Melting The Icy Billionaire's Heart

Melting The Icy Billionaire’s Heart Episode 1

(His Little stalker… ♥️)

By, Mha Rhy


“Grgggh!! Grgggh!!! The blaring sounds of the alarm startled the sleepy Havana and she ended up falling down from her bed

” WTF!! She cursed loudly rubbing her butt.

Havana pick the alarm which had not stopped ringing and throw it out of the window.

“Goodbye to bad luck!! She shouted as she eye no one.

Standing up from the ground, her eyes caught Ash different pictures hang around her room,

“Gosh! He is so handsome”! She squealed and kissed the picture

“I wonder how his lips will taste if I was able to kiss him” she thought bitting her lower lips.

Her gaze finally landed on the wall clock and a gasp escape her mouth

12:47pm!! She shouted

“Gosh am late” she muttered running into her bathroom.

Few minutes later she came out of her bathroom dripping wet with a towel wrapped around her body.

She creamed her body and got dressed

She was claded in sweat pants with a crop top wearing a white sneakers along,her hair was packed in neat ponytails.

I should get going” she muttered and walked out of her room with her bagpack

Getting downstairs she met her parents watching movies

“Afternoon parents” she greeted pecking their cheek’s each

“My princess, how was your night? Mr Gomez Asked

” Horrible I guess” she shrugged her shoulder

“Of course it should be, sleeping in a cell feels horrible” Mrs Gomez snorted

“Whatever!! She rolled her eyes

” Anyway am going out” she announced

” Don’t tell me you are still planning on stalking that guy again? Mrs Gomez raised a brow

“Obviously!! She grinned

” Don’t you get it, that guy is not interested in women and how can you still love someone who sent you to jail Everytime???

” Aren’t you tired of sleeping in cell everyday all in the name of Love? Her mother asked angrily

“No I don’t,as long as I get to see his handsome face, Ion mind being in jail forever” she replied

” You are going crazy!! Mrs Gomez snapped

“Crazy in love” she squealed and ran out

“Havana Gomez come back here!! Mrs Gomez shouted trying to run after her

“Selena Gomez NO!! Havana shouted from outside and Mr Gomez burst into laughter.

“That stubborn head” she muttered with a smile.



“You are Fired!!! Ash loud voice boomed around his big office as he stared at the woman in front of him with pure hatred and disgust

” Sir please forgive me, his secretary dropped on her knees as tears formed in her eyes

“I should Forgive you?”How dare you try to seduce me??? He thundered and her body shook in fear

“You know how much I disgust your presence and you still have the gut to touch me?!! He shouted angrily

“Am sorry sir, please don’t fire me” I have a sick mother at home” she begged crying out loud

Hearing the sound of mother infuriated him more”

He hated the word ” mother”

” Get out!!! He said coldly

“Boss please” she begged in tears

If she had known she wouldn’t have tried to seduce him, she just wanted to try her luck with him and now it backfire

Seeing how reluctant she was, Ash pressed a button under his table and Few minutes later Five hefty securities walked in

“Throw the piece of garbage out of my company!! He ordered and the security bowed before dragging her out

“Boss please! He heard her wailed till it become fainted.

“Bîtch! He cursed seething his teeth in anger.

He picked up his phone laying on the table and dialed his PA’s number

?Sir, Eric replied from the other side

? Get me a new secretary, and not a bîtchy one”he ordered sternly

?Ok Boss” Eric replied and he hanged up.

T. B. C

How is the first chapter?? Should I continue or not?

Your comments will determine if I should continue.

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

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