Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 2


(His Little Stalker… ♥️)

By, Mha Rhy


Ash was busy going through some files when he heard someone knocking

“Come in” he said and the door open revealing Eric with a lady beside her

” Sir you have a lunch meeting with G.G company in 10 minutes time, Eric announce which made Ash look up

” Ok, and who is she? He asked signalling to the lady beside him

” She is the new secretary, and I have done all the necessities

“Am Ella, Ella bowed trying hard not to blush.

It’s such an honor for her to be his secretary.

“Ok, let’s leave for the lunch” you two will accompany me there,Ash said standing up

” Ok sir” they replied at once.


The three walked out of the big company with two bodyguards behind them.

His driver was already waiting outside with the car.

Ash was about to enter the car when someone bumped into him

“Hey are you blind!! He snapped angrily

” Wow you voice sounds more angelic when you are angry” Havana smiled

” You again” Ash said pinching his nose trying to calm himself

” Yes me, do you miss me?? Havana blinked her eyes repeatedly and Ella frowned

“Who the hell is she? Ella thought glaring at Havana

“Miss as you can see we were going somewhere so excuse us” Ella said politely

“Hey who ask for your interference? And who the f**k are you??? Havana snapped

“Am his secretary!! Ella snapped in return frowning her face

“You and my biology teacher resembles each other, are you perhaps a related to gorillas! Cause you sure have their traits in you especially your face, it does look like that of monkey” Havana laugh in mockery

“You!! Ella shouted angrily pointing fingers at her

” Yuck your mouth smell, do you perhaps eat garlic mixed with garbage this morning, cause the odour is enough to have someone hospitalized

“I’ll kill you” Ella screamed and pounce on Havana but Havana was fast as she turned the table

Ash look at both woman with no emotions then face Eric

” Eric get them both arrested for causing commotion in my company and made sure no one bailed them till tomorrow

“Ok Boss”

T. B. C

Is the story not interesting? If not lemme know so I can stop.

Good morning Mha Rhians ♥️

Have a wonderful day ?

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