Heart String

Heart String Episode 2


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Emotions 🎢)

By, Mha Rhy




“Wakey wakey!! It’s morning” Alexa tapped the sleeping Garam.

Garam groaned loudly before opening her eyes

Alexa gasped seeing her swollen eyes

“Garam are you okay??? Do you cry??? Alexa rushed her words in concern

” Hmmm” Garam nodded

” Why??? I was expecting you to be in good mood since you

“Meeting went wrong” forget about it Alexa” what’s my schedule for today??

” The boss held a meeting for the collaboration with Mark from the diamonds, Sakura and one of the vocalist in the group called Mina, Alexa replied and She sighed,

If she had known She wouldn’t have agreed to collaborate with them but she can’t back out now.

“Ok,I need to freshen up and dressed up, it’s almost time for the meeting.” She said in dismissing tone and Alexa nodded in understanding before leaving.

Garam stared at her reflection in the mirror and smile

“Perfect” she muttered

She wore a short ripped jean and a big white hoodie using a white face cap,
She wore a white sneakers and she used a light make up.

Satisfied by her look, she walked out of her room.

She met Alexa waiting downstairs watching movies

“Am ready, she announced

” Wow you look extraordinary hot today” Alexa complimented.

“Thanks, Garam muttered

” Let’s go.


Garam’s car came to halt in front of the big Music company.

She came out with her manager beside her, as a normal routine

Entering into the big industry, everyone greeted her with respect which she responded to with smile

πŸ“£Her smile is intoxicating
πŸ“£”She is really beautiful’
” πŸ“£Seriously I can mistake her for a model
“πŸ“£ She is more beautiful than Sakura
πŸ“£” I love her so much

They commented as she walked away.

Garam entered the studio and met Sakura with one of the soloist in the industry named Mina.

“Bestie! Sakura with a fake smile and rushed to hug Garam suprising her

“Stay away from Mark, he is mine now” Sakura whispered to her

“You don’t need to tell me” am not greedy like you” Garam replied and Sakura break the hug angrily

“Watch your mouth! Sakura snapped but Garam rolled her eyes and was about to sit down

” Am talking to you!! Sakura shouted holding Garam’s hand

“Let’s go of my hand, Garam jerked off her hand from her

Sakura saw Mark at the studio door through the transparent Glass and smirked

Just as Mark open the door, she fell down in pretence

“Ouch!!! She cried out

” Sakura! Mark ran to her

” Sakura are you okay??? He asked helping her up as she faked her pains

” Am fine, i think Garam is angry at me which was why she pushed me, she lied faking tears and Garam stared at her in suprise

“Garam why did you pushed her”? Mark asked angrily

” Bu_

“Forget about it Mark, she should be angry, I mean she had loved you since childhood but you never return her love but instead you are dating her best friend” she said with fake sympathy and face Garam

“Am sorry Garam, I know I shouldn’t been dating Mark but I love him so much, and if you are not happy with it,I don’t mind breaking up with

“Stop it Sakura! You own her no apology, she should be the one to apologise for pushing you

“Garam apologize to Sakura! He said with authority

” Are you kidding me??? I never pushed her so why should I apologise?? Garam said angrily but in confusion

“Stop those lies, I knew you pushed her” He snapped

” I never pushed believe me Mark”

“You think I’ll believe you over her,I know you can hurt her just because of your stupid obsession” he said staring at her disgustingly

“Mark belie_

“Sakura told me you become a singer just because i promised to date you if you become one,he chuckled mockingly

” You are really a fool for believing that,i never liked you from the beginning, how do you expect me to date you when I don’t feel a ounce for you” you are really dumb than I thought which is why Sakura is better than y_

He couldn’t complete his words when a heel was thrown to him hitting him on nose

“Ouch!!! He cried in pain as his nose started bleeding

“Oops that was a slip of hand” Mina smiled mockingly as she stands from her seat

“You threw it intentionally” Sakura snapped

“Calm down girl, you were just crying just now so how come you can shout audibly?? Mina mocked

“What…are you saying??? Sakura stuttered nervously

” You know I have never seen someone as disgusting as you before, Mina said staring at her disgustingly

“And you” Mina face Mark whose nose was still bleeding

“You are really dumber than I predicted before, you don’t fit to be called the best” she said and tried to hit him again but decided against it

“I shouldn’t waste my strength on garbage like you” she rolled her eyes and turned to leave but stopped and face them back

“I really can’t help it” she muttered and slapped Mark’s face with the heels front

“F**k!!! Mark cursed in pain as his eyes became blurry.

“Useless elements,I can’t believe my billion dollars heels on disgusting person like him” she cursed before walking out.

T. B. C

Mina is a badass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mark is an idiot

Nighty Nighty Mha Rhians β™₯️

Sweet Dreams

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