears out

“You know what! Am tired of hiding the secret,am tired of acting like it’s okay when it’s not, expect the worst soon” Ryan threatened

” Ryan don’t do this, Ash begged crying loudly as Ryan turn to leave

” Ryan! Ryan!! He called but Ryan was gone

“Ash?? Havana hold his hand but he jerked off her hand roughly and she almost fell

“Ash?! Havana called in shock

” Get out, it’s all your fault!! You women are wicked! You are all slut you are a slut!! He screamed and Havana Palm landed on his face,

She slapped him and Eric gasped

“I hate you!!! Havana shouted to his face in tears and ran out

Ash feel on his butt as he kept crying,

He couldn’t believe his once best friend could not believe him”

Yes Ryan was his Best friend since childhood, their relationship wouldn’t have become sour,if not for that incidence, the worst memories he was trying to forget but couldn’t,he thought as his mind drifted off to the incident ten years ago


” Mom am home” 13 Years old Ash shouted as he walked into their big living room

“Welcome Baby” Mrs knight replied as she came out of the kitchen with her friends

They were all wearing lingeries showing off their naked ass

” Ahhhhhh!!; Ash screamed loudly turning his back on them and they all laugh

“Kids! One of them commented

” Am not a kid” Ash snapped facing them back angrily

” Where is Ryan? Fiona Ryan’s mother who was also present asked

“He has gone home” he replied

Ok”Ash you look more manly and hotter today” Fiona winked licking her lower lips

” Gross! He scrunched his nose in disgust

“Mom am thirsty” he pouted

” Here, I made the juice for you” Diana said giving the cup filled with pineapple juice

” Wow! he said happily and collected it from her, gulping the juice at once

Unknown to him Diana was exchanging some suspicious glances with her friends

“Thanks Mom” Ash smile as he returned the glass cup to her

“You are welcome baby” she kissed his cheek

” Am going to my_

Ash words became muffled as he stared feeling somehow more like hot,

“Are you okay son? Diana asked with a fake concern smiling mischievously

“Ye…. Ye… Yes, he replied tipsy as he started staggering to his room

” You sure? Should I help you to your room”? Diana asked

” No, I’ll be okay” he replied as he staggered to his room

Getting to his room, Ash feel flatly on the bed

His dizziness has worsen and the unknown hotness in his body became heavier

Just as he was about to give into darkness, the door to his room open revealing Diana and her friends

But this time they were all naked.

T. B. C

Anticipate for the next chapter ?

Good afternoon Mha Rhians ♥️

Enjoy your day ??

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