Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 21



         🌼 Venessa🌼

it was midnight and I was damn hungry

I stood up and tip toed into the kitchen searching for what to eat

there were some can food which made me wonder why in Earth there will be canned food

when he has a cook

Thankfully I got them

l hurried back to my room and ate to my satisfaction


I woke up feeling nausea and ran to the bathroom ,,i puked and took my bath

This time I didn’t wear my maid outfit because it was getting tight and my baby bump is beginning to show a little

I head to the kitchen and prepared breakfast

I was almost done when Harry walked into the kitchen

“Good morning sir”I greeted and the jerk ignored me

He opened the fridge like he was looking for something

  “Venessa”he called and I didn’t reply even though I was close to him

Truth be told I just loved the way my name rolled out of this tongue

it made the name sound unique

  “Venessa”he called loudly and I smiled inwardly

  “sir “I replied starring at him

  “Did you see the can food I kept in the fridge”he asked and my heart began breating 360

  “sir no”i lied

  “But I kept it here ,it’s a cat food “he added and my eyes almost popped out of it’s socket

  “cat food”I said in shock

  “yes I’m getting a new cat”he replied

I ate cat food …jeez and it’s tasted so good in my mouth

I didn’t know why but my eyes begin to water and tears were coming out

  “Venessa your crying”Harry asked in shock

  “I ate cat food”I half yelled crying

   “I’m so sorry sir,I was hungry and it tasted so good in my mouth”I added still crying

I started pressing my stomach hoping if there is any remaining food in my stomach so it could come out

This is just unbelievable

Who puts cat food in the fridge for goodness sake

“my breakfast in five minutes”Harry said walking out of the kitchen

He didn’t even care about me

Heartless dude

With tears in my eyes I finished preparing the breakfast and served him

With the whole drama it didn’t stop me from eating my breakfast

I chewed like my life depends on them


Few hours later

The door bell rang and I rushed to the door

I saw Isabella

I was beyond happy to see her as I hugged her

I help her carry the stuff she was holding and took them in

  “Heyy bro”Isabella called in a cheerful manner which he obviously Ignored

what’s with this guy and greeting

  “were is she”he asked

  “she couldn’t make it”Isabella replied

  “what do you mean ,the event is In like few hours from now “

  “how do I get a replacement”Harry half yelled

   “ohh that,I already figured it out”Isabella replied

“what do you mean by that”he asked

    “since she turned you down because of your shitty attitude,I got you another replacement” Isabella said

   “who “he asked rolling his eyes

  “she”Isabella said pointing at me

  “Hell No”

   “that is not happening , I’m not going to a function with her,beside she doesn’t have the right I outfit” Harry added

   “i brought some”Isabella replied

   “I’m not going with her ,,she’s not my type “Harry added and my jaw drop

  “Hello guys….I’m right here”I muttered making the both of them stare at me

   “Do you have any better option”Isabella asked Harry and he kept mute

  “Good “

  “let’s go baby girl”she said dragging my hand

“so you are going to be Harry’s plus one to a function “she said and i nodded

  “don’t worry it’s going to be fine and won’t be difficult at all”Isabella reassured

I took a shower and wore the sliver shining gown Isabella brought

it was beyond beautiful and has a slitting above my knee

She curled my red her more , giving it more definition

She brought out her make up kit and did all the magic on my face
In two hours we were done
“OMG”I half yelled as I stared at my reflection in the mirror…

To be continued

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