Heart String

Heart String Prologue/Episode 1

(? Undecided
Emotions ?)

By, Mha Rhy


Lee Mark 20 years old by age, handsome but arrogant, the leader of the biggest boy band group in the world named Diamonds,it consists of five members, Mark, Jim, Kai,Jaywon and Lucas.

Kim Garam 19 years old by age, beautiful and Well endowed,a popular singer and loved by all.
Garam had always wanted to be a model but she changed her career because of Mark.


“Why can’t you date me,am also pretty and curvy like other girls? Garam said almost in tears

“I don’t know maybe because you can’t sing” Mark replied arrogantly

“I can sing but I just love modelling” Garam replied

” Which is why I can’t date you,I only love girls that can sing” Mark snapped

“What if I become a singer like you want,will you date me?? Garam asked

“I’ll date you if only you become a popular singer, Mark replied

“You Promise, she asked

” I promise..

“Do you think Mark will keep to his promise?



?Can I call you baby
?Can you be my friend
?Can you be my lover up until the very end
?Can I show you love…. Oh. No pretend
?Can you stay by my side even when the world is turning in

?Oh! Don’t you worry, I’ll be there whenever you want me

?I need somebody who can love me at my worst
? Though am not perfect but I hope you see my worth
?Cos is only you, nobody new, I’ll put you first
?But for you,…. I swear I do the worst
Garam ended her song with tears on her face,the crowd went uproar with claps,

“Wow! Wow!


And the female artist of the year goes to….

” Kim Garam!!!

Garam walked to the stage majestically and collected her award.


” Congratulations Garam”

“Congratulations Kim Garam” everyone congratulate her as she passed the hall

“Thank you” she smiled back at them

She entered her dressing room and met her manager pacing around

“Hey Alexa, she called and her manager ran to her with smile on her face

” Garam,am so happy for you” you finally achieve your dream
“You are really talented,am really really impressed,

“Thanks Manage, Garam replied and Alexa frowned

” It’s manager not manage

“It’s still the same thing,manage and manager” Garam smile and dialed her mom’s number

?” Mom I did it, Garam squealed
?”Congratulations Daughter,am happy for you”her mom replied

?” I can’t wait to break the news to Mark,am sure he will be very happy to hear this.

?”You are right lover girl” I heard he has arrived”

? Really?? But he never told me he is already in Korea

?”Maybe he wanted to suprise you” her Mom replied

?” You are right,I should go now” I’ll call you back later

?” Ok daughter,her Mom ended the call

Garam car’s came to halt at the Lee’s Mansion,

She came out of the car with smile on her face, she can’t wait to see her cutie

She walked into the mansion and met the diamonds except Mark eating

“Hi everyone, Garam greeted cheerfully

” Hey Garam” they all said at once

“You look beautiful sweetheart, Kai said licking his Lower lips

” Thanks Kai, she smiled

“Aunt, Garam ran to Yerin as she came out of the kitchen

” Garam” Yerin called with smile and hugged

“I saw the news, congratulations on winning the award, she added hugging her tightly

” Thanks Aunt, where is uncle?
” He is not back , Yerin replied

” And Mark?? Garam asked
“He is in his room” but_

Yerin couldn’t complete her words when Garam ran upstairs.

“I just hope she will be able to take in what she is about to witness” Yerin sighed.

Yerin walked happily to Mark’s door and was about to knock the door but decided against it

So she opened the door slowly with a big smile on her face but The smile dropped at the sight she was seeing

Mark was kissing a Lady not just a lady but her best friend Sakura

Her whole body went numb, her lungs becomes suffocated

“Garam you are here, Sakura smirked standing up from the bed

” I heard you won the female artist of the year”congratulations,

” Garam can you hear me??? He asked

” Am sorry for barging in, you can continue” Garam forced out a smile before running off

Garam ran downstairs and picked her purse hurriedly

“Aunt am leaving” Garam sniffed and Ran out not waiting

Entering her car, she broke down in tears

She can’t believe the only man she had ever loved, the man she changed her career for was dating her ex best friend.

” Garam you are fool! You are a big fool!!! She shouted in tears punching the steering..

T. B. C

How is the first chapter???

Should I continue???

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams ???


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