Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 3

(His Little Stalker… ♥️)

By, Mha Rhy



Eric was about to dialed a number when two luxurious cars drove in, this caught the attention of the two ladies as they stopped bickering

Four bodyguards came out of the first car and ran to the second car,

Opening the door Dave (Ash father) came out majestically

Havana stared at Dave with mouth open wide

“Wow he is handsome despite his age” Ash must have gotten his handsomeness from him” Havana thought

“Dad you are here?? Ash asked in suprise

” Yeah,Dave replied simply and face the two ladies who were glaring hatefully at each other

“Who are they?? Dave asked pointing to them

Ash was about to reply when Havana caught in

“Hi future father in-law,am Havana your future daughter in law, Havana said and Ash send her a glare

“Ash? Really? Dave asked happily

” In your dreams!! He snapped and Dave almost flinched

“Ella you are fired and get out of here right now or I’ll get you arrested” he said and Ella gasp

She can’t get arrested,
“Who will bailed her” she thought in panic and ran away which made Havana laugh

“Foolish goat” she mocked

Ash face Eric who was trying hard not to laugh

” Get me a new secretary” he ordered

” I can be your secretary” Havana shouted

” What’s your qualifications? Eric asked immediately only to receive a murderous glare from Ash and he shriek back in fear

“I don’t hired little girls like you so f**k off!

“You are hired” Mr Dave chirped in and Havana beamed

“It’s my company not yours!! Ash screamed

” And you, get lost from here before I call the securities on you” he warned

“Thanks sir, I’ll do my best” Havana smirked as she bowed

“What the hell are you doing your best for?? I didn’t hire you!! Ash said aloud

” You just did” Havana replied faking an innocent Expression

” When?!! He shouted in confusion

“Now” she shouted back

“Stop lying I never hired you” he said getting more annoyed

” Yes you did” she replied

” Ok then, you are Fired!! He snapped

“No problem, she nodded and walked closer to him then snatched his wallet which he was holding

“The fuck! He cursed as she open his wallet

“Wow you are rich! She commented seeing the amount inside his wallet

She took $20,000 from it

“That’s my pay for talking too much and unnecessarily” you can keep the Change” she said returning his wallet while he stared at her in shock

” See you next time father in law” she bowed

“And you too my cute devil” she winked before bouncing off.

” What the hell just happen now? Ash uttered in shock

” You are in for it” Dave said in between laughter.

” I think she will be the perfect lady for my plans” Dave thought with a sigh.


👥 “Good morning Sir

” 👥 Good morning boss”

Ash workers greeted as he entered his company with Eric but being the Arrogant man he is,he didn’t respond

“He is too full of himself
” Arrogant peacock” Jasmine one of his workers thought to herself as she watch Ash enter his private elevator


The elevator came to stop at the last floor which was Ash office.

The door opened and the two came out of the elevator discussing

“Good morning sir!! A loud voice said beside them and they flinched

“WTF!!! Ash cursed loudly as he saw Havana

The suprising part is that she dressed like a secretary

” What are you doing here? He asked angrily

” Pardon me, that’s a stupid question, you aren’t blind to see my dressing as your new secretary”

” How rude of you!! He shouted

“Thank you for the compliment sir” Havana bowed

“You are so annoying”

“Mom says that a lot” Havana grinned and Eric almost burst into laughter

“And if I can still remember,I fired you yesterday” he raised his brow

“You fired me yesterday not today” she replied

“You are Fired..!!! He snapped

” Forever!! He added increasing his voice

” Oh! Ok! Since you fired Havana no problem, she said picking up her bag and walked out

Ash sighed in relief but his relief became furious as Havana cat walk in with a smile

“Good morning sir,”My name is Erica Thompson and am here for the secretary post interview”

” Get out!!! Ash screamed

T. B. C

Ash and Havana 😀😂🤣

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams 😘💗💗

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