Just One Night

Just One Night Episode 16

JUST ONE NIGHT(the devil)


       ? Venessa?

I watched as Isabella spoke some words to him before she hugged me and left

I didn’t know what to do so I just grabbed my things and went into the room

I settled in and arranged my things ,,the place looked at bit scattered so I’m sure it’s those girls who have come and go

I arranged the room and went to have a shower

I wore the maid outfit and went to the kitchen

I did a few chores and prepared dinner for him

I knocked on the door of Harry’s room

  “what”he asked sternly

  “sir your food is ready”I replied

   “bring it here”he said

I went downstairs and carried the food in a tray

I knocked gently again and went in

Harry was standing with a towel tied around his  waist and water dripping from his body

  “Are you dumb”he asked snapping me out of my thoughts

  “huh…..sir”I shuttered

   “drop my food on the table before  drool from your mouth fall into it”he said walking to his closet

   I quickly dropped the food and left the room like someone being chased

I just officially embarrassed myself in front of him

Jeez he has become more rude than before

Arrh I was so stupid ,why was I even starring in the first place

since Harry was in his room I dished out my own food and carried them to the room

I sat down and eat to my satisfaction before going to wash the dishes

Cate and I talked for a long time before o called Finn and we talked also.


  “Venessa “I heard someone yelled

   “please just a little”I muttered turning to the other side of the bed


   “urrrrh c’mon just five more minutes ,the sleep feel so good”I muttered poking my ass out

few moments later I felt cold water on my body and jolted from my sleep

  “Good morning sir”I muttered starring at the floor

  “breakfast in five minutes”he said and I nodded

I quickly rushed behind him to the kitchen and began cooking

My mouth stink and I need to pee so bad

Gosh I can’t believe I over slept and then embarrassed myself in front of Harry again

I even told him to give me five more minutes

I didn’t even know I was talking to him ,,I was so deep in sleep and enjoying it at the same time

since he said five minutes I did something simple and fast

I dished them on the dining and watch him sit down

  “this should be the last time  this ever happens again ,,go take your bath you stink”he added

I left and went straight to the bathroom ,I did the usual routine and came out

I went to the sitting to see Harry dressed in a black tuxedo

he looked good

okay why am I complimenting him ,,I am suppose to hate him right?

  “Don’t prepare dinner for me”he said coldly

  “okay sir”I replied

The doorbell rang and a blonde hair girl walked in

She looked stunning but her dress was a bit revealing

this is the first time I’m actually seeing Harry close to any girl

  “shall we”the girl asked and he nodded

I thought it should be the other way round

They left the apartment ,well not without the girl giving me deadly glare

I locked up the door and sat down

it’s still early to go to bed so I decided to explore the house

but with only one place in my mind

“Harry’s room”

I walked into his room nervously and starred around

I walked to the small shelf and looked at the books there

I didn’t know Harry likes stories ,I moved round and saw a familiar shining piece

it was a necklace

the one my mom gave me

I thought I lost it at Mr Finn’s place

why is it here?

why dose Harry have it?

maybe it’s a coincidence ,he just happen to have the same thing as mine

i left the room and walked to the other rooms in the house

I entered a particular one ,, which I haven’t before

this one looks different,it’s more girly than others

I opened the closet and found lots of female clothing

okay now I’m curious

what’s actually going on

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