Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 4

(His Little Stalker….. ♥️)

By, Mha Rhy


CHAPTER 04♥️(Short Chapter Ahead ?)

“This is a f**kin bullshit !!! Ryan loud voice echoes his big office

Xandra his secretary and Finn his manager were also present

” How could Ash top the chart when he hadn’t been active for 2 month!! He shouted

“You are all useless!! All useless!! He screamed at their face and Xandra hissed

“I think instead of you blaming us, you should do something about your useless brain rather than shouting” Xandra snapped

” What did you say right now?!! He seethed his teeth

” I said you should do something about your useless brain rather than shouting” she repeated boldly

“How dare you!! Do you realize that am your boss??

“I have forgotten, maybe you should remind me” and one more thing hypertension is real” she rolled her eyes and left

“Aish!! “Am only patient with her because of my parents” he muttered calming himself

“And Ash?? After what happened 10 years ago, you still have the gut to beat me,I think a little reminder of your past will tell you where you belong” he smirked and pick up his car keys and walked out

Finn breathe out in relief as he left.

“I hope I won’t die early because of him” he muttered rubbing his head


“Get out of my office ape, I don’t need your attention anymore” Ash shouted at Havana who was busy grinning at him.

Eric is also present

Wondering how Havana is still with him?

He had actually hired her as his secretary due to her constant bickering and moreso they couldn’t get a secretary on the short notice

“No I want to stare at your handsome face” Havana pouted

“Ape!! He called angrily

” Cute ? devil” she replied

“Stop calling me that!! He snapped

“No I won’t, since you are also calling me ape” she winked

Ash stared at the girl in front of him and shake his head

“Arguing with her is just a waste of time” he thought and continue his work

” Gosh he is so dreamy” Havana thought bitting her lower lips.

She snapped out of her thoughts when Ryan barged into the office angrily drawing their attention

“To whom did I owe this precious visit” Ash asked with a smile as he stands from his chair

” You b**tard!!! Ryan shouted and punch Ash’s face,

Eric gasped

“Hey how dare you?? Havana shouted furiously and in a blink her fist made a contact with Ryan’s mouth,

Just like a magic, Three teeth flew out of his mouth and he passed out landing with a loud thud

” Jesus!!! Eric screamed out in shock

” He died and rose again” Havana replied with a roll of eyes

T. B. C

Na so e be???
It seems like Xandra is also like Havana?


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