Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 19

JUST ONE NIGHT (the devil)


        Venessa ?
“Venessa” Harry called as I was about leaving the dining

   “Are you always this clumsy and stupid”Harry asked

  “sir … I…I..” I shuttered because I have no idea what to even reply him

   “you are the one stupid and clumsy assh*le ” that was what I wanted to yell back at his face but I dare not

  “how can you serve  me food without water”he asked

  “ohhh sorry sir” I said and hurried to get him water

I dropped the water on the dining and he totally ignored it going to the sitting room to sit down

Geez this guy is unbelievable

After insulting me because of water ,His lucky I’m in a good mood today I would have force the water down his throat

And then dig my grave afterwards

I was getting ready when some people rushed into the house carrying a lot of working items

“Go make sure my room is sparkling”he said in his usual bossy tone and I nodded

I entered the room and began cleaning

it didn’t take much time ,I was almost done when Harry opened the door and walked in

He walked to the bed side and removed him shirt

I swallowed hard and removed my eyes from his direction , as if that wasn’t enough he was about pulling down his pants

  “I’m done sir ,I will take my leave”I nervously said

  “Did I ask you to leave yet”he said starring into my eyes as he pull down his pants

  what the hell is he trying to do

ohh no maybe his trying to seduce me .. okay that sounds really stupid

I quit all the crazy thought going through my head and starred at my feet nervously

  “Henceforth your duty is to cook for me and clean my room ,do you understand”he said and I nodded

  “yes ..yes sir”

   “Good leave”

I hurried out of his room  with my heart beating fast

I reached downstairs and saw the whole place clean

I smiled happily and entered my room .

Few days later

Everything have been going pretty fine ,yeah that’s because I don’t do much work and Harry is always out

But today his around and i am taking lunch to his room

I was about entering when I heard something hit the door

I quickly moved back and starred at the door from the outside

different things were hitting the floor and breaking into pieces

it’s been long since this happened

I ran back downstairs and went to pick up my phone

In less than 10 minutes Isabella arrived ,she gave me her things and rushed upstairs to Harry

After some time the noise died down and she came back downstairs looking worried and lost in thought

  “Is he okay”I asked her and she nodded

  “I know you have a lot of questions about what’s going on with him but the only person who can tell you that is Harry”Isabella said as if she was reading my thoughts

I gave her a small smile and patted her back

“Here this will cheer you up”I said bringing out a big bowl of ice cream

Trust me nothing makes you feel more alive than that

She chuckled and joined me

  “Jeez Vee you have huge appetite,I can’t believe we both finished that big bowl”vee said like someone drunk

yeah drunk with ice cream

We both carried our self to the sitting room and began playing games


I woke up feeling something heavy on my leg

I stretched out and noticed it was Isabella

we both slept off on the couch

I looked arround and noticed everywhere was getting dark

I went to my room and picked a duvet I used to cover her properly before going to make dinner for us all

After dishing out the food ,,i saw Isabella walked to the dining

“It smells so gooddddd” she said making me chuckle

Harry walked down and sat down also ,,incase you might be wondering ,,when I was waiting for the food to be ready

I cleared up Harry’s room and he was asleep then

Trust me the room was a disaster ,wrost than before

  “I think I’m going to steal you vee,,the took taste heavenly” Isabella muttered with a mouth full

  “c’mon join us ,sit “she said and I starred at Harry

  “c’mon forget him”Isabella whispered and i sat down

  we ate silently and soon we were done

  “OMG HARRY COCKROACH”Isabella yelled and to my greatest surprise

  “Arrrrh” Harry yelled jumping up from his table

I close my mouth really tight not to laugh

But Isabella didn’t help ,,she started laughing loudly turning red and I didn’t know ,I joined her in Laughing

the look on Harry face was priceless

I had no idea his afraid of cockroaches

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