Heart String

Heart String Episode 4


(? Undecided
Emotions ?)

By, Mha Rhy


CHAPTER 04 (Short Chapter Ahead ?)

The guest stared at Garam and Win Win with admiration as they were being directed to their seats.

? They look like a couple
?Are they dating as well
? They look good together
? Garam looks hot and more beautiful than Sakura
?Win Win is the most handsome man here, I see why he tops the chart

“You are really causing rumor’s for tommorow” Garam whisper to Win Win ears

” I love that, and you know ion mind dating you baby” he winked

“Keep on dreaming” Garam rolled her eyes and he smiled

“When did you return??? Cos there was no news of your return” Garam asked

” Last night, I came in disguise so the reporters couldn’t recognize me” he replied

“Oppa what about your girlfriend?? Garam asked as they sit down

“We broke up, she cheated on me” he replied simply

“So sorry, you must have been so hurt” Garam said with concern

” No am not, especially now that I already found a girlfriend” he smiled

“Really??? Who is your girlfriend? She beamed happily
“You,he replied with a smile
” You are not serious” she laughed

From the diamonds table, Mark was trying his best not to burst out.

Right now he felt the urge to punch Win Win for laughing with his woman

Same goes to Sakura, she is burning inside with jealousy.

“That bîtch! Why is she lucky with men?? She thought angrily as she stared at Garam.

“Mark calm down, you won’t want Sakura to notice you” Jim warned

” I can’t calm down, that bastard had the gut to touch my woman!! He seethed his teeth angrily trying not to be loud

“Just calm down_

” What the hell!!! The scream from the guest cut off their words as they saw them staring at a particular direction.

They darted their eyes to where the guest were looking and gasped at the sight they were seeing, Garam and Win Win were kissing

Mark stands up immediately and March up angrily to where they are

Getting there he pulled them apart and in a blink he landed a punch on Win Win face and everyone eyes widened in shock

“How dare you kiss my woman???? He asked angrily and they all gasped

T. B. C

Wahala be like bicycle ???

Good morning Mha Rhians ♥️

Happy Sunday ?

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