Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 18



       🌼 HARRY🌼

  Coming downstairs I saw someone laying lifelessly on the floor

it was Venessa

Gosh this is all my fault and hers too

I carried her up and rushed to my car ,I drove to the nearby hospital and she was admitted Immediately and taken to a private ward knowing the kind of person I am

she’s so stubborn and clumsy

I ran my hands through my hair as I waited for the doctor to come out

why did she even sleep off when cooking , what’s wrong with this girl for goodness sake

she’s so lazy,I can’t believe just for her to Clean the whole house ,she fainted

I mean it was suppose to be a punishment for her

what am I even saying ?

She’s just ….I don’t actually know the right word to use for her

it were to be another person ,she would probably be in prison for trying to kill me by setting my house on fire

on a second thought why am I bordered,,why did I bring her to the hospital

alot of why where going through my head as the doctor walked towards me

“How is she doing”I asked

  “they are fine”the doctor replied

  “they”I asked

   “yes she and the baby”the doctor replied

  “why didn’t you warn her about the risk of being pregnant and going through too much stress”

  “For someone carrying a child she need a lot of rest ,not just for her self but for the baby “

   “anyway I have arranged some vitamins for her and please make sure you keep an eye on her always”the doctor concluded and walked away talking to one of his nurse

Can someone pour me water

wait no ! can I wake up from this dream

She’s fucking pregnant ,like with a real human being in her stomach

oh no this can’t be happening

Is it mine ?

              💐 Venessa  Pov 💐

I woke up and found myself on the hospital bed

the whole event played in my head and my heart began pounding so fast

Omg who brought me to the hospital

“Let’s go”I heard Harry said in his usual cold voice  and I stood up

I walked barefooted behind him as we made our way out of the hospital

I didn’t feel really weak but am damn curious

Like how did Harry of all people bring me to the hospital

He is like the I don’t care kind of person

  “Don’t be too surprised,I don’t want anyone dying on my property”he said as if he was reading my mind

The drive back home was really silent and awkward

I have never ride in the same car with Harry before

He focused on the road till we arrived and went it

The whole house was sparkling clean and water free

This is what he would have done earlier instead of allowing me go through so much stress

  “Prepare me something to eat and if you like this time burn the whole house down”he said and walked upstairs

This is the typical Harry

He didn’t even consider the fact that I’m just coming from the hospital and need rest

I entered the kitchen and began cooking ,trust me this time I made sure my eyes were as wide as an owl eyes

I prepared dinner and arranged in on the dining

I stood there as he sat down

  “Leave “he said and I nodded

well that’s new

I left him and took my own portion of the food to my room to eat

I ate to my satisfaction before climbing on the bed and sleeping off

who the hell said pregnancy is an amazing experience ?


I came out of the shower and began dressing up

I starred at my boobs which is becoming more fuller and my stomach which is beginning to show a little

my doctor appointment is in a few days

my mind drifted to last night

we went to the hospital,,Did the doctor tell Harry I was pregnant ?

Arrh no if Harry knew I’m pregnant I will be out of his house since last night

I prepared breakfast wearing a nose mask

well the smell of eggs makes me wanna puke and I’m making scrambled eggs for Harry

I dished them out on the dining and waited for Harry

He sat down ,well not without starring at me awkwardly

probably wondering why I’m wearing a nose mask

He ate quietly and after eating I packed up the dishes
“Venessa” Harry called as I was about leaving the dining
“Are you ……………

To be continued


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