Heart String

Heart String Episode 3


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By, Mha Rhy


Mr Choi, the director of Sunshine Label walk inside the studio and met Garam, Sakura and Mark glaring at each other

“Is everything okay?? He asked announcing his presence as they all turned to him

Mr Choi eyes widened seeing Mark bloody nose.

” Mark are you okay??? Mr Choi asked in suprise

“Am fine, can we reschedule the meeting cos I don’t feel too good right now?? Mark pleaded

“Ok no problem,we will reschedule the meeting, Mr Choi replied

” Thanks,he said simply

” There’s a party organized the Kpop idols and you all must be there ”

” Ok send the time and location to our manager” he said and walked out waiting for no reply while Sakura follow behind him

” I’ll take my leave as well” Garam bowed

“Garam??? Mr Choi called stopping her

” Congratulations to you” I couldn’t congratulate you properly during the award show” he said with a smile

” Thank you Mr Choi” she smiled and bowed before leaving the room.


Mark car came to an halt in front of his parents Mansion,

He got out of the car angrily and close it with a bang.

Walking into the big living room,he met Yerin arranging dishes

“Am home” he announced grudgingly

” You are back?? Yerin asked with a smile as she took her eyes away from the TV

” How was the meeting?? She asked

” It went fine” he replied and turn to leave

“Mark Yeji is returning next week” Yerin said and he halted on his track

“What the f**k!! Why is that stubborn girl coming back??? He asked aloud

“Mind your words young man, she is your sister” Yerin warned rolling her eyes

” I don’t care, just tell her to stay at California because am not ready for her troubles

“You can her that yourself after all she is your sweet sister” Yerin smirked and continue with her movie


The hall is filled with lots of dignitaries.

Models from the different agencies were present, different Kpop group and some popular soloist.

The diamonds made their appearance and everywhere went wild

Different camera flash from different angles, lots of comments from their die hard fans.

?Mark is the most handsome
?Kai is the cutest among them
?I wish I could have a night stand with them
?Jim red lips looks kissable
?Lucas is the hottest
? Jaywon is more cuter

Different comments kept going as the diamonds were directed to their reserved seats.

“Gosh some people can be annoying” Kai muttered as they sat down.

The comments died down but some murmuring could still be heard.

A moment later, Sakura walked in and people wowed at her beauty.

?She looks gorgeous and enticing
? She is beautiful
?I heard she is Mark’s girlfriend
? Really?? Then she is lucky

“Your girlfriend is coming here” Kai teased and the rest laugh.
“Shut up! You all know why am dating her!! Mark snapped at them silently

” Hey baby” Sakura pecked his lips and the guest eyes widened

? Wow they are really dating
?I wish I am his girlfriend
? She is really lucky

Sakura smile proudly as she sat on the empty seat beside Mark

“You look beautiful that I feel like having you now” Mark whispered to her ear bitting it softly

” Too naughty” Sakura bit her lower lips getting turn on by his words.


Sakura’s words were cut short as screams erupted the hall

Her eyes landed on the two figures at the entrance and they almost bulged out

It was Garam with a man beside her, not just a Man, the most handsome popular model in Korea Win Win, and not just that Win Win hands were on Garam’s waist.

Mark saw this and he became furious, his eyes lingered on Win Win hand on Garam’s waist, and he felt angry and jealous

“How dare he touch my woman?” Mark thought seething his teeth in anger.

” Is that Garam??? Kai asked aloud with mouth hang open

“And she is here with Win Win? The popular most handsome model in Korea??? Lucas added loudly

They looked at Mark at once and find him staring Win Win with furiousness, they could see the jealousy in his eyes,

“Oops this is surely not good” Kai muttered.

T. B. C

“Is Mark jealous???

“What did Mark meant by he is dating Sakura for a reason?

It seems the story is not interrupting cos the comments are not encouraging.

If it is not, let me know so I can stop.

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians ♥️

Sweet Dreams ?? I

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