Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 17

Just One Night


       ? Venessa?

I opened the closet and found lots of female clothing

okay now I’m curious

what’s actually going on

I eyes caught something inside the closet it was a picture

I picked it up and starred at the picture ,the face looks familiar

ohh yeah I remember

the lady’s portrait I broke the other day “LORA”

Yes that’s her name

she’s really pretty and has the same hair as mine but mine was much longer

I really want to know what relationship she has with Harry or is she the reason his that way

maybe I will just ask Ace anytime I see him

I made my way out if the room and head back downstairs

I can’t believe I’m the only one in this huge apartment

I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet so I just turned on the TV and fixed my eyes on it.


As he move in and out in a low pace

his face becomes more clear

His hair was in full view ,dark and curly

His eyes were hazel

As he groan I could his face clearly now



I felt my body hit the floor and  sprang up immediately

I was still in the sitting room and the TV was still on

I turned off the TV and head to my room

I checked the time it was still 2am

I can’t believe I slept off on the couch

The dream I had kept playing in my head and I kept trying to remove my mind from it

I think my mind is just playing tricks with me

why will I see Harry in my dream

why was he the one I had sex with

I know this is very impossible ,,maybe I’m just over thinking things

I’m sure it wasn’t Harry ,I mean if it was Harry I would have remembered since and he would recognize me also right ?

I managed to catch some sleep and later woke up by 5am due to morning nausea

I did my morning business and went to prepare breakfast

I tried my best to focus and make breakfast , thankfully the second one came out perfect

you do not want to know what happened to the first omelette I made

I took the tray to his room and knocked before entering

He was still laying shirtless on his bed and the dream kept playing in my head

Gosh my life is so messed up

Thankfully Harry went out so i didn’t embarrass myself in front of him


I rolled from one end of the bed to another trying to catch some sleep but hell no

I just couldn’t

Anytime I closed my eyes all I could see it Harry and I making out

I groaned loudly and I saw the wall clock

it was morning already and I didn’t even sleep at all

I dragged my feet to the bathroom and starred at my horrible self in the mirror

I can’t believe lack of sleep could cause all this

I managed to put my hair in order but my eyes still looks puffy and pale

I dragged myself to the kitchen as usual began cooking

while the pasta was getting ready I sat down and began thinking of my life

An horrible smell hit my nostril and I sprang up Immediately

“Oh No” I half yelled

As Harry ran into the kitchen

the kitchen was burning and we tried putting off the fire

The fire alarm came on water from no where came upon us

we were both wet as the fire alarm finally went off and the fire was out

I dare not look at Harry’s face

He left the kitchen and I followed behind but to my surprise ,I hit my butt so hard on the floor

I stood up immediately

I supported myself to the sitting room and the sight In front of me made my jaw dropped

The whole house was filled with water ,,from upstairs ,down , dining, sitting room

I couldn’t move

How can I clean up this whole water alone

“I don’t know how your going to do it but make sure this house is water free in the next one hour”

  “Trust me ,you do not want to know what will happen if it’s not done before then” Harry added in a scary tone making me flinch in fear

I hurried, took the mopping stick and began cleaning all the water

I was mopping and the strength in me was reducing minutes by minutes

the house is so big and am not even close to finishing

It’s almost an hour now and I couldn’t take it anymore

Everything went blank

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