Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 20




I walked away from the sitting room angrily
all thanks to Isabella for embarrassing me in front of Venessa

I ran my hands through my head and starred out the window

How did I go soft on her all of a sudden

‘because of the baby jerk my inner mind yelled at me


My phone rang and I picked it up almost immediately

  “what did you find”I asked sternly

  “sir all the things you mentioned pointed at her ,,seems she’s the person” one of my boys said and I ended the call

God I can’t believe Venessa is the girl from the other night and now she’s carrying my child

I didn’t know what I was feeling at that moment

I just pushed or destroy anything I lay my hands on

I couldn’t control myself anymore

Nothing drives me more crazy than am going to be a father.

Right from the beginning I felt some kind of attraction towards her

something I haven’t felt before

she was different

That doesn’t mean I like her tho, she’s so annoying and pretty

okay I didn’t mean that part …she’s not pretty

Back at the Luca mansion after she cleaned up my room I saw her necklace on the floor ,I’m very sure it was hers

I remembered it very well from the lady I slept with

I couldn’t just believe it was Venessa so I decided to keep it

some days back also I saw a cut on her hand ,,the same cut I saw on the lady’s hand that very night

I still didn’t bring myself down to believe it was her

I mean not like I was drunk that night but since it was at night , everywhere was a bit dark and I wasn’t in the right state of mind

And then her Red hair


That night when she left

I was angry

I asked Ace if he knew anything about her disappearance and he told be no

I knew he was lying but I had to play along ,I don’t want him to think I’m bordered about her

I guess she was tired of my shitty attitude that’s why she left

I tried getting new maids when she left and it didn’t end well

it’s either they were trying to seduce me,too lazy ,too clumsy,to ugly or bad cook

And I didn’t make things easier for them either

it was easy to hurt them and don’t feel any remorse

But Venessa ,,her eyes were like Lora’s,it could make you think of something entirely different

Venessa always reminded me of Lora

the only woman who stole my heart till date

No matter what she did to me ,I still love her till date

And she’s part of my anger issues ,she left when I needed her the most.

Flash back ends

Alot of things were going through my mind now

it’s obvious she doesn’t remember me but what do I do?

I can’t just stand up saying she’s the girl I had a one night stand with and then boom she believes me

Besides she a slut

No I defiled her myself

Gosh this is so furstrating

I hate thinking about something so much ,it reminds me of that horrible day

I was kidnapped ,,I was just 18 then ,I was taken to an apartment and was tied and locked up

They abused me

The painful memories came flooding in my memory and I shut my eyes tightly

Flash back

Some men came I to the room and strip me naked

one of them took my cock inot his mouth and sucked on them

I was beyond irritated,,the other one shoved his dick into my assh*le making me yell in pain

I went through that torture for five days
Each day different people come ,use me and go

I was like their sex tool ,,they broke me into a million pieces

And planned death for me after that all because I was the next in line to The Luck heritage.

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